Shock Video: Biden Handler Caught On Hot Mic Giving Instructions To Joe

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden continues to embarrass himself and the US right along with him. It’s clear he suffers from dementia and should be living out his days in a nursing home so it’s really not surprising to see his handlers keep him in line.

Imagine working at a nursing home and one of your patients thinks they’re the president of the United States and they really are. What a demanding and stressful job that must be.

Joe Biden’s just not as mentally spry as he once was (to say the least) and it shows, sometimes in the most cringey of ways.

In the latest video of a lost, confused Biden, one of his handlers was caught on a hot mic having to give very assertive verbal instructions to Biden regarding where he was supposed to stand during a recent visit to a semiconductor plant in North Carolina.

“Down there?” Biden can be heard asking, pointing down a ramp that appeared to be the only place for him to go.

“Yes, sir. Down the ramp,” the guide said. “And we have people lined up on the left over here, some union workers and leaders.”

“Hey, guys — and ladies!” Biden stated, waving.

“Your mark is going to be the blue one to the left,” the guide remarked, as they neared the end of the ramp.

“I’ll stay in my blue mark,” Biden responded, “then I’m going to say hello to each one.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll help you get started,” the guide replied.

It’s just absolutely pathetic.

Sure, there’s planning that goes into these kinds of appearances but what Joe Biden requires goes well beyond regular, routine preparation. He can’t navigate any room on his own. It’s not enough for planners and aides to give Biden a run down ahead of an event, they literally have to walk him through it, one step at a time.

Joe Biden has a history of being confused and Tuesday’s appearance was no exception. He’s appeared in countless videos wandering aimlessly and hopelessly despite the best efforts of those around him to keep him on track.

Back in 2021, Biden was instructed to stand on a blue marker during a visit to a General Motors plant but, by all appearances, seemed to completely miss it.

Biden has a knack for becoming lost and confused, even at his current residence and when being told exactly where to walk.

Biden had handlers disguised as the Easter Bunny, who was seen in a viral video directing Biden where to go, during the 2022 White House Easter Egg Roll.

The Easter bunny was literally an aide tasked with keeping Biden on point. It was Meghan Hays, then-director of message planning at the White House.

Even children appear to be tasked with keeping Biden going where he needs to be. Notice in the following video, no one was instructing the girl where to go in real time. Most people are able to receive instruction prior to an event and not get utterly lost at every turn.

Joe Biden even requires aides to tell him when he had something on his chin.

While all of this looks really absurd and is truly embarrassing, it’s apparently only because we don’t understand “advance work,” as Democratic strategist Chris Jackson pointed out.

Nobody is disputing that there is planning, organization and coordination that goes into public appearances by the president but Joe Biden’s clearly not working with a full deck.

Even with being given near constant instruction, Biden still manages to mess up and get lost. This isn’t some elderly grandpa out of the nursing home for a holiday visit. He’s supposed to be the president.

It might be cute when grandpa wanders off during Easter brunch but it’s certainly not when the president of the United States can’t even make it through one public appearance without botching it up.

It’s time for everyone to finally admit Joe Biden is not fit to serve as president. Our enemies are watching and that should concern us like never before.

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