Speaker Donald Trump? Former President Gets Surprise Vote

(Tea Party PAC) – If you would have asked me ten years ago what the most powerful and influential name in the realm of American politics would be, I never would have guessed Donald J. Trump, the real estate billionaire and reality television star. In fact, if you would have dared to suggest that, I would have laughed hysterically in your face. It wouldn’t even compute in my brain. And yet, that’s precisely what has happened.

In fact, Donald Trump isn’t just the most influential name in American politics, but he’s also one of the best presidents we’ve had in many, many years. Again, given the fact Trump has had such a long history as a figure in pop culture, it just blows my mind this is true. But is it any wonder he’s popular? The former president stood up to the woke mob on the left, smashed the media, exposed a lot of the dark deeds Democrats are doing behind the scenes, and actually kept his campaign promises. Thanks to him and the choices he made to fill spots on the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade was overturned. That’s historic in ways it’s impossible to fathom.

And, perhaps the most satisfying aspect of his popularity, is that when his name is mentioned, liberals have a complete and total mental breakdown.

Even though he’s not currently president, thanks to a whole lot of cheating on behalf of the Democrats in 2020, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has shown once again how much the new batch of true conservatives rising up in this country love Trump by voting for him not once, but twice for the open position of Speaker of the House.

Christine Favocci wrote in The Western Journal, “As the balloting dragged on into its third day Thursday, the Florida Republican broke with others in the party to vote for Trump in the seventh and eighth round, the New York Post reported.”

“@RepMattGaetz votes for former President Donald Trump for Speaker of the House. #118thCongress,” C-SPAN said in the caption for the clip.

“Gaetz gave up on the joke in the ninth round of fruitless voting, but it nevertheless made for an amusing clip from the proceedings when Gaetz stood up and proudly declared his vote for ‘Donald John Trump,'” Favocci stated.

Something that has rubbed off on the new crop of conservatives taking back the GOP from former President Donald Trump is his wit and ability to troll the left at expert levels, which was put on full display when Gaetz smirked after he announced his vote for the former president. He took a seat next to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who was also amused by his antics. This is something that also drives Democrats bonkers. Both are very vocal supporters of the former president and have benefited greatly from their alliance with him.

“But while Greene agrees with the former president that California Rep. Kevin McCarthy should be the next Republican to wield the gavel, Gaetz has been outspoken and unwavering in his opposition,” Favocci remarked. “Gaetz even broke with etiquette and admonished Trump for his mainstream Republican pick.”

“Supporting McCarthy is the worst Human Resources decision President Trump has ever made,” Gaetz posted in a tweet on Wednesday.

“Sad!” he added in a clear imitation of the former president from the pre-Twitter-ban days.

As of the publication of this article McCarthy has not been able to gather the 218 votes he needs to become the Speaker of the House, largely thanks to this very vocal bunch of diehard freedom lovers who have had quite enough of the establishment, a point that should have been made clear with Trump’s election, but they don’t seem to be getting the message.

“Florida Rep. Byron Donalds has earned as many as 20 votes as the GOP’s alternative to McCarthy, but Gaetz broke with the others to throw in for Trump in a move that has the potential to be an epic troll — or at least a fun break from the tediousness of the whole situation,” Favocci noted.

But hey, let’s be honest for a moment. A leather shoe would make a better Speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi, right? Anyone running for the position from the Republican Party would be a major step up.

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