Sick: Watch How Antifa Thugs Treat This Black Free Speech Rally Organizer In Dystopia San Francisco

(Tea Party PAC) – Black America has got to stop supporting radical leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are using black Americans to further their demented Marxist agenda.

Black people have legitimate concerns about their communities in America and Antifa and BLM are just exploiting these concerns as a means to further divide the country and bring about social unrest and chaos.

Antifa is far from “just an idea” as Joe “the Democratic Party” Biden has claimed. Ideas don’t loot stores. Ideas don’t burn down cities. Ideas don’t attack the police. Ideas don’t destroy black communities while claiming to support black Americans. Antifa is a group of radical domestic terrorists who are guilty of all the aforementioned.

Antifa has shown over and over again that their only purpose is social unrest. They have no interest in “equality” or “justice.” If they did, you would think, they wouldn’t aggressively attack black people and call them racial slurs. Yet, that is exactly what’s happening.

Antifa claims to fight for equality while insisting that black people shut up and follow along. If a black person happens to hold an opinion different from Antifa, they are attacked. How is this equality? Black people are only valuable to Antifa when they agree with Antifa.

This has been proven yet again. In San Francisco, one of the most dysfunctional Democrat-run cities in America, an Antifa thug sucker-punched a black man knocking out two of his teeth. The rabid crowd of Antifa minions can be heard yelling racial slurs, like the N word, and other ugly insults. Somehow, it’s President Trump and conservatives that are the racists though.

The black man was Philip Anderson, the organizer of a Free Speech Rally and Protest event that was happening on Saturday at Twitter headquarters. Antifa was there to counter-protest and, as you can imagine, things were anything but peaceful.

Shortly before Anderson was violently punched in his head twice by a man whose face was completely covered, (you know, because of COVID surely and not because he is a spineless coward), Anderson was attempting to help a white man navigate through the angry mob.

In the video below, you can see how hateful and violent the Antifa mob was towards Anderson. After he got sucker-punched the first time, one woman is heard yelling “cry about it” several times. What is wrong with these deranged people?

Anderson is punched a second time causing him and the white man he was escorting to jump over a police barricade to flee the area. Antifa goons proceed to violently jolt the police gate and in the video you can see police beginning to come to the scene to provide back-up.

This is how Antifa feels about free speech and this is clearly how they feel about any black person who doesn’t bow down to their agenda.

Racism most certainly does exist in America and it comes from the left. Democrats have been using blacks and other minorities as pawns to win elections for decades. In the months up to an election they make appearances in black communities and pledge empty promises only to completely abandon these communities as soon as they have won the election.

Radical left groups like Antifa and BLM scream for “equality” and “justice” while also attacking and disparaging any black person who dares disagree with them. Once again, these groups are using blacks and other minorities as pawns to further their agendas which, by the way, don’t have a thing to do with justice or equality.

Just think about the fact that Anitfa was literally at this location Saturday to counter-protest a protest meant to support free speech. The violent mob became such a threat to Anderson and others at the free speech rally that the police had to quickly escort them out of the area before their safety was compromised.

After Anderson was escorted from the rally in a police van, he tweeted, calling out Antifa for exactly what they are.

“Antifa attacked me for no reason. These people are racist terrorists.”

Later, as he lay in a hospital bed, Anderson tweeted again. This time he was sending a video message directly to Joe Biden, “I have a question for you, Joe Biden,” Anderson said in the video, “Do you still think Antifa is just an idea? This is what the ‘idea’ you’re talking about, Antifa, this is what they did to me.” He held up his knocked out tooth while a second tooth could be seen hanging by a thread.

“I want you to answer that question, Joe Biden,” he continued. “Is Antifa just an idea?”

We’d all like Biden to answer that question but Joe Biden probably doesn’t think America “deserves” to know his answer.

Copyright 2020.


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  6. We all need to get up and vote blue so we can start fixing the problems that we are really facing in this country Trevor Noah understands more than anybody else because he grew in a time Black and white could not be together…


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