Rudy Giuliani Gives Straight Answer When Asked If He’ll Testify In Impeachment Trial

(Tea Party PAC) – Over the weekend, former Vice President and current 2020 frontrunner, Joe Biden, flip-flopped like a fish out of water when asked if he’d testify in the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.

Here’s what he said on Friday:

Well, on Saturday, just 24 hours later, he told an audience in Fairfield, Iowa, “I would obey any subpoena that was sent to me”.

On Saturday morning, Biden had released a statement on Twitter which attempted to clarify his stance after he was rightly criticized for his defiant attitude.

It was perhaps critical comments from rival 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that changed his mind.

Fox News reporter Madeleine Rivera posted video of Biden’s comments:

“I would honor whatever the Congress in fact legitimately asked me to do,” Biden told reporters Saturday morning.

He was then forced to clarify:

So was this reporter:

Nervous much, Joe?

He should be. It was of course, as we’ve reported consistently for months, the Bidens who had crooked dealings in the Ukraine.

Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, who has been working to expose the Biden Crime Family’s business, says he would be perfectly happy to testify!

“I would testify. I would do demonstrations. I’d give summations. Or I’d do what I do best, I’d try the case. I’d love to try the case,” the president’s personal attorney said at the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party on Tuesday night.

The Deep State is trying to convince you that Giuliani has been illegally digging up dirt on Trump’s political opponent in Ukraine, but if that were the case, why is it Biden who is having such a hard time answering this question while Giuliani doesn’t even blink?


  1. How about this idea? Trump refuses to debate the Democratic nominee. This ends there no substance attacks against him and he prevents millions upon millions of dollars going into the pockets of the corrupt media. I believe he will win 48 states this time around.

  2. So Robert it’s ok that’s Biden got someone fired and told them if you don’t hire my son we’re not releasing aid? That’s a hell of a lot worse that Trump supposable saying investigate for the election not that there’s corruption by v.p. He didn’t withhold aid. In fact Obama withheld 150 million but that was ok, right?

  3. The “chronic liar” is you Don Joe and the corrupt *Biden Clan*!! We all want answers concerning you and your dishonest family….. And how they enriched themselves, while you were in cahoots with the Kenyan “mooslim” regime!! The real “truth” will hopefully be exposed very soon!!

  4. Biden says it’s a diversion??? Last time I checked it was the Democrats that started this Impeachment process. Biden won’t testify because he will have to go under oath, which means he’ll have to lie to keep from testifying that he did, as Vice President, exactly what the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing. In both cases it wasn’t illegal. What was illegal was Biden tying to protect his son and Pelosi’s son from their influence peddling. Biden ca’t deny that because he is on tape bragging about getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired.

  5. It appears that a large money laundering process was in play that included Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as well. He was the point man for Obama in the Ukraine. Nobody argues that point. He also had a prosecutor fired (it’s on video) who was looking into the matter. The money laundering involved recycling some of our aid to Ukraine. The Democrats were profiting from this lucrative scam and that explains a lot about the impeachment initiative. Giuliani as the Presidents attorney seems to have uncovered a lot of compelling information. Go Rudy! Those are my tax dollars and I am outraged that Obama/Biden would participate such a thing. Isn’t it interesting that Paul Polosi, Nancy’s son, John Kerry’s son and grandson were involved? George Soros’s name keeps popping up, too.

    • “Step-son” – The son of the late Republican Senator John Heinz. Senator Heinz was killed in a plane crash in 1992 (or 1991). Shortly thereafter, John Kerry and Mrs. Heinz began a relationship. However, when J. Heinz’ son realized that nefarious dealings were going on, he bowed out of the business dealings.

  6. From1956 to1961 my wife and I and ultimately our 3 infants spent 6 wonderful years in Minnesota while I was a Mayo Foundation Fellow in General and Cardiothoracic Surgery from Cape Town, South Africa. I had more training in the UK and then returned to South Africa to partner with Chris Barnard. A new medical School in New York recruited me to start a new cardiac surgical department in the Bronx. It took 2 years for the visa to arrive. Times have changed. Somehow walking across the border was not an option.

  7. Straight to the point! What these people did regardless of reasoning political affiliation or so called nationalism is a scam, a coup, and should be treated as TREASON! And all they are doing is trying to dig up anything they can against a duly elected official. The Senate should vote on censoring the House of Representatives for their illegal acts and throw the impeachment back in their face. This particular impeachment process has never been for a trial, it is an inquisition, they are not trying Trump for a crime, they are hunting for a crime to pin on him. And it should not only be stopped, it should be obliterated so it never can happens again.

  8. Of course the Left is scared of Giuliani! The proof is the intensity of their animus and vitriol. The Democrat Party, which has devolved into nothing more than the political party of the Left, as well as the political party of foreign interests seeking to manipulate our government, has descended at long last into a cadre of ‘community organizers’, who strictly adhere to the principles laid out by Saul Alinsky in his book, RULES FOR REVOLUTIONARIES, a book dedicated to Satan, hard as it is to believe, since Satan is lauded by Alinsky as ‘the first revolutionary’; the thinking behind that assertion tells you all you need to kno about the adherence of Alinsky and the modern Democrat Party to the concepts of truth, justice and personal integrity. These words have no inherent meaning, other than their use as just more of the deceitful weapons wielded by community organizers, e.g. Democrats, to gain power and destroy any who might challenge them, that is, their opponents and rivals. It is no accident that the last two Democrat presidential candidates were both community organizers trained in Alinsky’s methodology. Hillary even did her graduate research studying Alinsky and his methods, and Obama went straight from Harvard Law School to working for the progressive project as a community organizer in Chicago, and the rest history, that is, America’s tragedy.

