Rioter In Las Vegas Just Did Something Absolutely Heinous To Police Officer; Will The MSM Report The Truth?

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s utterly appalling that the mainstream media is not doing more to help quell the violent uprisings happening in cities all across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, as they continue to try spinning this situation in order to push the narrative their progressive overlords want them to spoon feed the public.

News outlets have been trying oh so hard to differentiate “peaceful protesters” from the vandals, rioters, and looters who have been stirring up violence all through the night in America. Many reports keep claiming that it’s the work of white supremacists trying to take the focus off the cause of the legitimate protesters.

In reality, it’s radical left-wingers like Antifa who are helping to cause all of the chaos, working nearly around the clock to keep things unsettled. And what’s worse is it looks like they might be receiving some help. Whole skiffs of bricks are being dropped off on the streets in cities for folks to use in the destruction of their towns and neighborhoods. Who is doing this?

All of this has led to many folks asking whether or not the media will cover any of this situation honestly. They are now about to be put to the test.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo held a press briefing where he revealed that a police officer was shot in the back of the head by a rioter around 11 p.m. Monday night. The officer is currently in critical condition and on life support at University Medical Center.

Will the mainstream media call the thug responsible for this a rioter? A criminal? Or just a misunderstood “peaceful protester?”

Here’s more on this story from Breitbart:

Lombardo said officers were dealing with a large group of rioters at a George Floyd protest near the Circus Circus hotel-casino when the officer went down.

Rioters were allegedly throwing rocks and debris at the officers before the officer was shot, KTNV Las Vegas reports.

“Our officers were attempting to take rocks and bottles from the crowd,” said Lombardo during the press conference. “Officers were attempting to get some of the protesters in custody when a shot rang out and our officer went down.”

SWAT and K9 at the scene responded and were able to apprehend the suspected shooter while a second shooting was also notified:

My Office has been notified that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently working two separate incidents in Las Vegas. The State is in contact with local law enforcement and continues to monitor the situation.

The second incident occurred at the courthouse on South Las Vegas Boulevard after officers who were posted to protect it from rioters. They encountered a suspect at approximately 11:22 p.m. armed with multiple weapons and appeared to be wearing body armor.

When authorities approached, the suspect reached for one of those weapons and was subsequently shot by the responding officers, ABC News reports.

The suspect later died at the hospital.

“This is a tragic night for our community,” said Lombardo. “With these protests, which are leading to riots, one tragedy is only leading to another … our investigations into both these incidents will be ongoing throughout the morning.”

“What has occurred is utterly, utterly unacceptable and I hope the community sees it that way too,” he concluded.

There’s so many layers to all of this madness that it’s hard to parse out the truth from the fiction. However, that being said, there’s something very fishy going on with this whole situation. Mainstream media outlets are desperately trying to flip these riots around to fit a left-wing narrative, despite the glaring, obvious, out-in-the-open reality of their lies being captured behind reporters down on the scene.

Americans aren’t stupid. We know something’s up. And those bricks. That’s really troubling, don’t you think?

Here’s to hoping this officer recovers and the individual responsible is captured and put behind bars.

Video: Officer Shot — LVMPD Sheriff discusses 2 Protest Shootings in Las Vegas



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  2. Forgive my grammar and typos in my script, I get pretty upset over the situation the left created then blamed upon Trump. After the murder of Floyd, I watched the propaganda media go into actions spreading vicious lies to incite riots from the expected peaceful protests. Then after the arson, looting, terror, and death, they sinned it to blame Trump. Any problem on the planet Trump did that strategy. Look, the mostly democrat controlled state and cities tried to appease rioters by standing down, when it got totally out of control they did what the do best found Trump as their scapegoat. The one party media that incited the terror, could give two shits for these victims, at night since their rich they go home to their safe communities like most social warriors of the left. Once again to conservative forgive my numerous errors in script.

