Sidney Powell Explains Why We Need To See Transcript Of Flynn’s Call With Russian Diplomat

(Tea Party PAC) – Sidney Powell has a long history of challenging the Deep State, so she’s been absolutely crushing it as General Michael Flynn’s attorney.

Now, she is doubling-down on calls to see the transcript of the call Flynn held with a Russian diplomat during the transition period, claiming that her client likely never mentioned sanctions in the course of the conversation in question.

Two weeks ago, Sidney Powell tweeted the following:

On Friday, Powell repeated this claim.

As The Gateway Pundit explains:

General Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI and to Trump personnel about his call with Russia shortly before the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Within a week of the Trump Inauguration, Flynn was ambushed in a meeting at the White House by dirty cop FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka.

Shortly after this, corrupt Obama holdovers in the DOJ, Sally Yates and Mary McCord, went to the White House and claimed that Flynn had lied to the FBI agents who interviewed him. It was later reported that Flynn lied about what he said to these agents.

This whole story is now quickly falling apart. Sidney Powell represented General Flynn because she knows how corrupt the Obama Deep State actors in the DOJ and FBI can be. She learned this when representing clients who were abused by Robert Mueller in the Enron case in the early 2000’s.

The deceitful mainstream media still can’t make themselves believe that Flynn was set up. They still claim General Flynn lied to the FBI based on Robert Mueller’s illegitimate and outrageously manufactured Special Counsel investigation.

Earlier this month, the AP reported:

Somehow, The Washington Post had uncovered Michael Flynn’s secret. Somehow, it had learned that he had spoken with Russia’s ambassador the same day the Obama administration announced hefty sanctions on the country.

Now the question was raised: Had the incoming national security adviser undermined the sanctions?

Flynn was in trouble.

“What the hell is this all about?” Trump fumed to his chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Priebus called Flynn. The boss is angry, he told Flynn. “Kill the story,” he said.

Flynn, the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general who grew close to Trump on the campaign trail, knew it was true. Just weeks before, he had indeed discussed the sanctions and persuaded the Kremlin not to escalate the situation.

It has become abundantly clear that the Mueller report was illegitimate. Incoming Director of National Intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe, laid this out to Mueller himself:

We know very well by now that Flynn was being spied on by the Obama Deep State during the 2016 election. Then, in January of 2017, the FBI’s Washington field office asked to close their case on Flynn based on a lack of evidence of wrongdoing.

FBI top brass, however, kept it open. This glaring issue was kept concealed until April of this year.


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  3. Well said John, all that is probably true.The way I see it is the only way for our beloved USA could ever come back to some kind of honesty and fairness would be and God forbid would be for us to suffer through another depression. That would bring these people to their knees and they would learn something about humility , the thing that brought people together and learned how to live an honest life for the most part.

  4. When a REPUBLICAN is acuse of something, true or false, HE will be prosecused and place in jail fast. But when the acused is a democrat, WE cannot indicte anybody, look the case of Mr. Flynn, even Obama is involved and we are unable to prosecute,WHY????

  5. Thank you Ms. Powell for your work and determination to free Gen Flynn and bring to light the subversive activities of the DOJ, FBI, and CIA. Like millions of Trump supporters and others who see the corruption, we want justice. However, like those same millions of us who want justice, we have an unsettling fear. In the end, no one will be held accountable – no indictments, no trials, no prosecutions, no disbarments, no firings. The lawyers, agents and Obama administration officials who participated in the Flynn trial fiascoes and illegal spying on American citizens, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA hierarchy who knew, supported, planned the corruption as well as the illegal FISA warrants will walk. Perhaps some stern warning, public rebuke, a black mark in a performance evaluation or a finger wagging may happen. We already know DOJ will not pursue Obama and Biden despite the mountain evidence of their full knowledge of what was happening. If that comes to pass, the American justice system will have failed us. It will also give a green light for undermining attacks on future presidential administrations. It will also do something else. If those at the top of our Justice system can break the law with no consequences, then why should we, ordinary citizens, obey the law? I think that may be a prescription for anarchy.


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