Schiff Reveals Phone Records In Impeachment Report But How Did He Get Them?

(Tea Party PAC) – Lunatic Rep. Adam Schiff has magically procured what he touts as damning phone records of the President’s personal lawyer, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, and fellow House Rep. Devin Nunes. The call logs have primarily caused confusion as it seems the numbers Schiff is attempting to paint as nefarious are not exactly what he says they are but the more important issue here is whether or not Schiff is acting in an ethical way.

We already know he is lying through his teeth when it comes to the impeachment hearings. Blatantly making up stories and untruths as he sits atop his impeachment throne but this is an entirely different matter in which he is attempting to drag a fellow House Rep. through the mud and introduce “evidence” that is really evidence of nothing.

Fox News reports:

On Tuesday, Schiff put out his committee’s 300-page impeachment inquiry report, which included records of Nunes’ calls, reportedly obtained through a subpoena of  AT&T and Verizon.

The records, which do not reveal the contents of the conversations, apparently show that a phone number associated with Nunes received calls from individuals central to the impeachment inquiry — the president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Giuliani-associate Lev Parnas.

In a Fox News opinion piece, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., called the action “brazen and shameful” and called for Schiff to be “formally censured by the House for his actions.”

Schiff, “probably should have said ‘a member of Congress’ — could even have said ‘a member of Congress on the House Intelligence Committee’ but there is no reason to put Congressman Nunes’ name in there,” [Judge Andrew] Napolitano told Fox News.

“If Congressman Schiff did this for a partisan political reason there is an ethical case,” he continued. “If he did it to tie in the impeachment case against the president then there is no ethical case against him.”

“The ethics prosecutors in the House are truly bipartisan and it is the only committee in the House that has equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats so he is not going to get off the hook, because the Democrats run the House.  This will rise or fall on its merits — that is whether or not there was an ethical breach.”

Looks like Shifty Adam Schiff has some explaining to do. How did Schiff obtain these phone records? Will Congress hold him accountable for this? Judge Napolitano isn’t the only one raising concerns over Schiff’s conduct.

Career LEO (law enforcement officer) Rosco Harris has taken to Twitter to share his very legitimate concerns over the matter and says that some of the phone records included in Schiff’s impeachment scam report, may have been obtained illegally.

“These are AT&T call logs of Lev Parnas & Rudy Giuliani. You see other names in there but all are in one way or another either talking to Parnas or Rudy.

Now Parnas has a case pending in the SDNY for Campaign Funding Violations.

Here’s my point. This is the product of an NSL.”

“Here’s the rub, the problem. Lev Parnas is only charged with a campaign funding violation. Not any breach of National Security by any stretch by anyone’s imagination.

SO someone in the SDNY has some explaining to do. Schiff cannot request an NSL.

If there was no breach of national security, why were the records obtained and shared with Schiff?”

“When asked directly Schiff got all squirmy and said he couldn’t divulge where he got the records. Damn right he couldn’t because here once again someone is abuse the surveillance programs in the government for political purposes and not in the National Security interests.”

“The non disclosure provision must be authorized by the Director of the FBI, and only after he certifies “that otherwise there may result a danger to the national security of the United States.

That means that this had to be approved by Chris Wray. That’s a real problem.”

Sure does look like Schiff had better get to explaining how on earth he was able to obtain phone records when there was clearly no threat to the United States national security. This looks like an illegal attack on political opponents. Which is really what the entire impeachment sham comes down to.

Schiff is the slimiest politician in Washington DC. Trump needs to hold him accountable for his despicable actions.


  1. The Republicans are spineless RINOS, they will never hold the democrats accountable, because all of them are crooked. Lindsay Graham states he is going to get to the bottom of all these things and he has done nothing. But he has a dog in the ukraine saga as well, he profitted off this crap, so of course he is not going to look into nothing at all. I believe the democrats have something on he and Hunter, maybe there was some dildo play amongst them two as well… Trump needs to drain more than just the swamp, we the people need to begin term limits for these swamp rats….

  2. One common thing I have noticed about the comments in this thread is that either the commentators all seem to have either a limited command of the English language and grammar, or there are a lot of people that struggle with alcohol, other than myself.

  3. Shiffty believes he is above the law. Someone needs to educate him on illegal wiretap
    or phony documents used to obtain a search warrant. They have already tried this on the Russia search or why not try it again since they are above the law

  4. Can someone explain me how those democrats particularly Adam Shift and Nancy Pelosi get that audacity to do all those unlawful activities and still nothing happens.
    Their force is the corrupt media. People have to boycott that enemy that keeps on misinform us and cover up for dishonest democrats. It’s enough, the media is terrible.

  5. I don’t believe there is person in this country who doesn’t know that Schiff is a lying scumbag. He should be thrown out of Congress and probably tried for treason. When will Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat dimwits pull their heads out, stop this nonsense and start working for the benefit of the citizens of this country. Like the MCA. GET TO WORK!!!!!!

  6. I cannot fathom a legimate reason for Schiff to have phone records of other congressman (Republican ) .
    The fact is those records don’t prove anything other then a call had been made to another party in or outside of government.
    I believe Schiff is just try to cause a problem to an opponent of his impeachment circus

  7. if shiff was smart he would stop all this impeachment crap and stop spending our tax money .it,s time you get over losing the election .


  9. He got them by breaking the law! I have little empathy for At&t simply because they have teams of lawyers who could have easily followed the law and not the law of Schiff face.

  10. SOMEBODY must hold Schiff accountable for ALL of his underhanded and illegal actions!!!!!
    As he has said many times NOBODY is above the law!!!!!!!!

  11. I hope Shiff, Pelosi and Nadler ALL go to jail for treason! Any average American would have ALREADY been arrested. When President Trump talked of the deep state I thought he was over playing it. Sadly, he and the rest of us had no idea how DEEP and FAR REACHING it really is. Drain the Swamp!!!

    • Dam right ANY regular citizen would have been jailed by now….These liberal FOOLS that are backed by the SHAMEFUL TREASONOUS MSM and so-called journalists, they get away with it…….WRONG.


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