Spygate Architect John Brennan Drops Outrageous Conspiracy Theory About Soleimani Strike

(Tea Party PAC) – Former CIA Director John Brennan is diving into the rush to demonize Trump after POTUS ordered the killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani last week.

Brennan, who has long been accused of being the chief architect of Spygate, joined the chorus of Democrats who are accusing President Donald Trump of relying on shoddy intelligence to justify the ordering of the US airstrike that killed Iran’s terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

After last week’s drone strike on the Baghdad International Airport which eliminated Soleimani, the Pentagon said in a statement that they had intelligence that Soleimani posed an “imminent” threat to American lives and that the strike was “aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.”

Brennan, the one-time CIA chief under Barack Obama and now a contributor at MSNBC (because what the hell else do you do after your plan to rig an American election fails), took to social media to accuse the president of lying.

“Gang of 8 in Congress is entitled to ALL intelligence on Soleimani killing. Trump’s lies, reckless jingoism, and incompetence disgrace the office of the presidency. Right-wing ideologues in Administration & media steering Trump have put our Nation in grave danger,” Brennan tweeted.

At a Thursday night rally in Toledo, Ohio, Trump was adamant in the need to have destroyed this “sadistic mass murderer” Soleimani.

“Last week, the United States once again took the bold and decisive action to save American lives and deliver American justice,” the president told the lively crowd.

“Soleimani was actively planning new attacks and he was looking very seriously at our embassies and not just the embassy in Baghdad. We stopped him and we stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold,” he added.

It is truly amazing that Brennan would hurl these accusations at a sitting president of the United States.

Without the adequate evidence himself to do so, Brennan is accusing not only the chief of staff of the US military, in which he himself served, but the entire presidential administration, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, and the intelligence on which they relied upon, the precious intelligence community Brennan claims to have such loyalty to.

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said in a statement that Soleimani was planning an attack that had been just days away at the time.

“I think it’s more fair to say days, for sure,” Esper said. “[Soleimani] was clearly on the battlefield, he was conducting and preparing, planning military operations, he was a legitimate target and his time was due.”

On Thursday morning, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Milley, told senators in a briefing that the terror mastermind had been planning a “near term attack.”

“Any Senator who left the briefing on #Iran & claims #Soleimani wasn’t planning a near term attack on Americans is calling the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Milley a liar. Because Gen. Milley stated clearly & firmly that Soleimani was about to kill Americans.

In a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Brennan went on the defensive on behalf of former President Obama for his not having gone after Soleimani, saying there’d been “no reason” to do so.

I guess the blood of those willing to lay their lives down out of love for their country wasn’t good enough reason for Obama to take out this monster.

Brennan called Soleimani “my principle nemesis during my four years as President Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser and four years as CIA director.”

No crap!!

He leaned back on the Obama administration’s commitment to being “lawful” as well.

“In the Obama administration we were trying to be as lawful as we could be in the prosecution of these efforts,” Brennan said. “But more fundamentally, I think from a strategic standpoint, there would have been no reason to go forward with this if, in fact, the calculation was that by assassinating Soleimani you only increase the Iranian ire and it’s a likelihood they’re going to use the capability against us.”


  1. Brennan, Clapper, the Clinton’s, John Kerry, Barack Obama and others are all involved in treasonous acts against Trump and his people. Its time to call out the listed scum bags and try them for treason. Amazing how the democrats and MSM lie every day.

  2. Brennan is the one that should be in jail. Treason by not defending Americans at Benghazi, he is the worse human in America. What he says about Trump is what he is. Hypocritical bastard just like the Democrats and media

  3. “Because Gen. Milley stated clearly & firmly that Soleimani was about to kill Americans.”

    The General had full access to the full range of intelligence on Soleimani while numb-skull Brennan sat on the sidelines talking to other MS/LSD (or is it MS/DNC) nitwits and also had his thumb in his mouth.

    So who should we believe? Also check to see who Numb-Skull Nancy and her Idiot Squad believe.

  4. Crooked Terrorist supporting Brennan Convert to Muslim / Islam years ago when he was inthe Middle East. There is not a honest bone in him. Brennan is a traitor to America

  5. Of course he is lying. He is telling all these lies to save his and Obama’s butts. He knows it was the right thing to do but doesn’t want to shame his treasonous leader. No democrat is going to agree with anything Trump does or says, it’s the norm for them to go in the opposite direction. He can tell them grass is green and they will argue it’s blue even though they know they are lying. He knows Obama and Clinton let Benghazi happen instead of defending our people they continued to kiss Iranian butts. Democrats are a disgrace to this country.

  6. As a “man of the street” who’s scources of U.S. and International news are both conservative and liberal “media” across the board, I would say that the facts state that, John Brennan is certainly a candidate for serious investigation of and possibly trial by jury for and because of his “actions” as a high U.S. Government Official over the past 20+ years. His background is unknown to an extremely high percentage of the United States population.

  7. These democrats don’t care about America/Americans. They have spent 3 years going after a President who has done everything to make America strong. And has done so while be being constantly attacked from within.

