Snopes Confirms Impeachment Has Always Been The Dems’ M.O.

(Tea Party PAC) – Snopes, the far-left “fact-checking” website, cannot usually be relied upon for solid information.

However, they recently confirmed one key agenda the Democrats have had since the days of Eisenhower.

They’ve tried to impeach every single Republican president since the aforementioned.

Of course, although they confirmed it, they still rated the claim as “mostly false.”

The claim is: “Have Democrats Tried to Impeach Every GOP President Since Ike?”

Snopes decided to fact check the claim based on a meme which shows a photo of Gen. Eisenhower with a caption that reads “INTERESTING FACT!!! Did you know Democrats have tried to impeach every Republican President since Eisenhower???”

Looking to debunk the claim, Spokes inadvertently confirms that, indeed, the Democrats have tried to impeach every elected Republican since Eisenhower:

The U.S. has had six republican presidents since Eisenhower left office in 1961: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. The claim is wrong on its face because Democrats made no effort to impeach Ford. While a handful of Democratic lawmakers have introduced articles of impeachment against five of the last six Republican presidents, in most cases these efforts weren’t taken seriously by the party at large. Nixon and Trump have been the only Republican presidents since Ike who have faced a serious threat of impeachment.

Sure enough, as Snopes confirms, Democrats have “introduced articles of impeachment against five of the last six Republican presidents,” with the exception of Gerald Ford, who was not elected.

Ford was appointed by Nixon after Nixon’s original vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned as well. Ford only served as president for two years.

Try as they might, Snopes fails to debunk the claim that the Democrats have tied to impeach five of the last six Republican presidents and have sought impeachment for every Republican elected to office since Eisenhower.

So, with these nuances in mind, it can certainly be said that the claim “Democrats have tried to impeach every Republican President since Eisenhower” could technically be called not entirely true, why did Snopes label it as “mostly false” when it is most certainly “mostly true”?

“I think we all know the answer to that one…” Breitbart’s John Nolte notes.

Because it is a damning fact that proves just how anti-democratic the Democrats are, what a bunch of sore losers they are, and Snopes is not a real fact-checking site, it is a Palace Guard for the political left.

So Snopes splits hairs between what it describes as “serious” impeachment efforts and efforts that never went beyond a lawmaker introducing articles of impeachment.

So what we have here is Snopes making a subjective opinion about what “tried to impeach every elected Republican president since Eisenhower” means — and wouldn’t you know it? — Snopes’s subjective opinion falls right into the category of aiding and abetting the left.

But by any objective, pro-science standard, the meme in question is MOSTLY TRUE.

Regardless, we should at least thank Snopes for doing the hard work that proves for a fact the following…

Democrats Have Tried to Impeach Every Elected GOP President Since Eisenhower…

Thanks, Snopes!!!


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