Stanford Student Government Candidate Urges “White People Need To Be Eradicated”

(Tea Party PAC) – The left has created an environment where minorities are all innocent victims and all white people are evil racists. Hate and division in America are reaching a fever pitch and leftists aren’t backing off their inflammatory and false rhetoric.

They claim to be fighting for “equality” but what they really want are special privileges for minorities, specifically black people, and reverse racism against white people to become the new societal norm.

The most divisive rhetoric is coming from college campuses around the country. A perfect example of this comes from Stanford University where a candidate for student government posted racist threats including “white people need to be eradicated” on social media.

After being called out for her racist comments, sophomore Gabby Crooks reportedly deleted the posts. Crooks is running for reelection in the student government body at the school.

The Federalist reported that racist and hate-filled tweets by Crooks over the course of the last few years, some as recent as last year, were uncovered by Stanford College Republicans.

The head of the Stanford College Republicans told the Federalist that “Racism in any form is obscene, and there’s a moral obligation that students need to know this stuff before they vote.”

Crooks was discovered to have said things like, “Yes I think white people need to be eradicated yes I will go feral over mediocre white men we exist,” “why do white people think everything is about them??”, “why did I see vinnie hacker tryna fly outside my window y’ll n*ggas let spicy white get to these crackers’ heads.”

She also tweeted, “no my mom walking in on me watching a video about unlearning christian homophobia and getting mad….girl do i potentially have news for you,” and “not a passionate amerikkka lover in my IR class….. I thought ya’ll were joking.”

Not only is Crooks clearly racist against white people she also appears to be incredibly ill-spoken. The worst part is, she’s up for re-election meaning the students at Stanford already approved Crooks as a qualified representative.

The Stanford Student Daily Editorial Board has endorsed Crooks “but the newspaper did not respond to a request for comment asking if it stands behind this decision.”

No response is a response and it sure seems as though the newspaper is just as “woke” as Crooks.

The publication is left-leaning and even published an op-ed in February calling for the Stanford College Republicans to be “removed from campus,” according to the Federalist.

Sills observed that the entire ordeal is “reflective of the sort of cultural context that we live in,” he went on to say that “anti-white racism is growing increasingly prevalent and mainstream. Especially on college campuses, where it is ideologically taught that it’s acceptable to be racist to white Americans because of this false narrative that you can only be racist if you have power.”

He is certainly correct. Racism against white Americans is most definitely becoming widely accepted in colleges, corporate America and politics. The radical left has never been interested in “equality” at all. It’s always been about division and hate.

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