Sri Lanka: Muslim Doctor Allegedly Sterilizes Over 50 Patients Without Their Knowledge – Islam Aplogists Continue Playing Identity Politics

(Tea Party PAC) – Islam is full of violent and oppressive ideology. The main objective of this false religion is to convert all humans to it and if it isn’t possible to convert then destroy. Despite 1400 years of violence to support this claim Islam has apologists all over the world. Fortunately more people are beginning to wake up to the true motivation of Islam.

Over Easter there was a large-scale jihadi attack in Sri Lanka that killed 290 people and injured over 500. It was shocking and the people of Sri Lanka have started to see the true colors of Islam.

Muslims use any strategy necessary to accomplish their goals of conquest. All are violent but some are just a little more twisted and disturbing. Reports of a Muslim doctor in Sri Lanka sterilizing patients against their knowledge are starting to surface.

“Muslim surgeon accused of sterilising non-Muslim patients without their knowledge or consent”, Caldron Pool, May 29, 2019:

A Muslim surgeon has been accused of performing sterilisation surgeries on non-Muslim women without their knowledge or consent.

More than 50 women have made complaints against Dr Siyabdeen Mohammed Safi (pictured at top), 42, who worked at Kurunegala Hospital in Sri Lanka. Some of the women have accused the doctor of sterilising them during a standard Caesarean procedure.

Numerous reports have suggested that thousands of women may have unknowingly undergone the procedure known as Tubal Ligation. The surgery involves the clamping, blocking, or sealing of the fallopian tubes in order to prevent fertilized eggs from reaching the uterus for implantation.

The 42-year-old surgeon was arrested by Kurunegala Police last week for amassing unusually large sums of money and assets. According to reports, police will be investigating whether the money was obtained from a terrorist organisation……

Of course there are those who would make excuses and defend this sick individual.

“Kurunegala Hospital Sterilization Fiasco – Rajitha Confident Investigations Will Reveal The Truth, GMOA Contradicts!”, Columbo Telegraph, May 29, 2019:

Situation surrounding allegations of ‘sterilization’ procedures performed by Dr. Seigu Shiyabdeen Mohammed Shafi of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital turned murkier as hospital authorities said over 51 complaints have been lodged so far , by patients who believe they were subjected to a sterilization procedure by the doctor in question, without consultation or consent, while Health Minister cast doubts over the allegations, noting as per his knowledge, a sterilization procedure cannot be performed without many other staffers witnessing the procedure…..

…..Meanwhile Minister Senarathne seemed visibly upset as the media grilled him over allegations levelled against Dr. Shiyabdeen as he retorted at media saying, “You all would not have these concerns if this doctor was a Sinhalese! Since the doctor is a Muslim you have an issue…” he told the journalists….

Right. The issue is identity politics. No! This man committed criminal acts against numerous women in the name of religion, specifically the religion of Islam. It should not be tolerated and ought to be exposed for the atrocity that it is. Politicians should condemn this man’s actions and the mainstream media here in America should cover this story with the goal of exposing Islam for what it is: a violent cult.

Hopefully this doctor faces justice but unfortunately Americans won’t even think twice about this. It’s too far from home to affect them. So they think. It’s only a matter of time before Muslims in America become brazen enough to try these kinds of things on us. Islam is the enemy of the free world and we need to wake up and acknowledge that, before it’s too late.