Rudy Giuliani Set To Release A New Report That Should Have The Biden Family Shaking In Their Boots

(Tea Party PAC) – While the Democrats are gleefully bringing articles of impeachment against President Trump over a big, fat nothing burger, folks on the left have largely been ignoring the fact that former Vice President Joe Biden abused his power while in office to protect his son Hunter from a zealous prosecutor investigating the company he worked for.

Everyone, that is, but Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who is set to release a new report that should absolutely have the Biden family wetting their pants. These folks are corrupt and need to be held accountable for their actions.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine last week and met with officials in Kiev in his ongoing efforts to expose corruption and pay-to-play schemes involving the Biden crime family and other Democrats.

Mr. Giuliani revealed Monday morning on Steve Bannon’s radio show “The War Room: Impeachment” that he is working to release a report on his findings from his latest trip to Europe to Attorney General Bill Barr and GOP lawmakers in Congress this week.

OAN reporter Chanel Rion has been traveling with Rudy Giuliani and reporting on his investigations in Hungary and Kiev, Ukraine.

In her report released on Sunday night Chanel Rion mentioned that Ukrainian officials showed her six criminal cases involving the Bidens, Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

“I was going to do an outline of it and try to present it at the convenience of the Republicans in Congress and the attorney general at the end of this week,” Rudy said on a podcast interview with Steve Bannon Monday.

We know so far that Joe Biden’s drug addict son Hunter was sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company and being paid by some accounts over $200,000 a month even though he had zero experience in the field.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden, who was tasked to oversee US dealings with Ukraine, threatened to withhold over $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine unless they fired Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma and Hunter.

Biden bragged about shaking down Ukraine and getting Mr. Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Democrats have accused Trump of abusing his power in office, yet conveniently they ignore how one of their one actually did abuse his power and admitted it on a video, but they have done nothing to take Biden to task and hold him accountable for the actions he’s taken to protect his son.

This is a true miscarriage of justice and someone needs to fix it. The American people have already lost respect for the current justice system, and as we can all see, such a lack of faith is justified. No one should be above the law, including powerful politicians. That concept is one of the many things that makes America the greatest nation on earth at this particular time in history.

The left is trying desperately to destroy this reputation and knock us down a peg or two on the world stage, believing that they are doing some sort of grand work by doing so. It’s quite tragic to see so many sons and daughters of liberty turn their backs on the very country that provides them unlimited opportunities to make something of their lives.



  1. We know what Obama said to Putin we all heard him and a few months later Russia invaded Ukraine and took half’ Obama not a peep.Oh ya he gave them money for blankets.O ya we all heard what Joe said too but don’nt investigate he’s Democrat .MAGA President TRUMP!

    • Terry, Terry stop petting your Trump doll and get a life buddy. This man lies every time he opens his mouth. It’s his way of conning the folks who will fall for the con.
      “i don’t know any Russians. I don’t have any business dealings in Russia.” If you can dismiss this utter lie to the question asked him about his Russian ties, then your too gullible to deal with. Your “follow the cult” mentality is showing!

      Drain the swamp? Hell he’s made the swamp and ocean!!

  2. Trump is doing what he said he would do,drain the swamp.Some people hate him no matter what he does.They lie distort the truth.Even hide the truth.About time it only took 3yrs.Just believe those who are saying what he will do,come on they don’t even believe the IG report.They do believe Biden did’nt do any thing wrong even tho we all heard him.Soon we will hear much much more.Hang on folks.MAGA President TRUMP!

    • They lie and distort the truth. They don’t have to distort the truth. Is it a lie that he took our sworn enemy into a meeting and won’t disclose the content of that meeting.
      Well maybe you love Putin too. It’s sad that you can’t see the danger that this man brings to the presidency. I hope we all survive the schedule that Putin has dictated to his shill. The friend of my enemy…is my enemy!!

