Segment On Election Integrity Explodes As Sarah Palin Spars With Leftist Sycophant Piers Morgan

(Tea Party PAC) – The left-wing mainstream media has absolutely no integrity. Instead of doing what journalists are supposed to do and investigate, the leftist media sycophants simply just assert there was “no fraud” in the 2020 presidential election and demand viewers believe that without question.

They can’t prove that there was no fraud because they’ve never done any investigating into the election. They just know that their guy is in the White House and now it’s time to “unite.”

The trouble is, tens of millions of Americans know there was fraud and have seen the evidence presented by those who have been working tirelessly to uncover it.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is one of those Americans who knows there was fraud because she’s seen the evidence with her own eyes. She’s not backing down from her belief that the election was clearly rigged and in a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain things got heated.

While the conservation between host Piers Morgan and Palin started off on the topic of the President supposedly inciting the Capitol riot it quickly turned to Morgan insisting Palin accept that the election was not rigged and that Joe Biden legitimately won.

Before things got heated over the fraud in the election, co-host Susanna Reid tried to force Palin to admit that President Trump literally told supporters to riot. Palin was having none of it.

Palin repeated the quote spoken by President Trump that the mainstream media hacks love to leave out. She pointed out that Trump told his supporters to “go protest peacefully and patriotically” and then said that the “idiots” who stormed the Capitol should be held responsible for their own behavior.

Morgan refused to accept that and insisted that it wasn’t just the President’s Jan. 6 speech that incited the riot, it was his perpetuating an “absolute lie” that there was widespread fraud and that those allegations have “never been proven.”

He went on to insist that Palin admit that there was no fraud and that Joe Biden won legitimately. Palin refused to play his game.

Instead she tried to explain that President Trump was not alone in his insistence that voter fraud occurred in the election.

Morgan dismissed her argument and insisted, “But the election wasn’t stolen, was it Sarah Palin?” He then went on to assert that the “election was won fair and square by a thumping win by Joe Biden. Do you accept that?”

Palin attempted to avoid too much of a confrontation and said that she wants to see that our elections are “run cleanly.”

Neither host really wanted to hear anything Palin had to say as they continually interrupted her and aggressively insisted she admit that Joe Biden won.

Palin once again tried to explain how during her time as Governor she witnessed for herself election “shenanigans” and that it was a problem but before she could finish talking Morgan interrupted again and rudely accused her of attempting to “filibuster” them.

Eventually Palin said that “evidently” Biden won because he was “sworn in as our president” but went on to say that no one is going to convince her or the millions of Americans with “common sense” that there “were no shenanigans going on.”

Palin also gave the example of dead people voting to which Morgan immediately dismissed and said, “please…” as if it wasn’t a real example of fraud. Dead people voting was proven in several states and is a problem but certainly not one the Democrats care to fix since dead people always vote for them.

Morgan then went on to condescendingly tell Palin that she sounds “totally bonkers” and that part of the “problem for the Republican Party” is “people like [her]” who keep “perpetuating this utter load of nonsense.”

The leftist mainstream media personalities are nothing but bullies. They apparently have no ability to do any kind of journalistic work so instead they just bulldoze right over anyone who presents a point of view or argument they don’t want to be heard.

Morgan is a moron and the reality is that tens of millions of Americans believe the election was rigged by fraud and corruption and are not going to abandon that belief simply because some pompous talking-head on TV insists it’s all a lie.

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  1. Pierce Morgan is an Idiot. His co host is a bimbo and Pierce needs to do his homework. There is plenty of evidence asshole but your liberal establishment would not allow the evidence to be presented in court. Your a fool Pierce which you many times on AGT. You don’t know talent cause you have none and you sure as hell don’t know truth or what happened at the Capitol. Quit making out with Don Lemon and get educated and worry about your own country you English snob and stay the hell out of ours!

  2. Piers Morgan likes the cool aid so much that he doles out his own version thinking everyone is as dumb as he, and will believe it. How does he explain the impossibly lopsided, for Biden/Harris, vote count conducted in the wee hours of the morning in complete secrecy? Or a mathematically impossible deficit to overcome without a corrupt count. Or Biden’s popularity being worse than road apple pie on your plate as he draws only a handful of fake news media while Trump attracts tens of thousands. Dead people voting Democrat has been a proven fact for decades now. Why would this befuddled pseudo-Marxist think his opinion has any value to clear thinking Americans? The integrity of our elections is the absolute basis of the integrity of our country.
    If they are not undeniably free, then either are we ! And at any cost, the Dems want absolute power over all aspects of our lives. History repeats. Rome wasn’t defeated from without, but from within. If this election result goes unchallenged, then the Dems will control ALL future elections. The similarities to pre-world II 1930’s Germany
    are frightening.

  3. Morgan is an IDIOT who lost ALL creditability! . . . why WASTE your TIME?!? One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).


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