Shameful: Crooked Facebook Disgracefully Changes President Trump’s Title

(Tea Party PAC) – For over four years President Trump has been on the receiving end of countless and relentless attacks from the unhinged left. The Obama Deep State has been desperate to destroy him and elected Democrats have done everything in their power to make that happen.

Despite the constant barrage of underhanded and corrupt attempts to do him in, President Trump still stands.

President Trump is still fighting for the American people.

Think of all the abuse this man has endured over the last four years. It all started before he was even elected.

When President Trump was just a candidate, establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle despised him and mocked him. They told America he didn’t stand a chance and exposed their hatred for him for even trying.

It was then that Americans began to see just how much the establishment hated him and it made them start to wonder why.

Unlike lock-step liberals who have been eating up whatever garbage CNN and MSNBC have been serving up for years, conservatives have proven to be excellent critical thinkers. They were able to recognize very early on that the hatred towards Trump was indicative of something much, much deeper.

The more they hated him, the more the American people supported him. When he won the 2016 election the only people that were surprised were the obnoxious mainstream media talking-heads.

Ever since his inauguration, the Democrats’ behavior rapidly devolved into plotting, scheming, and doing literally whatever it took to try to bring him down.

We saw endless hours of “Russian-collusion” nonsense, then there was the “children in cages” outrage, followed by the Brett Kavanaugh saga, then impeachment, COVID-19 battles, and yet another SCOTUS fight.

Those were the big ones but the last four years were riddled with nonstop accusations of “racism,” “xenophobia,” “nationalism,” “misogyny,” “sexism,” “bigotry,” and every other -ism and phobia you could possibly imagine. Of course, it went without saying that the left thought those things about all of us too.

President Trump has NEVER gotten a fair shake from the left, never. He has never been given credit where credit is due and he has accomplished so much good for this country.

Now, Facebook and the Technocrats are trying to kick him while he is down and fighting an uphill battle to literally save our republic and protect the constitution.

In a disgusting and shameful display of disrespect and disdain, the Facebook overlords took it upon themselves to strip President Trump of his official title of President of the United States on their platform. He is now designated as a “Political Candidate.”

Not only is this a kick in the ribs to the man who has endured so much for us all, it was a cruel slap in the face for the 73 million people who voted for him. President Trump is still the President of these United States, period.

This fact isn’t debatable. Whether or not he succeeds in fighting the rampant election fraud and corruption, he is still the President right now.

Just like the mainstream media outlets had no right to declare Joe Biden the winner of the election, Facebook had no right to strip President Trump of his title.

President Trump needs our support now more than ever. We cannot abandon him now after he has fought so hard and absorbed so much hatred and contempt on our behalf.

Make no mistake about it, if you are an American, President Trump has been fighting for YOU. Whether you love him or hate him, he has been fighting for YOUR freedoms and rights.

If Joe Biden is inaugurated, every single American will very quickly see just how much President Trump did for them. They will see that he was truly the only thing standing in between us and the massively corrupt political establishment.

Patriots must rise up now and refuse to comply. Refuse to abandon President Trump. It’s time to fight like hell. Unity is officially off the table.

Featured image credit: Anthony Quintano –

Copyright 2020.


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  3. Milennial hipster feminist SJW libtards are awful people. I hope Trump defies the libtard crowd and stays in office no matter what. Millennial hipster feminist SJWS are the throw away people of modern society.

  4. Why can’t Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, MSM all be sued for election interference? Isn’t it illegal? They get excluded and given special powers by 230 to remain neutral. They are not neutral and they manipulated the election. Why are they not sued?

  5. Mark Zuckerberg should be ashamed of himself, he lies to Congress about how they censor the conservatives on Facebook, but still does it, these tech companies have way too much power, they need to be brought down a peg or two or more. I blame the congressmen and Senators for letting it get to this state, maybe for extra dollars in their coffers!? It is incredible how twitter and Facebook etc. can twist things to their ideology.


  6. I still wonder how many voted though the thing that kept popping up on fb and than again by mail or in person maybe that’s why lazy Joe got his numbers I still can’t see how that many people wanted to destroy our country

  7. Removing the title of “President” from Donald Trump and designating him as “Political Candidate” is exactly what we should expect from Fakebook (in the future, please use the correct title for this fraud medium).

    “Trump is still president and, no matter what happens, will remain so until Inauguration Day.” But only we who know and revere the Constitution understand that. Many of the losers who populate the Fakebook cabal never finished their education in a respected institution of real learning.

    • I think they should use soon to be ex-President, thank God. BTW, you are stealing Casey Stengel’s name.

  8. Silicone Valley and their so called leaders have become a very dangerous unAmerican theocracy which would be looked upon by the Founders as the ultimate abomination. These arrogant egocentric little minds have no knowledge of what real democracy is which has been crafted and refined by well over 200 years of well measured and delineated history and legions of thoughtful men of all varying opinions. And yes, these little minds of Silicone Valley who have seized much power, are mean spirited, divisive and thirty for control. Deep in the Founders’ past comes an observation which may be all too true: prophetically as Ben Franklin left the Constitutional Congress in 1787 he was acosted by a woman who asked: “What have you done?” and his reply was “We have given you a Republic, Madame, not a Democracy, and I am not sure it is going to work!”

  9. Unbelievably that we have so much censoring and the disgusting way these American people treat their duly elected President . These people are the enemy from within and their hatred for President Trump shows the rest of the people how corrupted they are and at what level of corruption they have stooped down . In my own conclusions I find that those who oppose the President of the USA right now are in the same boat with the Clintons, Obama’s, Bushes, the criminals , the pedophiles and by how much they fight President Trump there’s a very strong possibility these people are deep with corruption therefore the fighting to kept themselves for being found out . There’s no other explanation for their behavior toward a duly elected President . They have kept the Biden’s protected and want him to be in so they can manipulate and buried their own corruption .

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