  3. For all you Trump fans I want to make a prediction: If Trump is elected again he’s going to try to do a couple of things. First he’s going to get out of NATO. This “you are not paying your fair share” BS is a coup out so he do what Putin wants, concerning NATO.
    Second: He’s a W-2 wage employer, so are many of his friends. An employer matches the social security deductions of his employees dollar for dollar. Billions of matching dollars go into the social security fund from EMPLOYERS. He’s not messing with the social security structure now because this would be death to his re-election plans. But give him a 2nd term and watch him give huge breaks to companies that employee W-2 wage earners. He will reduce the employer share
    of matching funds or he may eliminate the employer share altogether, thus saving billions of dollars for he and his employer friends. Very few owners want to contribute to social security for their employees, trust me.
    His new tax law has already taken away the deduction for EMPLOYEE EXPENSES during the year. A huge turn around for those who used to get that deduction. You’ll see Trump has just begun to make the middle class poorer in the future. He needs another term to finish his dirty work!! But I know I’m preaching to Trumps cult. I hope we all can keep our fair share Good luck to all those who love THE GREATEST COUNTRY on this planet!!!!!

  4. Forget everything that’s fact or fiction about Treasonous Trump. Let’s go back to the beginning when he was asked about his rumored association with Russia. He said,”I don’t know any Russians. I have no business dealings with Russia.” Why did he lie like that?
    Is it because the Russians bailed him out of his trouble with the NY banks? This would put him in a spot…Russia holds the loans on his property. Maybe that’s why he won’t release his tax returns. The returns would disclose interest payments paid to companies. Perhaps companies set up by…who knows! Putin’s boys? A good forensic accountant could open up a big can of worms for the man in the Oval Office.
    Another puzzling occurrence. He met with our sworn enemy Putin for 2 1/2 hours and no one knows what was said. Does any Republican Congressman know what was said? When I take a client into a room, lock the door, check to see no one is listening, it’s to relate information I don’t want anyone to hear. The president, the custodian of our security, doesn’t want the American public (including his Republican cult members) to know what was said. Why? Did he give away security secrets to his LOAN OFFICER Putin? This worries me as an American who loves his country.
    Loyalty, he has none. Agenda, he has one…the one Putin gave him in that meeting.
    My advice to the Republican cult members…don’t drink the cool aid, the first sip is a killer!! From center field

  5. It is always a a tactic of the radical left to accuse conservatives of doing what they have already done! Obama colluded with Putin on giving him half of Ukraine, Hillary colluded with Russia to back stab Bernie, the DNC (aka) Hillary Clinton paid for the Steele dossier, Stryck and Page colluded to have Trump pied on by FISA warrants, etc. and ad nauseum.

    • Mike, when Trump accepted the financial help of the Russians he put himself in a tough position. I’m sure in the past he was able to control situations being the chairman of the board. People he employed had to listen or they were fired. He’s on the other end of the stick now. He has to rely on the Russians for help both financially and politically. That means he has to listen to another chairman, Putin. Why did he lie about his dealings with the Russians? Why did everyone close to him in the beginning lie about their association with Russia? It’s because they had to or
      the conflict of interest would have been exposed early. The only thing keeping him in office is the “band of starving brother” Republican senators that are driving the get away car for this corrupt president. I know you can’t see it. He’s conned millions of you folks along the way.
      You can say what you want about the past, but this is the bully in town now. And he has an adviser. They meet in secret, tear up their notes before they exit. They shake hands and maybe Trump kisses his ring. I’ve seen it done in the past and I hate the sight…no matter who is doing it.
      Oh and by the way did you ever ask your tax man why Trump took your income tax EXEMPTIONS away. You won’t like the answer. From center field

  6. I don’t want to see the *Biden Clan* shaking in their boots!! I want to see them in front of a Federal Judge!! They are the epitome of corruption!!

  7. There is no reason to reply. If this is true and I believe it is. Nothing is happening about this crook who is running for President. We have to be completely blind or tragically stupid to let this go on without any repercussions. If this is true Joe Biden has broken the law and needs to be arrested and be prosecuted and sentenced for his crime. Let’s follow the letter of the law.

    • Hey Dave are you afraid of a few replies? It doesn’t make any difference what other people have done in the past. What goes around comes around. Right now the fox is in the hen house. Trump is a con man and a good one. He’s conned many more intelligent people than you and I. Hell, look at the senators he’s insulted along the way that still kneel at his feet. Yeah, lol, I did say kneel!!
      I don’t trust any politician to help the 99% of us that need assistance. The rich man still controls the economic philosophy of this country. They give the bribes that run campaigns. Politicians have to listen to outside influences.
      But Trump is a bad human being. And bad people like that shouldn’t be custodians of our security.
      Don’t be afraid of replies Dave, millions of our veterans have fought for the right to reply!!