    To judge the effectiveness of an opponent to Democrat ‘dreams of power, observe the level of vitriol and hatred spred against said person. The Dems do not waste much time or words on those who pose little or no threat. Since the days of HUAC and the rise of politicians like Nixon and McCarthy, who were among the first to publicly call out the menace of the Left, the Democrat Party has increasingly relied on what was labelled ‘the politics of personal destruction’ to attack their enemies. This has increased so much that in recent years, it is hard to find any evidence of Democrats conducting anything other than campaigns of personal destruction against opponents, even against each other. This technique is one of the key strategies advocated by Alinsky in his handbook. Another is agitation and exacerbation of grievances. Any grievances ir gripes, no matter how small or isolated, are not to be resolved or ameliorated; instead, it is the duty of the Democrat to mske the situatio WORSE, if possible, and manipulate the target audience, in the case of Democrat politics , voters, to increase in their anger and aggrievement against the Democrats’ opponents, in order to convince them that only Democrats can avenge them. Notice how the focus is NOT on solving problems, as that would reduce dependence on the ‘community organizers’ but instead the focus is on exploiting them to gain power. The preferred approach is to take actions that will NOT reduce the grievances, but perpetuate them. Thus we see te paradoxical results of efforts like the ‘War on Poverty’, which spends trillions of dollars, and vastly enlarges the power of Democrats, yet does nothing to reduce the poverty rates. This also provides some insight into the Democrats absolute hatred of Trump, and their rejection of his policies which have caused the economy to boom, and family incomes to grow at historically high rates. Every person succeeding in the American economy is one less person dependent on the Democrats for sustenance. Trump poses an existential threat to the Democrats; their behavior towards him makes that quite plain.

  9. Everybody is missing the whole picture. Look at how corrupt our government is, how out of control and worse how the elites are deciding on how to run the country. Just look at how all these SUPPOSED experts testified on the impeachment, like their opionions matter. This impeachment is one symptom of the larger problem, WASHINGTON DC IS THE MOST CORRUPT CITY IN THE WORLD, WE NO LONGER HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, WE HAVE A POLITICAL MONARCHY. Our elected royalty no longer listens to us, they do what they want, when they want and talk us like we are a bunch of children who don’t understand their political world. Change will eventually come, it will be hard for our elected royalty and for us, but change is the only way we will get our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC BACK

    • I can not agree more. There are three (3) major changes that have to be forced by the public to even get to the bottom of the problem. (1) Term Limits, not just Congress, but Judicial, as well, Life terms should not be allowed any more. (2) Political Funding: No out of state funds should be allowed for any major individual State Office, Federal State Office, ie The Presidency, House Representative, Senator, state Governor, state AG, or state DA. No federal Pcks, no out of state political arm, only monies raised in the state and with fair limits. Mr Soros or anyone else should fund a State DA political financing. And (3) Change the Constitution: Change the Congressional Ethics Committee from their self control to an independent committee designated by the AG’s office, or Source it out to an outside Committee. Right now all political caucuses are controled by monies furnished to the House Leaders and the Senate leaders, meaning they are buying support for National Political Reasons, not National Public Reasons.

    • Yes you are absolutely correct. They think we are too stupid to know what’s good for us and we must be led around like children. Anyone who cares about their rights must drain the swamp!

  10. Now the impeach,ment has nothing to do with Biden in any way, Trump is being impeached for his actions not Biden’s actions. Between Trump and Guiliana they are constantly trying to change the whole impeachment from Trump to Biden, some what like a rapist trying to blame the woman for what he did.
    Now why is it that Guiliana can find something that no other countries intelligence agencies can find, but of course when you are dealing with the corrupt prosecutor which every country in Europe agrees he was corrupt except Russia who he sides with, what relevance is there to any thing Guiliana says.

    • The Hitler youth speaks. What’s your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid?The only Russian connection goes thru Hillary and her cronies. Follow the money,you fool. It’s all very “DEMOCRATIC”

    • Robert, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has already had to admit that the “Russian Dossier” was bogus. Mueller, shattered all their hopes and dreams when it was revealed that it was paid for by the Clintons and the Democrat party. Get your facts straight or keep yourself quiet. Remember, it is better to not speak and let everyone think you are stupid than to speak and confirm their suspicions.
      To everyone who is actually not too busy drinking cool aid to pay attention, VOTE the skunks out of office and take both Houses of Congress so we can get things accomplished.

  11. The left, deep state, establishment, whatever you want to call it has to be thrown out of power and this whole Russia gate Ukraine gate only puts emphasis on it. Our President was spied on, lied about and when it came from Ukraine he asked a anti corruption president to look into what they did to him and our country. He is not the bad guy in this no matter what democrats and their liberal media partners say!

  12. Joes petrified of being subpoenaed. He’s covering his ass he’d to so willingly but when the time comes he will defy congress and he will be subpoenaed. Let’s see if comrade Pelosi submits the impeachment articles. I think she knows if she does that Biden’s crime family enterprise for the last 40 years will be exposed. He will lose any chance of winning the Democratic ticket. Any way you look at it Trumps re-election is a no-brainer. At this point all the idiots running for the ticket are just wasting their money. They ought to just close their campaigns and forfeit the 2020 election to Trump now.


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