  8. If Brennan was smart (and he is NOT and never has been) he would keep his mouth shut. “Peace through strength” should be what America is about—since our Founders—NOT appeasement like Brennan and BHO preached. God Bless America!! Everyone should love America and its people as Trump does—-we would all be much better off. Stop the HATE—it solves NO problems!

  9. I would never believe a word that Trump says, nor what Pompeo says because they are both liars. Their story changed about three times as they tried to convince people that Trump knew we were in imminent danger, but cannot show proof.

    • u dumb s telling trump pomoeo liaing like ur muzlum ngr obama another words they kill enecent man who kill to maney americans ur ngr sad in lebia was was the vedio liaer it was salmony attack take ur head out of ur ass and suck trump c…ck saving s holes like u lifes

  10. Is it not sweet that the crooks, liars, thieves, and low life scum are still the main focus of the lame media press and FAKE NEWS. This country is going to the dogs in a fast way.

  11. Brennan is a muslim!
    Not that that in itself is wrong but he leans towards being pro islam and anti American!
    He and Obama played video warfare and droned people ok great!
    But he hates President Trump and is a liar and traitor. The general was an enemy combatant and should have died and if Iran wants to commit suicide then let them start now. BYE Bye refineries oil rigs and power grids. Oh well !

  12. What do you expect from a man that voted for the communist party candidate several decades ago. It appears that Obama administration had 1criteria for hiring. You had be a full blown socialist/ communist or have socialist/ communist leanings. Remember Anita Duncan, Jones and of course Brennan and others. They all worshiped at the alter of Saul Alinski. Oh, I forgot Duncan worshipped Mao.

  13. In the words of Hillary Rodham Clinton “What difference does it make now”. Here you have a guy defending an Iranian who killed plenty of our troops and intended on killing more, and he has the nerve to defend him. His (Brennan) actions is what kept Soleimani around long enough to kill more people. How many deaths was he responsible for under Brennans watch?

  14. Amazingly stupid is Brennan and cannot our two coherent sentences together. First the #1 nemesis of the USA should have been taken out ASAP! Not waiting 8 years as Brennan and BHO did. Second, Brennan was trying to avoid Iranian ire? Huh? What did he think was happening since 1979? We’re Iranian attacks on the USA and murders of 604 USA servicemen and women a mistake by the Iranians? Were they not already “mad at us?” And the Iranians were able to blackmail Brennan not to protect our country because they might take exception to the USA standing up and protecting herself?

  15. Yeah, right. Freckles the Clown’s operations were so “lawful”; like killing Quadafi and setting the Middle East afire, ending with the deaths of our embassy staff while the cowards sat by with their teeth chattering in fear? Yeah, you were such heroic souls, you and your lying, treasonous comrades. You and they should rot in hell with Soleimani.

  16. My hope is that Durham’s finding put brennam / Clapper / Comey and the others that orchestrated the Russian gate are found guilty and spend time in Jail’

  17. John Brennan is a damn treasonous liar! This worthless bast*rd needs to be arrested along with most of the Obama administration and jailed for what they did to our country!

  18. WOW, I did not realize until this last year just how much incompetence ran the Obama administration until fools & idiots crawled out from beneath the rocks in the swamp. At first it was the FBI ( not the loyal employees) the top administration corrupt as hell. The DOJ and Secretary of State if they were related to Pinocchio their noses would be seen from outer space. And this blooming idiot how safe was the USA with a whacko like this in charge of the CIA , I ‘m still shaking thinking how truly remarkable we got past this point in history. Americans just do not understand, Obama and his gang/tribe (Soros) along with the followers in the Democratic party were converting them to Globalization under 1 world leader and it was not Obama.

  19. Brennan needs to go away to prison with the rest of his Deep State Buddies. He is trying to redeem himself with mass media mob and it doesn’t fly with me.

  20. People, People, People he is only trying to save his own ass, regardless of the harm that could or would take place to this great country we all live in. He is nothing more than an OBAMA and HILLARY ass kisser looking to make a name for himself. It is not a name that he deserves – It is his Prisoner number that soon should be on the back of his prison coveralls !!

  21. Brendan is a lier and a cheat our president is honest and clear Iranian leader isl a terrorist murderer and a rotten human being criminals walk and the good suffer. Is this the American way it happens everyday.

  22. Why is this guy still walking free,I don’t get it,Barr must be one of them,its taking him a long time to bring indictments,there best be indictments.

  23. Brennan is a vile and disgusting liar! He spreads his lies over and over again in the willing media. As far as I’m concerned he took part in a coup to bring down a duly elected president of the United States, President Donald Trump and Brennan is a traitor. He and his co-conspirators, Clapper, James Comey and all those involved should be in prison.

    • agreed. Brennan is the slimiest ex-Obama cretin of the pack. He put together the network of foreign intelligence services to take down President Trump I hope to
      god he goes to jail.

    • Correction. He should be tried and convicted. I don’t believe for a minute that this treasonous POS ever will. And Americans will be the losers for having this lowlife around.


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