Several North Carolina Counties Booted ICE. Then, This Happened.

(Tea Party PAC) – Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents made a massive bust in North Carolina this month, just after several counties in the state had cut ties with the agency.

Regional ICE Director Sean Gallaghar said that the raids, which resulted in the arrests of 200 illegal aliens, was a direct result of the counties refusal to work with immigration officials.

“This is the direct conclusion of dangerous policies of not cooperating with ICE. This forces my officers to go out onto the street to conduct more enforcement,” he told the Charlotte Observer.

Gallaghar also added that ICE officers have been forced to conduct targeted raids in the field as they no longer have access to jails, and because county officials refuse to inform them of possible dangerous criminals that should be deported.

Mecklenburg and Wake counties, for example, notified ICE in the past of the legal status of criminals arrested in the counties, but newly elected sheriffs put an end to that policy. Durham County also ended cooperation with ICE in 2018.

ICE has no plans to end these targeted raids any time soon. Charlotte City Council Member Braxton Winston says that he was told by an ICE official that they’re simply the “new normal,” as long as state officials refuse to work with the DHS.

Officials at ICE say they have been given no other choice, as local sheriffs just release dangerous criminal aliens back into the public.

Proponents of illegal immigration claim the raids are retaliatory.

“This is not new,” said Raleigh pro-illegal immigration advocacy group Alerta Migratoria’s Viridiana Martinez. “It’s just the first time since the sheriffs have drawn the line in the sand. To me, this is clearly in retaliation.

Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead, a Democrat, is also displeased with ICE’s new tactics.

“The recent actions of ICE agents are making persons, in our community, afraid of law enforcement,” he said.

It is insane that anyone who is elected to enforce the law in a community would be so opposed to simply enforcing the law.

What is more important to these Sheriffs? The safety and security of American citizens, or criminal aliens who have no respect for our laws?