Shady Business Going On With COVID Numbers: Look How Many Heart Attacks Listed As COVID Deaths…

(Tea Party PAC) – The coronavirus pandemic is still rocking the globe as the number of active cases sores ever higher in the month of November, reaching numbers that haven’t been seen since the spring time when all of this madness first began.

However, not everyone is buying the mathematics behind the number of deaths that are being reported by medical professionals across the country. And it seems there’s actually pretty good reason to be skeptical.

Ever since this all started, many individuals who have looked at the data have discovered that hospitals are counting a lot of different causes of death as COVID deaths simply because a person had the illness at the time they passed away, though there wasn’t any means of proving that the virus itself is what triggered that cause.

We’ve heard stories of people who have died from motorcycle accidents being tested for COVID and after coming back positive, they are counted as a coronavirus death. This has inflated the death rate and skewed the information that is being used to create mandates and responses to the virus.

How can we properly handle this pandemic if we don’t have accurate information? Why in the world is this process being carried out the way that it is?

And now, according to a report from Gateway Pundit, the CDC has counted 26,577 heart attacks as being coronavirus related deaths.

And that’s not all, folks.

There were a whopping 7,919 accident and poisoning deaths that have also been labeled as coronavirus virus deaths.

The same report notes that the CDC has also revealed through this data set that hospitals have also been reporting deaths that occured due to very serious pre-existing conditions as being related to COVID-19.

It certainly seems there’s some fishy business going on with the numbers, doesn’t it?

What would the purpose of fudging the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 be? Well, for starters, it’s allowed many Democratic leaders in state governments across the country to usurp staggering amounts of power away from the people.

Look at what Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did in Michigan. Whitmer went hungry with power after the virus hit, going so far as to tell people they couldn’t buy seeds to grow food in their own gardens.

Gov. Gavin Newsom in California tried to stop people from attending church, violating one of the most vital, important services that exists to help folks, both physically and emotionally.

This is a power play. An excuse to gain more power and force people to surrender their liberty by making them scared to death of an illness that doesn’t pose much of a risk for the majority of healthy Americans who live in this country.

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    • Lee – us deplorables aren’t supposed to know about such financial issues or that anyone has died from any other causes. Yes TPTB really think we are that gullible. In my fair city we get daily updates on number of virus cases and deaths but NEVER any info on other illnesses/hospitalizations and deaths.

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