Sick: Trump Supporter Targeted In Ruthless, Cold-Blooded Attack Following MAGA March In D.C.

(Tea Party PAC) – On Saturday, thousands of Trump supporters flocked to Washington, D.C. to show their support for the president and demand that votes counted from this month’s general election, in which the media has declared challenger Joe Biden the winner, be counted legally and accurately.

The march was high-energy, enthusiastic, and entirely peaceful.

Not one building was burned.

Not one police officer was attacked.

Not one innocent was beaten bloody.

Oh, wait—that is, until Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up.

Then there was violence and vandalism—all from the people hoping Biden will win the election!

And one attack captured on video will make you sick.

In one of several vicious attacks on peaceful Trump supporters who attended the rally was a man who tried to fend off confrontation from leftist agitators and was attacked from behind.

Once he fell on the ground, at least two women kicked him and stomped on his head.

No word yet from Joe “Unity” Biden condemning this vicious assault.

Breitbart reports that video shared by Jorge Ventura from @Venturareports captures several of the attacks.

At the 1:25 minute mark of the video, a man holding a “Trump-Pence Out“ sneaks up behind a man who is walking away from him.

He then throws a massive punch, clearly knocking the man unconscious as he falls face-down on the ground.

Rather than rushing to his aid like any decent human being would, two women begin to stomp on his head and kick him.

There is no indication that the man was threatening anyone with violence, making this ruthless attack entirely unjustified, as there are few reasons to assault someone like this when they’re not in the act of physically assaulting someone else, which it does not appear that this man was.

In other attacks, rally-goers who had small children with them were attacked as well.

Copyright 2020.


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  4. Antifa are just a bunch of bullies who are afraid to show their faces to the public and gang up on one person at a time attacking from the side or behind . Should be a law that one must show their face at all times with the exception of a mask during the virus at all protest/rally’s . Take pride in being a bully and show your face to the world !!!

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  6. It’s time to lock and load. It will not stop until a civil war begins. Come on American let’s start inflicting pain instead of taking it.

  7. That’s how blm and antifa roll. Cowardly sneak attacks only, and only when significantly outnumbering the victim and of course only from behind. They have no guts, no morals and no clue.

    • You’re absolutely right. And his puppets in mainstream media will even go so far as to falsely spin the story to make it sound like the innocent Trump supporters started it. These are backward times my friend. The heroes of Law Enforcement are being portrayed as villains while thugs are being portrayed as poor little victims.

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