Sick: Bernie Sanders Uses Clip Of Trump Assassination Attempt In Latest Campaign Ad

(Tea Party PAC) – Where is the mainstream media? The people who melt into hysterics whenever Trump makes up a new nickname or tweets out a funny video about his political opponents?

Nowhere to be found.

Here’s what happened: on Sunday, Bernie Sanders posted a video his campaign had made using a clip from an actual asassination attempt made against then-candidate Trump in 2016.

The clip then replays, with a superimposed Bernie sitting in a chair, “scaring” Trump.

berniesanders (Verified) Want to really scare Trump? Help us show the strength of our campaign to defeat him—chip in before our fundraising deadline at midnight at the link in bio. #bernie2020

Are you kidding me right now?

The Bernie Sanders campaign is actually making light of the time that anti-Trump protester, Thomas Dimassio, tried to storm Trump on stage during a campaign event for the express purpose of taking his life.

And he’s making a (poorly made, by the way) ad campaign for president out of this?!

What on earth?!

Amazingly, although perhaps not unsurprisingly, his followers were thrilled.

Some of the comments, from people for whom the irony and hypocrisy just flies right over their heads, read:

The comments got me rolling like chill! Bernie just trying to be funny leave my dad alone 😩.

These comments are hilarious. I wonder if all of you are just as sensitive abt those ridiculous tweets your favorite sitting president sends out…I’m pretty sure you don’t.

i only see the white trump supporters being offended by this. chill out. most of you love to offend people and love it when “your president” offends and disrespects women, colored people, muslims, mexicans, etc., yet can’t take a simple “boo” joke?? i mean wow

Some were disturbing, though:

Y’all people on here triggered about oh it was a real attack but like y’all don’t get that half these people don’t care if he gets attack or dies like lmao

While others, of course, were spot-on:

If trump posted an assassination attempt on Bernie video the MSM would cry foul but Bernie can do it about a SITTING president and nothing

Says the old white Socialist, who has done NOTHING productive with his life but flaunt the idiotic dream of a socialist utopia, you know like Venezuela…where they are eating their pets now. … I thought you progressive were tired of old white men??😳🤔😂😂