  3. They ambushed the officer and shit him in the back of the head, he is now near death, and our media praises the violence and destruction trying to spin the riots our media and press incited on Trump just like the poor decision the leftest politicians made on the virus was spinner to blame Trump.
    Media incited and Democratic Party leader ignored violence, only the lowest life form on earth could blame Trump. Like the deadly virus the democrats saw Floyd’s murder as an opportunity to retake the White House through their one party propaganda brain washing media goons. Democrats and media cannot tell the truth in New Jersey under Socialism Progress organization led by brave black women demonstrations meaningful and powerful across the state saw no violence, emotions brought tears not looting, arson, terror, and eventually death to many. No matter how much leftest propaganda they push the people know why it got out of control. The most ignorant vicious political in our history wants power only the democrats could be low enough to seize this police murder as an opportunity to regain control, basically they could kill us and allow us to live in terror to take the White House. If this is nit true, why did they do nothing to stop this when the violence began, they tried to appease an angry mob their media created.

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  5. It seems that lot of people have a lot of time on their hands to do all this “protesting”. I would assume they are students with no school to go too, are unemployed due to the Wuhan virus or are unemployable. How many more weeks do they intend to do this? If they intend to protest every day until the killer cop is convicted the insanity could last till Christmas or beyond. Also if you protest the politicians give you a free pass to not social distance or use a mask!

  6. Bob? Educated? Pompous assbackwards smartass anarchist fool. .
    …criminality increases with generalization of instruction (“free” government or “public” schools) & that the worst enemies of society, the anarchists, are recruited among the prize winners of schools. p52.
    …at present 3000 (public) educated criminals are met with for every 1000 illiterate delinquents…
    p52, Gustave Le Bon, THE CROWD: A Study of the Popular Mind, 1895.
    This is as true now as ever.
    Your education Bob was all lies & jokes.

  7. What a disgusting response to “justice” and ‘mercy’, Bob. You deplorable left-wing unprincipled and moronic individual. THAT act is not ‘justice’. All policemen do not behave in appropriate manners, or believe in a reasonable way. Certainly, all those rioters do not think and behave appropriately! Murder or life altering behavior is not a First Amendment right. We have a court of law, and we have no right to take the ‘law’ into our hands. You are evil to the core….a murderer and not a real ‘protester’.

  8. Bob? Educated? Pompous assbackwards smartass anarchist fool. .
    …criminality increases with generalization of instruction (“free” government or “public” schools) & that the worst enemies of society, the anarchists, are recruited among the prize winners of schools. p52.
    …at present 3000 (public) educated criminals are met with for every 1000 illiterate delinquents…
    p52, Gustave Le Bon, THE CROWD: A Study of the Popular Mind, 1895.
    This is as true now as ever.

  9. Well, if it’s true that it is white supremacists as the media is saying, they should have no trouble with officers shooting them on sight. These people should at least pretend to believe their lies.

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    • Well said this idiot is the type that creates their own problems and blames everyone else for their ignorance when all they need to do is look in the mirror Lol…

  11. So standing up against salaried bullies in uniforms and exercising the first amendment is a crime now, thanks to our fascist orangutan-in-chief Donald Drumpf a.k.a. Adolf Hitler Reincarnated. You deplorable right-wing morons voted for this, now you’re paying for it. But we educated voters will fix it. BIDEN 2020!!!!!

    • Yes, Bob, it is a crime to shoot someone. And, those of us on the right didn’t vote for this – your alleged Messiah Obama started the divisiveness that has resulted in this.

    • You’re just a libturd that probably was finally let out of mommies basement. You do need medication and I’m talking about legal drugs. Get off the crap that you are on now because it’s making you into a really dumbass. By the way. Send back your aid check and please don’t allow yourself to enjoy the great economy that we have had. And now you can probably get ready to run and hide when the shooting starts. You are creating a civil war to start. So you freaking libturds are about to learn a lesson that you will never forget.

