So DC Think Tanks Want To Send Out Some Fat Checks As Part Of Coronavirus Relief Package; Guess Who They Want To Send Them Too..

(Tea Party PAC) – If you’re still laboring under the delusion that the Democratic Party is all about standing up for the poor, the hard working average American citizen being oppressed by the big, bad rich guys of the world, prepare to have your mind-blown and your eyes opened.

Apparently, a bunch of DC think tanks are all about wanting to send out some checks as part of the coronavirus relief package. However, they want illegal aliens to get some wads of cash right alongside what Americans receive. In fact, they think it ought to be the same amount and everything.

Yes, that’s correct, ladies and gentlemen. These think tanks want illegals, who literally broke the law in order to get here and are often working under the table while taking jobs from hard working citizens, to receive benefits for being out of work. Can you believe this insanity?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The government is currently working on a plan to send money directly to Americans who are impacted by shutdowns over coronavirus, and these think tanks believe that 12 million illegal aliens are also entitled to that money — and free healthcare.

Among the think tank’s lobbying for this economic nightmare are Immigration Hub, whose website says they are “a team of former congressional staff, executive branch officials and immigration policy advocates with deep roots in advocacy and communications and decades of collective experience” and the Bipartisan Policy Center, which frequently works to promote leftist ideals and causes.

“Barring [immigrants] from access to testing, medical services, and economic stimulus benefits would have devastating consequences to the public and financial health of our country,” Kerri Talbot, the director of federal advocacy at Immigration Hub, told The Hill.

The takeaway here is that the left cares more about padding their voter registration rolls than they do providing care and relief for the citizens of their own country. It’s shameful to see the left constantly pander to illegals and ignore the people who need help right in front of their faces. These folks are not our responsibility. They are the responsibility of the country they came from.

That’s not a popular thing to say in today’s politically correct climate, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s time to send these folks back home.

Theresa Cardinal Brown, director of immigration and cross-border policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told the outlet that “immigrants, especially undocumented ones, are likely to be most impacted economically.”

“Certainly, immigrants are going to bear the brunt of this,” said Brown. “They’re working disproportionately in a lot of the hourly wage jobs that are going to be most impacted by the economic downturn. We’re taking a lot of them are undocumented, and have never been eligible for most of the benefits that we’re talking about.”

The groups are also advocating for testing and medical care for these foreign nationals who are in the country illegally.

President Trump himself has stated that he plans to give testing to illegal aliens because doing so is in the best interest of the country. This is a move that’s easy to understand, seeing as how these folks might pass the virus along and contribute to the issues we’re having keeping cases down.

“The answer is yes, we will do those tests because I think in that case it’s important,” Trump said when asked during a briefing over the weekend. “I think you could say illegal alien, you could say illegal immigrant, you could say whatever you want, use your definition of what you’re talking about — we’re all talking about the same thing.”

Of course, it’s not only think tanks who want to see this kind of action being taken to provide for the needs of illegal aliens. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have penned a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking her to put some sort of permanent immigration protection for DACA folks.

How about we put citizens first and send those who are illegal back home for their on countries to do deal with? This situation is hard enough as it is.



  1. The illegals who are now or soon will be out of work and without pay, can return to their country no worse off than when they left it — no job, no pay, no benefits.

  2. We all knew that the left don’t care about hard working legal citizens like they claim. They have shown and proven to care more for the illegals. Anyone who’s on welfare and collecting a check shouldn’t be Eligible either. It’ll work out that those who receive assistance and don’t work will receive more than those who actually work for a check. 2 trillion dollars is a lot of money. They could have given everyone a million dollars and still have saved over 1 trillion. For all the perks that have nothing to do with the economic reason for it in the first place, to be put into this is a disgrace. I’m pissed the republicans allowed the money for the Kennedy center. The fact that they all took 25 million because of the extra work is a disgrace. They get paid plenty. Half the time don’t work. It’s the democrats making them work. They wasted millions on a sham impeachment. To give 300 million to immigrants is a disgrace. It’s their countries responsible to pay for them. We didn’t ask for them. They didn’t want to spend the money to become legal aliens. We pay for everything why shouldn’t they. They need to have an ice authority at polls for elections. Has to be stricter methods. The only way the democrats can win is by cheating and that have the audacity to say that Trump cheats, with RUSSIA, RUSSIA,RUSSIA. Only way to correct years of abuse is to make sure they’re voted out.

    • I think you are considerably off on your math. Assuming a population of 365 million people in the USA, and you give each the $1Million as you stated, that would be $365,000,000,000,000 or in normal English, $365 TRILLION. My guess is that you’re not in banking.

