Say goodbye to the Second Amendment

(PCC)Neo-Confederates have weaponized the IRS against the middle class and small businesses. They have also weaponized the judicial system against conservatives. Now, they are weaponizing local and state taxes to undermine citizens’ rights, making it increasingly difficult to enjoy the protections of the Second Amendment.

Look at this! Weaponizing the power of taxes to block constitutional right!

House Democrats, led by the liberal Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia, have shamelessly resurrected a radical proposition aimed at burdening law-abiding citizens with an outrageous 1,000% excise tax on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. This legislation seeks to impose exorbitant costs on firearms, with the explicit goal of stopping gun accessibility in the United States.

Last year, Rep. Beyer and 37 other Democrats shamelessly pushed a radical agenda when they held the majority in the House, but thankfully, their misguided idea failed to gain any meaningful support.

The details of the forthcoming bill have yet to be disclosed, leaving us in a state of uncertainty regarding any potential alterations from the previous 2022 iteration. In the previous bill, a substantial tax increase of 1,000% was imposed on magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds of ammunition. Additionally, the bill targeted “semiautomatic assault weapons,” specifically referring to semiautomatic rifles or pistols equipped with fixed magazines containing 10 rounds or more, or possessing certain other characteristics.

Rep. Beyer claims taking such action is supposedly necessary to address the issue of violence, conveniently highlighting the involvement of assault weapons in mass shootings that have occurred in various locations, including schools, grocery stores, hospitals, churches, synagogues, malls, theaters, and bars.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has strongly opposed this decision, arguing the term “assault weapon” is deceptive and predominantly employed by proponents of gun control to promote their ideological objectives. The NRA staunchly argues the term “assault rifle” should be exclusively reserved for fully automatic firearms, which have the capability to continuously discharge rounds as long as the trigger remains pulled. They assert fully automatic firearms are not readily available to the general public, in contrast to the semi-automatic weapons that are the focus of this proposed legislation.

Over 100 Democrats have once again demonstrated their misguided priorities by pressuring House GOP leaders to capitulate to their radical gun control agenda. These liberal Democrats, who consistently prioritize restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens have expressed outrage and are demanding their ideology be accepted as law, with no one daring to resist!

The Neo-Confederate Democrats are lauding the idea if guns are not taken away from citizens, by any means possible, then this lack of confiscation will perpetuate racism and destroy democracy!

Final Word: Can anyone explain how taking away rights helps democracy? Isn’t democracy all about granting and protecting rights? In the view of the Democrats, the more rights are taken away, the greater the democracy! Therefore, someday if all rights are taken, then America will have absolute democracy! Doesn’t this sound like the antithesis of Democracy, in other words, an oligarchy run by Democrats and not by the people is a Democracy! Right? (NOT)



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