Shameful: Windham, New Hampshire Official Receives Death Threats Over Upcoming Election Audit

(Tea Party PAC) – We’re all familiar with the voter and election fraud that took place in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona but the fraud and corrupt chicanery was not exclusive to these states.

It turns out fraudulent results from all around the country are being investigated. The election corruption seems to extend into every state in the union including deep blue states like Virginia and New York.

In New Hampshire, the fight for election transparency has resulted in calls for a forensic audit of the 2020 general election results of Windham County. There, concerned citizens are pushing for a closer look at the county’s voting machines and ballots.

A bill was even signed into law on April 12th, mandating the forensic audit. According to Ken Eyring at the Granite Grok, the bill included transparency with the public and asks them to “respectfully submit their thought to the appropriate government officials.”

He notes that the responses have been “overwhelming.”

Eyring goes on to point out that every citizen has a “civic duty” to be engaged and “involved with our government,” adding that it’s especially true when “critical decisions are made regarding the integrity of our elections.”

He recognizes that “Citizen involvement is the foundation of our representative government” and indeed it is. If we sit back and allow lawmakers and government officials to simply carry on representing their own wills, instead of the will of the people, we will no longer be a free country.

Eyring reported via the Grok, that on Friday morning he was contacted by the Chairman of the Windham Board of Selectman, informing him that he received “at least two veiled death threats.”

The Chairman then said to Eyring, “the veiled death threats have crossed the line. This is on you,” and asked Eyring to make a public statement.

In his piece in the Grok, Eyring said, “I agree completely with him that any sort of threat – veiled or not – crosses the line. But I do not agree that “this is on me”. I am NOT responsible for the actions of any other person. I have NEVER incited – nor condoned – violence. It is irresponsible that I am being blamed for someone else’s actions.”

(Imagine how President Trump feels.)

Naturally, leftists all over the country are not keen about the idea of the fraud and corruption that took place in the 2020 election being exposed. They are perfectly content with President Trump no longer being in the White House and they don’t much care by what means that was accomplished.

The very fact that our election was stolen by one political party should enrage every single freedom-loving American. Yet, we find millions of Americans willing to be complicit and willing to look the other way just because they are satisfied with the outcome.

How wrong and dangerous.

These so-called Americans fail to recognize that unless our elections are fair and free we, the people, are not free.

It’s only through honest democratic processes, like elections, can the American people be free and our representative government effective.

Threats made by unhinged leftists shouldn’t surprise anyone but it is an absolute shame that some “Americans” would rather protect fraud and corruption simply because they are brainwashed enough to believe “Orange man bad.”

Anyone standing in the way of efforts to uncover the truth about the 2020 election or anyone cowardly making threats to those attempting to save our Republic are not true Americans.

Copyright 2021.

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