Shocking: Soleimani Was Working With The Mexican Cartel?! This Is Insane

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, a US airstrike took out a man who is responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people, including Americans.

The Democrats, true to form, moaned and whined, as if he was some great statesman and we just assassinated one of our enemies.

To the Trump-deranged left, the enemy of their enemy is always their friend, even if he’s a bloodthirsty killer.

Well, it turns out that birds of a feather fly together, and this terrorist, Soleimani, was also working with another group of ruthless terrorists that the Democrats happen to adore.

The Mexican cartels.

Breitbart reports that in May of 2011, discussions secretly began between a known associate of Los Zetas and Quds Force operative Manssor Arbabsiar.

This discussion would lead to the planning of a C-4 detonation at a Washington, DC restaurant which was patronized by Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir.

The Quds Force operative, however, did not know that he was being recorded in a DEA operation.

Over the course of a few months, several clandestine meetings in Mexico planned strikes against the Israeli Embassy in Washington, plus and the Saudi and Israeli Embassies in Argentina. New opium trafficking lanes between the Middle East and Mexico were also charted.

In July 2011, Arbabsiar returned to Mexico to continue meeting with the DEA informant. He explained that his bosses in Iran had plans for more violence, in addition to the Saudi ambassador’s murder. On July 14, the informant told the DEA that Arbabsiar recruited four men to carry out the plot and would charge a total of $1.5 million USD. Advance payments of nearly $50,000 were wired to an FBI-controlled bank account in an overt act of validating the conspiracy.

In October 2011, operative Arbabsiar and an Iran-based member of the Quds Force, Gholam Shakuri, were arrested by federal agents, according to New York Times reporting at the time. The two men were charged with conspiracy to murder a foreign official, use weapons of mass destruction, and conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, among others. Arbabsiar later confessed to the charges and reportedly cooperated with authorities.

Although the DEA, FBI, and Mexican authorities deemed the thwarted plot a success, others pointed out that the person who had been recruited by the Soleimani Quds Force just happened to be a federal informant, so that’s definitely luck.

The operation also cemented the fact that state sponsors of terror are apt to work with the Mexican cartel as their violent proxies.

Oh, but tell me again about the mythical kids in cages and how an open border is a human right?

Breitbart concludes:

The effort to open a new smuggling lane between the Middle East and Mexico generated further concern. Today, cartels have demonstrably expanded to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Russia.

In late 2011, the investigation was part of the reason U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) led the first attempt to designate Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations–which ultimately failed. The event underscores the potential value a terrorist organization may enjoy in collaborating with a willing cartel.


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