  3. Robert:
    If you are not a supporter of the POTUS (which is safe assumption by your comments) then that must mean your education is greater than high school. After subsidizing never ending wars in multiple countries led BY BOTH PARTY Presidents to save the world for freedom to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, it is high time the line is drawn, which Trump has done. The thousands of people admitted before were admitted LEGALLY, predominantly through Ellis Island. Most LEGAL immigrants from Central America are against open borders and illegals flooding across the border. Have you read much about the impending pension crisis in this Country ?? It will make the recent stock market correction seem like a bump in the road. How do you you think that will end with untold millions being spent now illegals flooding into this Country? Given your concern, may we assume you have stepped up and personally offered a sizable portion of your income/retirement to sponsor even one illegal immigrants? OR volunteered to pay more than what you owe into the IRS so the Federal Government can be more solvent? Try going into Mexico illegally (or another Central American Country) and see what happens when you break their laws–you will not have any problem staying, but doubt you will like the accommodations!! You probably have been sufficiently insulated from all the illegal drug traffic, including Opioids, illicit Chinese drugs, and all the Cartel violence, but for God’s sake, do some reading man! A Nation is NOT a NATION without identifiable borders and the Rule of Law. It’s high time close to half the people in this Country learned that, because God knows they have not taught that in College!

  4. From what I’ve heard, the final bill that the Senate passed has $350,000,000 set aside for immigrants and refugees. It was originally set at $300 Million when President Trump said that he would not sign the original bill because it had so many items in it that had absolutely nothing to do with relief fighting the effects of the corona virus. Somehow the amount increased by $50 Million and some of the ridiculous items that Democrats added remained. Republicans managed to get some of the pork thrown out, but not all of it.

  5. Robert you piece of crap, learned a lot in high school and didn’t waste my time being brainwashed in the so called goal of higher education! Just because you don’t have a college degree doesn’t mean your not intelligent, I’ve said it a thousand times “college education is highly overrated “ , professors have easy prey brainwashing you liberal chumps into believing everything they tell you without anyone of you questioning their logic! Time to think for yourself!

  6. The Democraps will rue this pendemic on November 7th????? We will finally “drain the swamp of them all forever – starting with Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Schumer and all the others in California and the rest of the nation. We have those who voted against it and those who tried to sneak in ridiculous additions like Pelosi did. Original bill was 500 pages and then she appears out of nowhere with over 1400 pages of additions including things like 18 million for new drapes for the Kennedy Center??? and then the true reasons ‘lots of changes in the election laws, etc” What has that got to do with this emergency that could wipe the whole earth off the face of the earth. Thank God for the Republicans who have found these frauds and be spurring them all over the internet. WE WILL NEVER FORGET NANCY/////////// NEVER!z

  7. Jeanni, social security is an entitlement!!! We paid for it, we are ENTITLED to it!!!
    The democrats under Lyndon J stole it and put where it was never meant to go,
    in the general fund. The illegals have never paid for this and therefore are not ENTITLED to one penny of it!! The democrats have been robbing taxpayers blind since the civil war!

  8. I am retired and receive ss payments into a debit card account so I presume many other ss recipients use the same system. But it is not clear to me if ss recipients will receive a $1200 payment in addition to our regular ss payment.

  9. Who the HELL do these UN AMERICAN twits think they are? They have no business making decisions or recommendations for American citizens!!! They obviously have their heads up their asses and can’t see the light of day !

  10. We’re neck deep in trouble right now. The last thing we need on top of it is to continue to be the dumping ground for the rest of the world’s poverty. MAGA2020.

  11. Michael, I DO pay taxes and I’m on social security ! TRISH – thanks for your comment!!! that’s pretty much 70% of us LEGIT U.S. citizen’s take on the subject – I’ve done my share after working a full time job for 50 (Hard) YEARS . STOP THESE BS PAYOUTS TO THE “ I’M ENTITLED !!! “ generation.


  12. This may well be the straw that broke the camel’s back! It’s long past time for illegal immigration advocates/organizations like Immigration Hub to be targeted by true American patriots until their actions have been exposed and/or their attitudes are adjusted, whichever comes first! Remember, Osama bin Laden was capped in Pakistan 🇵🇰! The same can happen here until wiser heads prevail!

