So Much For The ‘Summer Of Love.’ Yet Another Shooting Breaks Out In CHAZ/CHOP Zone In Seattle. Here’s What We Know So Far.

(Tea Party PAC) – In an effort to try and downplay the severity of the hostile takeover of six city blocks in the downtown Seattle area, Mayor Jenny Durkan remarked that things were peaceful in the “autonomous zone,” and it looked like they were in for another “summer of love” type of situation.

And then the shootings started happening. Lots of them.

We’re up to five total now, the latest one having turned deadly. Wonder how much Durkan is regretting her choice of words after all of this nonsense has unfolded? Average Americans who have been watching the news with a critical eye over the last several weeks and haven’t been brainwashed by mainstream media propaganda, knew there was nothing good going to come of this situation.

How can you support individuals who have been wreaking havoc and destruction on their own communities for over a month now?

Here’s what we know so far about the latest shooting via Gateway Pundit:

There was another shooting in the CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” of Seattle around 3 a.m. on Monday morning — this is the fifth one since rioters took over the area.

A livestreamer at the scene said that they believed there are at least two people shot, one to the head.

At least one of the victims was being transported to the hospital in a private vehicle by the time police arrived.

“We just heard shot after shot after shot,” a livestreamer on the scene said. “There are at least two victims, there may be a third that was shot about an hour ago, I can’t confirm that.” He added that it seemed like a car had pulled up and began firing from the vehicle.

A livestreamer on the scene says this is the vehicle the shooter was driving, they circled doing a drive by and crashed through the barricade before being stopped “by force” by CHAZ/CHOP security.

Wow. Just wow.

You know, with all of the violence, sexual assaults, and shootings, it’s almost like these folks are incapable of governing themselves without the help of individuals invested with some type of legal authority to enforce the rules and principles they’ve agreed to live by.

In the real world, we call those individuals THE POLICE.

A person who was on the scene tweeted that “2 gunmen in the SUV shot multiple times each after driving into #CHAZ past barricades. Both critical. 2 chop vehicles transported 1 each to ER. I assisted w & rode w 1st victim 2 harborview ED.”

Rioters took over a six square block area of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood earlier this month. They have been allowed to continue their game with the blessing of Mayor Jenny Durkan. She has compared the chaos to a “block party.”

There have now been five shootings in the “autonomous zone” in recent weeks.

Following a shooting in the zone earlier this month, the Seattle Police Department was prevented from being able to reach the victim due to the “protesters.” They also shared of video of what happened when they went there.

The brother of CHAZ shooting victim Lorenzo Anderson, who was killed there earlier this month. has claimed that the “protesters” hid his sibling from him as he laid dying inside a tent.

Oh but these are freedom fighters crusading against police brutality and systemic racism, folks. These people are your heroes. Truth, justice, and the Socialist way.

No matter what these folks say, the individuals who are in this movement lack the principles and foundational truths to make a society work without law enforcement. In fact, the whole human race lacks these qualities. People are broken, fallen, and imperfect. There will always be a need for cops.

And yes, sometimes bad cops will do horrible things. Those bad cops need to be punished. You don’t take apart the whole institution because of bad people involved in it. You fix the institution. There are plenty of legal ways to go about instituting that sort of change that don’t involve anarchy and violence.

How about we all grow up and try it out?



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  9. Wait a minute….if there are no cops in CHAZ/CHOP…..who did the shootings ?? I thought the democRATS and BLM all said the cops, especially white cops, were the ones that were shooting all the black people…..

  10. Let the anarchist hold onto the 6 blocks in Seattle, for sooner or later they’ll kill each other off, and then good riddance to the law breakers and anarchists. In reality, the police protect them more than they harm them, but don’t tell any of them those facts, they’ll stop killing each other and invite the police back in, to protect them from each other.

  11. Maybe it is time for the bikers to go in as they planned on the 4th of July or better yet the army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The CHAZ/CHOP zone has turned into an ILLEGAL BATTLEGROUND because of FAILED Democratic (what ELSE did you expect?!?) Leadership which MUST be rooted out. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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