Shameless Ilhan Omar Continues With Her Crooked Money Laundering

(Tea Party PAC) – For some reason, there was little scandal with radical freshman Democrat Congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar divorced her husband after an affair with a political consultant whose marriage she broke up.

This was after she married her own brother to defraud the federal government, by the way.

Meanwhile, despite being under investigation, Omar’s campaign still appears to be laundering money or, at the very least, her consultant boyfriend is profiting handsomely off her political career.

BizPacReview reports:

Over half of Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign expenditures in the last quarter of 2019 went to her alleged boyfriend’s consulting firm, according to Federal Election Commission filings released Friday.

Omar’s campaign paid $217,000 to E Street Group LLC between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 for research services, digital advertising, fundraising consulting, travel and more, filings show. The firm is run by Democratic consultant Tim Mynett, who was accused by his ex-wife in August of having an affair with Omar.

The fourth-quarter spending figures represent yet another significant uptick in the level of campaign funds Omar has dedicated to Mynett’s firm.

In the third quarter of 2019, Omar disbursed about $146,713 to E Street Group, and in the 10-month period prior, from August 2018 to June 2019, her total spending with the firm was $223,000.

In total, Mynett’s firm has received $587,000 from Omar’s campaign, the bulk of which was received after he was alleged to be dating the congresswoman.

This is an insane amount of money, and the fact that it’s going to her one-time adulterous lover makes the possibility that it’s completely innocent incredibly difficult to believe.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported the fourth-quarter campaign payments made to Mynett’s firm.

Mynett’s divorce from his ex-wife, Beth Mynett, was finalized by a DC judge in December.

It was through his divorce proceedings that it was first revealed the two had had an affair.

“[Through] extensive documentation and his own words, Tim acknowledged he has been engaged in an extramarital romantic relationship with Ilhan Omar, which proceeded and precipitated the divorce,” Beth Mynett said at the final divorce hearing.

She was interrupted by Tim Mynett, who asked her to stop once Omar was mentioned, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, Omar finalized her own divorce from Ahmed Hirsi in November.

The pair have been living together on and off in an apartment in DC, according to the Daily Mail. They have been pictured together at several events around the country as well.

And she’s still funneling money to his company despite facing an FEC complaint over these very payments.

This complaint, from a conservative watchdog group, focused on the $21,547 in travel expenses the Omar campaign paid to the E Street Group starting in April, which coincided with the start of her alleged affair with Tim Mynett.

“If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditures must be considered personal in nature,” the National Legal and Policy Center explained in its complaint, which was filed in August.

NLPC investigator Tom Anderson has told the Daily Caller News Foundation: “We believe Representative Ilhan Omar may have touched the third rail of campaign finance law: disbursing campaign funds for personal use. It’s a brazen act Representative Omar was caught doing before in Minnesota and all of the evidence we’ve seen tells us she’s probably doing it again.”

Omar’s campaign did not return a request for comment from the DCNF.


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