Scumbag! You Won’t Believe What “Broke” Hunter Biden Was Spotted Doing After Settling With Stripper In Paternity Case

(Tea Party PAC) – We have been closely following the explosive paternity case out of Independence County, Arkansas, where Joe Biden’s notorious son, Hunter Biden, was being sued for child support by a former DC-area stripper who he impregnated after meeting her at one of the establishments he frequented in the swamp.

28-year-old Lunden Roberts opened the lawsuit in November, during which Biden claimed that he was in debt and unemployed with no monthly income.

Of course, we all know that he was making millions serving on the board of Burisma not too long ago, and Roberts knew it too.

Her lawyers sure found some interesting tidbits during discovery!

Biden finally settled, agreeing to pay child support on Monday.

The Washington Times reported:

Hunter Biden has reached an out-of-court settlement in a child support dispute with an Arkansas woman, attorneys for both sides told a local newspaper Monday.

The agreement was struck just two days before Mr. Biden, the son of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden, was scheduled for a mandatory court appearance to explain why he shouldn’t face contempt charges.

Mr. Biden had been fighting the paternity suit filed by Lunden Alexis Roberts since the spring. He was set to appear in court Wednesday to determine whether he should be held in contempt for failing to turn over tax and other financial records.

Then, this past weekend, he was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with his pregnant wife.

Driving a brand-new Porsche.

“Dunno guys, but feels like if Trump had a son driving around in a new Porsche while pretending he didn’t have money for child support for a baby he lied about fathering with a stripper, the media in general might make a bigger deal of it,” noted commentator Buck Sexton.

Ya think?

What kind of broke, indebted, unemployed person has money to finance a new Porsche??

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  1. I’m sure the Porsche is a lease, but the guy is still a slimeball. His judgement day is coming, and the same for his dad. The wheels of justice turn very slowly, but they do move forward.

  2. What makes you think he financed it? With all the “dirty money” daddy fixed him up with its a wonder he didn’t buy one for every day of the week!

  3. To me the question is what type of court system have we allowed our country to have where there are two standards of ‘justice’, one for the powerful and well-connected and one for everyone else.

    A justice system is a reflection of the morality of the society in which it subsists and it seems to me that that is not saying anything good about us as Americans who are constantly boasting through the “Voice of America” to a world sick of hearing about “how great, how just, & how moral” we are, when everything the world hears and sees contradicts it.

    To quote Dr King, “Let America be America “. In other words, let us live up to the spirit of our stated moral credo and code. Let us have EQUAL justice. Hunter Biden MUST come under inquiry for his role in corruption in the Ukraine which paid forward into Ukraine interference in our 2016 election.

  4. “The love of money is the root of all evil” Well, have to include “Power” in there as T. S. Eliot taught – “Half the harm ….” Elsewhere he said “Most”.

  5. his father a life long extortionist USING LAWS TO EXTRACT MONEY FOR HIS ” CAMPAIGN ” and proven liar …and you expect this drug sucking scum to be WHAT

    • This guy is a total embarrassment to manhood. Were I his wife, after hearing all he has done I would kick him between the knees and castrate him. What a loser.

  6. He didn’t buy or lease the Porsche. The Iranian Mullahs sent him a present in the SLIM event daddy gets elected. The Mullahs also offered Hunter a position on their nuclear over sight commission so he could help cover up what his father and the other scum bag Obama did bribing and selling the U.S. and Israel down the drain.

  7. The millions of our tax money in kick backs from the billions they gave Ukraine, our money they stole, make them pay back all our money, and charge them with treason, then execute them all.

  8. I didn’t know he married again, most likely because he got her pregnant too. He also bought a 3.2 Million dollar home in the Hills of Beverly Hills, I guess he figures if he ends up leaving this wife, which he most likely will, she will get half of California’s beautiful community property law. Jail is looking good for Hunter every day.

  9. I’m sure there’s a gag order on the “settlement”…bunch of lawyers made a bunch of $, and Hunter skates. The DNC and Daddy Biden told Hunter to settle this shxt, because you are a cancer on our plans to stuff Joe Biden down the American people’s throat via our crooked election plans. The Democrats will allow illegals to vote and bribe them with free stuff to vote for Biden PERIOD!…The Democrat Party just disgusts me. I cannot think of a single member of that party that has a shed of integrity. They are all Partisan hacks and do nothing but look out for themselves. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM NEEDS TO BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE.

  10. Yes like some dads and moms that have an addicted son or daughter they hope there addiction will run out before there money supporting them and there addiction. But VP Joey was lucky he had criminal cartels and foreign swamp creatures helping his son support his addiction.

  11. The answer to what kind, a lying crooked worthless POS libriturd riding his fathers name and depending on brain dead voters to believe his BS.

  12. He is one worthless pathetic no good for nothing man, just as his pathetic father.
    I hope this young lady gets all she deserves for her child.

    If it is true that the DNC bought this car for Hunter the republicans should launch and investigation ASAP in to this matter.. How pathetic this is if true!!!!

  13. Hunter is a PATHETIC peace of human excrement and he should be in hand cuffs along with his father Joe. The Biden crime family is being protected by the democrats and there fake news media allies. All along while they point the finger at our President. There hypocrisy is beyond all understanding because it is so easy to see there double standards and there own crimes that they are trying to hide. America is at a cross road like no other time in our history. If the democrats win this next election we will be forced up against the wall and we will have to come out fighting. A real, and a literal civil war is starring us right in the face. I highly suggest all real freedom and liberty loving Patriots prepare for what is coming, and if your not sure what I mean you should just think for a minute. Yes, that is what I’m saying. A war is coming and it is barring down on us like a freight train. Long Live Our Republic. Molon Labe!

  14. Yep, he’s a real dolly, fine upstanding citizen…………..NOT!! nothing but a weasel, course he comes by it naturally, I don’t see how GRANDPA can get out and try run for President, I wouldn’t want him any where NEAR the Whitehouse in any compacity!!

  15. The democrats bought the car for him in exchange for settling with the stripper.
    Hunter Biden could have went to court, had all the dirt on the Democrat’s dealings exposed, and ruined any chance of reelection for many of the swamp dwellers. Instead, the DNC bribed him with a gift.

    A choice between a new car and being Epsteined is not a hard choice to make.

  16. Why are the bidens getting “stay out of jail free passes?”
    If anyone else did 1% of what they did, they’d be locked up.


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