  8. We have said for a log these criminals need to be prosecuted and jailed. Go get them TRUMP. That is what you were elected for. Take Obamas with them.

    • Michael, lol, you’re a lost puppy. Study your Russian, if this con man stays in office we may all need to speak it fluently.
      If you have a job or can earn money in some line of work, just remember that when Obama put billions back in this economy he saved it from a disaster that would have made the 1929 depression look like a champagne wedding.
      That was told to me by a very good die hard Republican employed by Lehman Brothers.
      Trust me when I tell you that Trump will destroy the 99% of us before he’s through if he’s elected again!!

    • LOL, the Democrats are projecting their crimes on to Treasonous Trump. Post another dumb comment, please!

  9. What the readers don’t know is that Joe Biden’s corruption goes back decades. All one has to do is read Michelle Malkin’s old book Culture of Corruption. Ukraine is only one of the latest scandals.

    • Yeah Dave, if that’s true than Joe is gone. But what about Treasonous Trump. He’s here and setting the stage for our reduction to a laughing stock in this world. He has to leave the London meeting because the leaders of other countries “were laughing at me.” He had to head back to DC where they love him…and are impeaching him. He’s really a coward that has conned his way to the Oval Office.
      Hey, do you like a dictatorial government where they can take all, that’s important to you, away with a pen stroke. I don’t !!
      I’m not a fan of the politician, but I enjoy the freedom that this country offers. I don’t want a con man who is in the pocket of the Russian Mofia holding my security.
      Check this man’s past. Thousands of law suits from subcontractors that he refused to pay. If Trump went looking for a job he’d be refused by every company that looked up his record. He exists at his W-2 wage job now because the senate are too scared to do what they really want to do. Getting rid of the bully takes real courage!!

  10. Well, very obvious that the bidens are corrupt. Why do you think obama did not support him. He knew and warned biden that trouble was ahead. One would have to be very nieve or dumb as a rock not to see what was happening in Ukraine and in China. WOW. They should go to jail.

    • Dave, after reading your post, i’m sure you’re an expert on dumb! Maybe you know what was said in the secret meeting with his landlord Putin!!

  11. Wow, citizens can’t travel abroad now? What next?
    If you haven’t heard of the corruption in Ukraine and the democrats involvement you must be living under a rock. Attorneys defend their clients. That’s their job.

    • Guess you didn’t read it. Biden’s been corrupt from the first day he held office. Do some research AH just don’t make stupid uniformed comments.

    • Gee Ricky, were you born ignorant or did that happen from just listening 24/7 to the left wing nut jobs? There’s video, there’s eyewitnesses and transcripts of all the corruption from the democrats and you still refuse to open your eyes.

    • You’re ok Ricky. Don’t listen to the cult. Rudy is a nut job, I know from personal experience. But there are no heroes out there right now. The cult doesn’t realize that they are following the man that will hurt them the most. Take the tax law for instance. Why did he take the PERSONAL EXEMPTION portion of the return away? A deduction of close to $5,000. It’s been a staple deduction to the American public for decades. He did it so you, I and the 99% can pay for the rich mans TAX SAVINGS. We are now supporting the wealthy man that Trump has helped save billions in tax liability. Forget about Rudy. His fate is set. He’s the shill for the con man!! We have to get this Russian puppet out of there in November!!

  12. I know .. I know it’s difficult to believe Obama’s right hand man sleepy Joe commited all these crimes without his knowledge. Perhaps Barry wasn’t involved…. Yea sure he wasn’t..sure ..

    • Chopper, If Joe did he’s gone and he only has himself to blame. But that doesn’t excuse Trump and his gang. Show me a loyal, compassionate individual in the Oval Office. You can’t. You have a con man that is only concerned about himself and the people that kiss his ring. I’m not making excuses for any government official in the past. We’ve survived those wrongs. I’m concerned about the future and I don’t trust this man. His past has shown me that he’s dangerous. If you like this guy than he’s done his job on you. But as for me I wouldn’t want him handling my life savings or having him meet my daughter!! I don’t care how rich he says he is, lol.
      I still want to know what was said in that 2 1/2 meeting with my sworn enemy!!


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