Seriously? You Won’t Believe What This Soros-Funded Group Told Illegal Aliens To Do On Thanksgiving

(Tea Party PAC) – Something bizarre has happened over the last decade in the narratives about illegal aliens. In spite of the fact that the illegal human trafficking routes across our southern border enjoy a thriving business, supported in part by tax-payer funded charitable organizations and UN initiatives, the left is currently trying to convince us that illegal aliens are horribly oppressed and deserve even more handouts and complete and total immunity from federal law.

Gee, I wonder who stands to gain from this?

Perhaps those “charitable” organizations we mentioned.

The radically far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), partly funded by billionaire socialist philanthropist George Soros and more interested in all things progressive than they are in actual civil liberties or Americans, had a special message for illegal aliens on the uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving.

The ACLU urged aliens to “speak up” against Border Patrol agents.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Let that sink in: the hard-working and brave agents of the US Border Patrol, who dedicate their days to keeping our borders safe and many of whom who did so while most Americans were with their families, actually save illegal aliens lives every single day.

The left paints Border Patrol as Nazis, but in reality, their day-to-day duties include leaving water in the desert for illegal aliens, carting them off to border facilities, where the aliens are treated to food, shelter, warm blankets, clean clothes, and medical care. Border Patrol takes illegal aliens to local hospitals when they are sick and while they get the blame when children die as a result of their harrowing journies across the border where they’re used like free passes to get into the country, these children would have died and been abandoned in the wilderness if it weren’t for Border Patrol!

But no, according to the ACLU, Border Patrol agents deserve to be harassed in the public by people who have no legal right to be in this country!

“If Border Patrol boards your bus or train, you can speak up for yourself and your fellow passengers,” the group stated on social media.

The post reads that illegal aliens can tell Border Patrol, if a bus they’re traveling on is being searched, that “this is a violation” of their “Constitutional rights” and that they have the “right to remain silent” and do not “have to consent to a search.”

Yeah, but they don’t have a right to actually be here do they?

The ACLU also encouraged illegal aliens to record their interactions with Border Patrol agents and send them to their organization.

“Send your photos, videos, and stories of Border Patrol encounters on buses and train to [email protected],” the announcement reads.


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