    • A peaceful protest is our Constitutional right. But since when is rioting and violence and shooting anyone a Constitutional right? And since when is it acceptable to be a violent aggressor just for not agreeing with someone? Well, unless you’re Antifa….

    • Bob. You got your “education” where the rest of your “educated” voters got theirs, from leftist liars calling themselves professors, at leftist nazi commie China supported universities.
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    • You have a mental problem. I am sorry that merely writing here can not fix your problem. Please go get help.

    • Oh yeah Bob, the “educated voters” are marching through cities throughout the country, looting, destroying and burning because that’s what SMART people do according to you.
      And you top it off with a plea to vote for a senile, long time corrupt politician who’s been in DC since 72′ and only enriched himself and his family in all that time. Yeah, you’re smart.

    • You are totally ass backwards. Where the hell do you get your imformation? 1st amendment rights have nothing to do with throwing bricks, bottles and shooting people and setting fires. Also, from the President of the United States down I have not seen anyone not in support of throwing the book at the policemam who killed George. He was charged and put in jail on charges that are guaranteed to stick, and the other three will be as well before all this violence started. What is the prostest for and to who? If everyone agrees with you, what is the arguement? This was exploited by the far left from the beginning. Instead of blaming Trump because you hate Trump, why don’t you try looking at the truth? Antifa backed by the Rothchilds, Soros, and Clintons are to blame for ALL of this, including the virus!!

    • All I can say Bob….is sorry about you’re luck!…notice how all this is happening in the loon run states….you fkn pudding heads can’t even get that right…MAGA!!!…the silent majority will prevail….have a happy destroying your own community day!!!!!

    • Bob our country has been in the hands of Democratic leadership for the majority of the last 30+ years, that in itself should tell you why it is in such dire shape but I’m sure you will still blame Pres. Trump because that is the Democratic way of NEVER TAKING ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING!

    • What a P.O.S. you are part of what is wrong with America apparently you have got yourself in legal trouble that’s your fault! Trump 20/20! And God bless our police officers without them the whole country would implode there is just a small fraction of them that should not have their jobs!

    • Rioting is wrong – it always has been, And shooting anyone who is trying to stop the violence is not only stupid, it is criminal. The fascist are the rioters – the Antifa and BLM and other rioters. Anyone who cannot see that needs to be locked up in a mental institution for not only his own good, but for societies. Stop blaming President Trump. Wake up. This illegal activity started with Obama/Biden. Obama clearly hated the U.S. and Biden is a below average intelligence individual who in 40 years of congress did NOTHING. The people on the right are not the morons – you and other like you who do not know history, who are immoral, unethical and dishonest are. For the good of the country, I pray that people are intelligent enough to vote every Democrat out of office and re-elect a man who cares about this country – Donald J Trump.

    • Bob, as nasty a person as you are, I hope you never need a police officer to come to your aid when you are being assaulted. By the way, the problem with this society is the likes of you. You lost, and you will lose again in 2020. Get over it!

    • Moron. Peaceful protest as opposed to rampaging animals are two different things. Read what you wrote. No one disagreed a person or group can’t protest but to interject violence is plain stupid and it changes the narrative the protesters are trying to make. MAGA2020

    • Boob, Police and Military personnel are used to protect people and property. Who is it firing guns at them and looting /burning/destroying cities? Idiots like you can LIE all you want. Only other FOOLS will believe you.

    • Yeah, you vote for sleepy Joe. You’ll put this nation in the dark ages. He doesn’t know where he is or which office he’s running for. Of course, he’s probably the biggest racist running for any office. Quit disparaging our President Trump. He is no fascist. You wouldn’t know a fascist If he was poking you in the a..

    • Bob…I saw you on live TV rioting and looting, then burning down a business. LEO have identified you, and will be knocking on your door to arrest you at any time. Have fun with your cellmate Bubba. We all know how much you will enjoy it….

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