Secret Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In California

(PCC)If Trump wins in 2024, will these hidden labs disseminate a fatal virus throughout America to stop him again, or do they have a more sinister purpose?

China got busted and the Wuhan labs exposed, so to stop Trump from Making America Great again will the labs be moved from China to the US?

How do you explain this?

Illegal Bio-Labs: A National Crisis Illegal bio-labs have been a growing worry in our country. Unregulated facilities threaten public safety and national security, but mainstream media ignores them. Illegal bio-labs are unsafe and biohazardous.

A terrifying underground bio-lab controlled by a shady Chinese company has resonated over the Central San Joaquin Valley and California. The establishment of such a facility on the West Coast of America raises serious worries about comparable threats in other states.


An adept code enforcement inspector discovered a garden hose inconspicuously protruding from the rear wall of an unassuming structure, assumed to be used for storage. Deeper investigation revealed that this seemingly innocuous establishment was a secret laboratory investigating a shocking variety of dangerous drugs.

Blood, tissue, and human fluids littered the premises, along with an astounding number of unmarked containers suspected of containing dangerous biological pathogens. 900 genetically modified mice, carefully developed to carry and spread the deadly COVID-19 virus, were found living in horrible conditions. Unfortunately, several of these mice had to be humanely destroyed, highlighting the facility’s frightening vulnerability.

This illegal bio-laboratory is extremely dangerous. The CDC found many pathogenic pathogens in facility chemicals. Coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes are examples. The release or intentional distribution of these diseases might severely undermine public safety and national security.

The shocking Reedley revelation has us wondering if there are such illegal bio-labs in other states. Covert operations require serious examination and criticism.

We must recognize this alarming scenario and demand swift and decisive action from government authorities at all levels. Federal and state authorities must collaborate to eliminate these threats and strengthen our nation’s bioweapon defenses.

The Reedley bio-lab scandal is a wake-up call underscores the need to address this issue nationwide. The urgent necessity to eliminate these illegal acts and defend the American people requires a collaborative effort.

To protect our great nation from these serious threats, we must study the origins and techniques of these dangerous actions that have evaded notice. The investigation must focus on criminal organizations and state-sponsored actors who may be using biological agents for evil.

Reedley’s shocking discovery should alert the nation. Illegal bio-labs threaten the US and require immediate action. To prevent a severe security breach, we must unify and stay vigilant.

Meteorologists, climatologists, and atmospheric scientists studying how far an air-borne pathogen can travel have found that dust from the Sahara Desert in North Africa can cover large areas and travel thousands of miles, reaching the Caribbean, Central America, and even the southeastern United States.

Thus, Pacific Ocean wind can blow 1000 miles east from the coast and affect global weather.

Reedley biological pathogens targeted these populations.

Reedley, California to…………..….by highway.

San Francisco is 170 miles (274 kilometers)

Los Angeles is 213 miles (343 kilometers).

Sacramento is 158 miles (254 kilometers)

Las Vegas is 280 miles (451 kilometers)

(Note: Airborne bio-pathogens don’t drive!)

Final Word: Ask yourself an honest question. If the Chinese Flu (Covid 19) was a manufactured virus designed to stop Trump’s drive to make America Great Again, then do you think the Chinese would resort to the same tactics again in 2025?

No. Then explain why there are secret illegal Chinese labs strategically planted on America’s West coast.

Yes. Then is there are secret illegal Chinese labs in every blue State?

….what if I’m right!


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