Sick: CNN And Beto Join Forces To Gin Up Far-Left Violence Against Right-Wing Media Outlets

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, fresh off the heels of his sick campaign to use the dead victims of the El Paso shooting to try to bolster his failing presidential run, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is now accusing right-wing media of being terrorist organizations.

Yes, really.

And CNN happily published his demagogic rantings, which read, in part:

When President Donald Trump describes Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “bringing crime,” or refers to undocumented immigrants as individuals who “infest our country” — he speaks not as America’s President but as an emissary of hate. And his vilification and fear-mongering connect with those who are open to receiving it.

The seeds of terror we saw that August day are transmitted day and night on Fox News, the most watched cable news channel in the country. They are amplified by right-wing websites like Breitbart, and in messages forced onto local news broadcasts by Sinclair Media.

I’m sorry, have we not been subject to the relentless whinings from the press for years now about how Trump’s bashing of “fake news” is an attack on the First Amendment?

So when he criticizes news outlets that run with fake stories all for the sake of bashing him or other conservatives, that’s literally Hitler.

When Trump calls fake news “the enemy of the people,” they clutch their pearls and feign oppression.

But when a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president literally calls news outlets terrorists because he doesn’t like the views they promote, that’s totally fine?

What planet is this?

Breitbart’s John Nolte, who most likely took particular issue with this as a member of one of the outlets spreading “seeds of terror,” eloquently opines:

The fact that it is now considered an act of terrorism for right-leaning media outlets to express opinions and ideas that are mainstream and reflected in the law, opinions about illegal immigration and border enforcement, not only tells you how far off the deep end the left has gone, but the lengths to which they will go to snuff out competing ideas, to intimidate and bully us into silence.

For just a moment, try to imagine CNN allowing a Republican congressman to use its platform to accuse Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of “sowing seeds if terror” with her “concentration camp” talk that has already been embraced by two left-wing terrorists, and maybe a third… CNN would never allow that because this is not about “toning down the rhetoric”; it is really about…

Dehumanizing us, about fomenting even more hate and more violence against 60-plus-million Trump voters.

Basically, what CNN and O’Rourke are looking to do is tag anyone who dares color outside the establishment media’s lines as nothing less than terrorists. And those of you who read alternative media, basically half the country, those of you who watch Fox News and Sinclair, are also terrorists.

What we have here are two desperate entities — CNN, which is collapsing in the ratings, and O’Rourke, who is collapsing in the polls — looking for a lifeline by targeting their critics, by labeling those of us who see right through them, those who dare disagree with them, as straight-up terrorists.

The worst of it, he says, is that by labeling these outlets terrorists, what O’Rourke and CNN are deliberately doing is “encouraging, inspiring, excusing, and justifying violence against us.”

This is terrifying, especially considering CNN is an outlet that has spent years calling Trump supporters Nazis and have now ramped up the rhetoric to “terrorists.”

They might want to look in the mirror.

From Nolte:

Here’s a quick rundown of CNN’s documented history of violence:

• Antifa fights for a “good cause.”

• Antifa’s fight “is right.”

• Antifa’s punches are more “equal morally” than others.

• Antifa is “on the side of right.”

• Antifa is right because “sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire…”

• Antifa is as heroic as the American soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day.

• Antifa harassing Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant is “what he signed up for.”

• …any criticism of Antifa is “racist” (even though Antifa is predominantly white).

• CNN lied to turn the Trayvon Martin story into a black vs. white narrative. CNN falsely identified George Zimmerman (the man who shot and killed Martin in self-defense) as white. Zimmerman is Hispanic.

• CNN fabricated evidence against Zimmerman with the false claim that he used a racial slur while calling 911.

• CNN’s Jake Tapper stood in the middle of the Ferguson, Missouri, tinderbox and poured gasoline all over it with a hysterical anti-police rant.

• Just after the riots in Ferguson finally ceased, to gin things back up, CNN released unverified audio of what they claimed was the shooting of Michael Brown. The audio has still not been verified, and there is one gunshot missing.

• No other news outlets pushed the incendiary Ferguson lie about “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” more than CNN.

• CNN openly called for rioting in Baltimore.

• CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Marc Lamont Hill, and Miguel Martinez openly attacked and sewed seeds of mistrust against those police officers trying to bring calm to Baltimore.

• CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin suggested Baltimore cops were staffed with unstable war veterans.

• CNN attempted to turn the man who tried to assault then-candidate Donald Trump into a folk hero.

• CNN regularly encourages the idea that Trump is another George Wallace (who was shot in an assassination attempt), that violence against Trump and his supporters is legitimate and Trump’s fault, that he is mentally unstable — or, in the words of Jake Tapper, “unmoored, unhinged, and un-American.”

• CNN compares Trump to Hitler, claims that he is Putin’s Manchurian candidate, that he is an illegitimate president.

• After presenting the president as a unique threat and danger to the country, CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window.



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