Russian Anti-Terror Chief Warns The Spread Of COVID-19 May Be More Sinister Than It Appears

(Tea Party PAC) – When it comes to the coronavirus scamdemic, it seems there is always more than meets the eye. While nobody is denying the virus is real, there are so many red flags concerning the entire global ordeal. For example, how did Russia go from having virtually no cases thanks to the swift and immediate closing of their borders very early on to becoming a hotbed for the virus?

The answer may be a great deal more nefarious than you would think. The head of Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Center has spoken out with a warning that the virus is being spread intentionally be terrorists who are using it as a form of bio-weapon.

What is this world coming to?

Newswars has the story:

Andrei Novikov, head of Russia’s Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told Russian state news agency Tass that the terrorists are using the health crisis to further their own agendas.

“While governments are trying to ensure health security, focusing on protecting the lives and health of their people, recruiters of international terrorist groups are not just taking advantage of the difficult situation in order to recruit more ‘Jihad soldiers,’ they are calling on infected members to spread COVID-19 as wide as possible in public places, state agencies and so on,” Novikov said.

The anti-terror chief also noted that terrorists have been hampered by lockdowns and so are finding other ways of recruiting and spreading fear.

“As the population started moving into self-isolation and borders between countries were closing, the level of terrorist activity had somewhat decreased,” Novikov said.

“The reason is obvious – it became significantly more difficult for terrorists to move around, especially between countries, given that border control as well as disease control and prevention were heightened,” he continued.

Novikov further added that online “Media centers were activated which combine the spread of terrorist and extremist ideology and the recruitment of new members.”

He stated that anti-terror efforts are now focusing more on stopping the spread of misinformation designed to induce societal collapse.

“Above all, they are linked to mobilization technologies to ensure public safety, to thwart the spread of unreliable information and any attempts to wreak panic and social tension,” Novikov asserted.

Interestingly, Novikov also claimed that terrorists are using resentment against government imposed lockdowns, as well as a “declining quality of life” in countries hit hardest by the coronavirus, to entice new recruits.

“There is a common understanding that the objective “social fatigue” should be separated from the restrictions introduced and its artificial amplification in order to destabilize the constitutional structure,” Novikov stated.

The warnings echo those of European Union counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, who recently noted that terrorists are planning to use upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic to find holes in national security of target countries.

Kerchove warned that a “massive amount of money that will be spent to address the economic, social, and healthcare consequences of the virus” should not be taken away from national security spending.

“We must prevent the one crisis ending up producing another,” he urged.

Unfortunately, many crises have been produced thanks to the coronavirus crisis. It sure does seem as though the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has been much worse and devastating than the actual virus itself. Economies all over the world have collapsed, civil unrest and societal angst are at all-time highs, and now there is substantial evidence to suggest Jihad terrorists are capitalizing on the instability and will soon become more embolden and aggressive.

What a time to be alive.


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  5. Same thing I’ve been saying. Those people spreading this, who ever they are, are continuing to spread this virus, particularly here in the US. If we are truly going through a second round of this, that is the reason. Very likely to have a third round. Then a new virus will be released.

    • Tom I read yesterday in the SF Chronicle of a new swine virus that has infected workers in China. Wonder if we are destined to be in a perpetual pandemic?

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  7. Take a deep breath and realize that with 7.4 billion people in our worlds there is always bad (and good) things happening. We, mostly, define terrorism as a movement to destroy our society, constitution, businesses, families and general, our system of beliefs. Therefore, we should let our President’s team defend our borders and concentrate on domestic terrorism headed by the Democrats.

  8. Won’t debate this makes more sense than anything else I have read stay away from all that is sick I can’t believe how disrespectful people are anyone that knows they are sick and they know they are to not get tested and still go to the public not good and neither are they God blessings to all

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