Sidney Powell Gives Chilling Account Of How One Election Fraud Witness Ended Up In The Hospital

(Tea Party PAC) – The left is attempting to bully us all into submission and obedience. Despite their calls for “unity” we all know what they really mean is that they are demanding we all bow down to them and their agenda or pay the price.

This is nothing new. We’re all used to the outrage culture and mob mentality that has taken over the US over the last four years and have grown exponentially in 2020.

It’s surprising that there haven’t been loads of reports on threats and violence made towards anyone standing with President Trump during this time. However, many of the witnesses who have submitted sworn affidavits are likely protecting their identities out of fear of persecution.

Not all are, though, and as Sidney Powell told Sean Hannity, that has resulted in one of her witnesses ending up in the hospital after they received a beating because of their allegiance to the President and the United States.

Powell also told Hannity Monday night that many of her witnesses are receiving threats and some refuse to come forward without some degree of protection. Can anyone honestly blame them?

Powell, who is fighting against massive voter fraud that came in the form of electronic shifts in votes within Dominion operated voting machines and software, say she “called on the government” to provide protections for these witnesses.

The attorney, who claims to have evidence of a massive voter fraud scheme involving machines that shifted the contest in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor, talked to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday about some of the difficulties she is facing.

She said that these individuals are scared that they will lose their jobs or worse. Threats against their lives have been made in some cases.

Naturally, the mainstream media has been quick to shoot these allegations down but we’ve all seen the way “tolerant” liberals have treated conservatives for the last four years.

Conservatives have been targeted and threatened ever since President Trump won and entered the White House in January 2017. Now, we’re supposed to believe they aren’t targeting witnesses who could prove the entire scheme to steal the election? Yeah, right.

If conservatives refuse to lay down and accept Dear Leader Joe Biden, they’ll make us pay and that’s exactly what’s happening to Powell’s witnesses. They aren’t going to simply allow us to prove the fraud and corruption without a fight.

Powell told Hannity there have been “all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth,” before pointing out that Democrats don’t like honest whistleblowers but rather they only like “liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”

The mainstream media pointed out that she didn’t provide any proof or specifics but the truth is, she doesn’t need to. The left has shown us time and time again just who they are and we believe them.

It’s time for conservatives to start standing up and saying ‘no more’ to the left. We’ve been their punching bags long enough and it’s cost this country a great deal. If we continue down the road of complacency we won’t even recognize America by the end of next year.

No more fear.

Copyright 2020.


  1. I hope all the SCOTUS members are watching Newsmax, etc. If they don’t agree to look at the voting anomalies that are happening in our beloved country then they would truly be considered incompetent and unworthy of our reverence. They may never get another chance to save our country and all the blood and treasure our veterans and families devoted since the beginnings of the USA will have been for naught….how sad.

  2. This is a history lesson on how to overthrow a government and subvert the will of the people. Those who ignore the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. America is on the verge of a communist takeover and the people are ether to weak or too stupid to stop it. This generation of couch potatoes think the promise of free everything will ensure that they can sit on their butts and play video games in their parents basement for the rest of their lives. Not so, they will assign you work and you will stand in long lines just to get todays meager rations. The government will take your parents homes and make you build climate acceptable apartments to live in. You will live in an 8 foot by 10 foot space assigned by the government and be monitored 24/7. In the end you will realize that you have sold your soul and those around you to the devil and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • I trust her more than AG Barr!!! AG Barr has just said that there’s NO Fraudulent voting going on WTF!!! Trump also just said that AG Barr has betrayed him.

    • Oh yeah? What have you done today to help President Trump, “JusticeforTrump”? Vicki is absolutely right. That AG Barr character is just another swamp creature. Barr to the FBI, “Oh, if you see some evidence of election fraud that is too big for me to sweep under the carpet, let me know about it.” Meanwhile the death of Trump’s presidency “by a thousand cuts” continues unabated. My new name for Democrats is going to be asshats and if there is any justice left in this f’ing country, their “Asshat in Chief” will not become POTUS!

      In addition to that, can’t these guys keep these “I make umpteen million dollars a day from the internet” guys (also asshats) out of these pages?

    • Phyll and Vicki are nazis for Trump. They would have rivaled the women guards at Auschwitz with their sick hatred. Phyll also has a filthy mouth, shameful especially for a woman. Also Barr backed Trump every second, lied for him, slandered people, obstructed justice in the Mueller report, and he said there is no fraud, because there isn’t any. If there is it is from the Republicants because why else did the win all 25 toss up Congressional seats and only lose one Senate seat.

  3. Hell is getting hotter and hotter for some people. God will not wait forever to deal with these people. In the mean time, Keep your powder dry.

    • Are you threatening people. Right wingers are always looking for fight unless it is in regard to wearing the military uniform, all those Vietnam era draft dodgers like Trump, Rove, Gingrich, Tom Delay, Phil Gramm, Dick Cheney, Dick Armey, hundreds more. You got a big effing mouth.


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