  13. Line item deductions for all their apprehension, maintenance, lodging, ICE costs to finger print & injection of tracking chip, fuel ⛽️ costs (8 hour round trip air fare to Central AmeriKa), pilot fees, parachute 🪂 per person then, wait for it – – – wait – – deduct from the hand out from tax payers 💰, and open the rear loading gate of the C – 130 cargo aircraft. Word will spread quickly! 🗣 We The People are still in the red! 😡

  14. ILLEGAL “IMMIGRANTS” (?) are just that . . . ILLEGAL! Ship them back – with NO cash! Make sure the DEPORTING is PERMANENT . . . They BROKE the LAW. Do NOT came back or face 5 years HARD LABOR. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. The comment during press conference was that a family of 4 would receive a $3,000.00 payment and a family of 5 would receive a $3500,00 ($1,000/adult $500/child) and all this was proposed to be done by direct deposit. My question is what data base will they use to determine household payment amounts? I would think Social Security numbers would be a good start but where will they find direct deposit account numbers and what about those American citizens that don’t have any kind of bank accounts? Also how are they going to be able to verify their information is correct? I can’t see this happening in the 8 week time frame they were discussing during that press conference. Many people on social security or disability don’t pay taxes so IRS would miss a large part of the population too!

    • Hey. If you are on social security then they are paying you directly into your checking acct so if the want to pay you then they already have your checking acct. however if you don’t have a checking acct the you will get a check if you are already getting your Social Security via check. Right?

    • I know a low life family who lives with parents have 4 kids that they can’t afford. Her husband works bare minimum to collect that tax refund and welfare. She doesn’t work, yet they’ll be entitled to $6,000. How’s that fair? Also son pays child support and can’t afford it now so what happens with that? She gets that too. Gotta love the low life’s. I say we ship them to another country too!

    • The government stated that they will go to the FY18 tax returns and use the bank routing number from those to send, electronically, this payment. Sure, many on social security “don’t have a tax obligation” but they still file a tax return as many who fall into the low income end of things wind up benefiting from the negative income tax.

  16. Now this USA used to be a very compassionate country taking in and helping everyone in need, now under Trump this USA has become a vocal country of haters by Trump and his supporters which are majority older white men, who’s education level on the average according to voting records is HIGH SCHOOL or less, which in majority of cases means they are easily swayed, but according to PEW only about 30% of Trump supporters support the actions that are expressed here.

    • Robert, I am NOT a man & lived in South America for 2 years. However, I Firmly believe it is NOT my responsibility to take care of IL-Legals, nor should they get the same help as LEGAL & native-born citizens. They should get health care so as to Not spread the Wuhan virus (just naming the true source) but then be Sent Back to their country of origin! Certainly if an American ILLEGALLY entered (invaded) a Central or South American country, We would be forcibly Detained then deported. They Don’t have libs & socialists trying to buy votes in order to stay in power.
      I remember soldiers walking around with Machine Guns enforcing Mandatory Curfews!

    • Omg, another one of those bleeding heart liberals. Do you delusional trolls ever take a break? I’m sick & tired of working my butt off, so idiots like you can sit around with your hands out looking for what’s in for you to come your way..Real hard working Americans are sick & tired of working hard all their life for the likes of moochers that you want to support! The times are changing, if your not part of the solution, then you ARE the problem

    • indeed it used to be a smart country too..Now the most vocal are from Hollywood and sports and other small time politicians that get elected because noone knows who they are even electing…so,yes .you are kinda correct..low intelligence and easily swayed..and oh yeah,,,they all happen to be democrats…what a coincidence

    • Wrong, wrong wrong.
      I am a minority female and I have a few more years of Education than high school. Most of the Trump Supporters I know are very well educated and achieved wealth throughout their lives through hard work and good common sense. If you want to gain wealth in this country it is still possible but you can’t gain wealth through welfare, you have to put your back into it.

      I worked 2 jobs most of my life and achieved my American Dream. The few rich people o know worked harder than other people I know.

      You describe what I think of many liberal Democrats. If I ask a Democrat what Hillary or Obama achieved they usually cannot find anything to say. Not all but most. Welfare is slavery, telling minorities that they deserve something just because they are a minority is another form of holding minorities down.

      I wish I had been told to focus on being competent and good at my job rather than use my minority status as a door opener. I would have done better and achieved more.

    • We were compassionate until taken advantage of a little too much. Immigrants used to come her legally and didn’t receive handouts either. They became successful business owners. A majority of immigrants today are on welfare, food stamps and medical assistance and space like we owe it to them. There are plenty of Americans and vets living on the streets but the democrats don’t care about them. Go through the homeless in San Francisco and see how many are illegals. I am a Trump supporter and have a college education. Most democrats are stupid if they can’t see that their party isn’t the party it used to be. I think it’s fantastic that someone is finally putting America first. Tired of our money going to other countries that don’t care about us.

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