State Department Releases New Magically “Found” Clinton Emails Proving Criminal Activity

(Tea Party PAC) – Meanwhile, Judicial Watch continues to diligently expose the Deep State crimes that have been covered up for years but face more scrutiny by the day.

The conservative watchdog group revealed on Friday that the FBI just so happens to have magically “found” more of the emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton transmitted on her private server.

The new emails were released by the State Department and include classified material which reveals Clinton had been using text messages for official government business.

Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch today released 37 pages of new Clinton emails recently found by the FBI that show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecure, non-government email to transmit classified information. The new emails also show Clinton used text messages for government business. The documents, produced to Judicial Watch after a review by the State Department, include 13 new Clinton emails.

The State Department did not provide information about where the emails were found; why they were not previously produced; or if additional records are anticipated. Last month, a Justice Department attorney could not tell a federal court judge how and where the FBI discovered the new cache of Clinton emails. The State Department previously claimed it had produced all releasable Clinton emails, including emails recovered by the FBI that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or withhold. The State Department initially claimed all responsive emails had been produced in 2018, but then found more emails which were produced, for the first time, early last year.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, called for the Trump administration to appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton’s use of the private server during her time at the State Department.

“Magically, after years, the FBI finds more Clinton emails that show Clinton used text messages for government work, not to mention the continuing flow of classified information transmitted over her unsecure email system,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents further underscore the need for a fresh, unbiased and thorough criminal investigation into Clinton’s blatant malfeasance – and the related DOJ, FBI, and State Department cover-up.”

It was Judicial Watch who originally blew the story wide open that Clinton had been using the private server in the first place.

They were able to expose this after suing for communications and records relating to the Benghazi terror attack which happened on her watch and left 4 Americans dead.

Clinton had transmitted classified information over a private server, including exposing the name of a clandestine CIA agent.

The FBI investigation into Clinton’s private server use has been exposed to be highly questionable at best, a downright cover-up att worst.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey and former CI Chief Peter Strzok had discussed charging Hillary Clinton with a crime, but opted for the safer “extremely careless” (not a crime) over “gross negligence” (a chargeable crime).

Another investigation was launched into Clinton in November of 2017 by John Huber, the US Attorney appointed by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ended with no criminal charges.


    • For real. They are playing timing games , and we all know this. It’s Democrats cheat the system and have no repurcussions while Republicans play by the rules and 15 years later when it’s no longer AS RELEVANT..still relevant, but we all know its for 2020 election, we fins out the Real Truth. The time to prosecute is NOW just based on what we already have discovered.

  1. If that would have been a civil service employee or military person, they would have lost their security clearance and their job. They would have been fined and faced jail time. She is not above the law – prosecute the scum bag!!

  2. THROW her in PRISON! . . . End of story. If any ONE of us “plebes” (common unwashed roman citizens) would have done 1/100 of this, we’d be in PRISON for 1,000 LIFE TIMES. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • For real. They are playing timing games , and we all know this. It’s Democrats cheat the system and have no repurcussions while Republicans play by the rules and 15 years later when it’s no longer AS RELEVANT..still relevant, but we all know its for 2020 election, we fins out the Real Truth. The time to prosecute is NOW just based on what we already have discovered.


  4. Shame on them and 90% of current politicians using their elected offices for personal gain when many people are still waiting for the “change” that never happened. Funneling money to foundations, “vote for me and I’ll set you free”. What did we learn since that song lyric came out?

  5. How deep is this deep state??? Huber found NO criminal activity? We saw she lied. We saw she smashed her servers. We saw China infiltrated her emails! No criminal activity? 4 men are dead at Benghazi? She has smeared these 4 men’s souls and obliterated their families love. Uranium One never addressed? Clinton Foundation allowed to destroy Haiti and never helped these poor people? They stole millions! They launder money. They kill mysteriously 138 people. Seth Rich. murdered and never investigated fully or solved? The DNC is corruption defined! Special Counsel is to be ordered ASAP! This has gone on too long and we the patriots are sick and tired of the evil corruption! Perp walks now!

    • the ONLY way there ever will be ANY true Justice, is when ALL of these corrupt Democrats are out of office..That includes Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Warren, Biden, Waters, Green, and all the swamp dwellers in Washington that not only allow the Obama-Clinton corruption to flourish, but celebrate it. They are complicit in the worst corruption this country has ever seen, and yet they babble about Trump, because they don’t have the courage to face the corruption and deceit in their own Party. Disgraceful!!!!!!
      Re-elect President Trump and vote against ANY and all Democrats up for re-election in 2020.

  6. I had a dream a while back – I dreamed I was in the courtroom in Alexandria Virginia, and Hillary was at the defendant’s table in an orange jump suit. The Jury returned, bringing a verdict of “guilty on all counts. The Judge sentenced Hillary to 15-20 years.

    As one, the courtroom spectators stood and began chanting “Four more years – four more years”.

  7. There are very few individuals and organizations that are both willing and able to take on the FBI, CIA, and other similar government agencies and pursue investigations to seek the truth wherever it may lead. Judicial Watch is one of these and should be commended and strongly supported.

  8. The Clinton’s and Barack Obama need to be investigated for lies, fraud and thievery and whatever else and brought to justice!!!!! The FBI needs to be over hauled with new HONEST leadership. Enough of the B.S.!

  9. We should definitely investigate the Clintons and their foundation.
    these clintons are really corrupt and nasty people. We need a full investigation and we need to hold them accountable for their deeds. They have gotten away with their crimes long enough.

  10. Hi Eddie,
    Keep good thoughts because that is all you will have my friend. I am still upset over Candidate Trump’s promise to criminally charge Hillary Clinton, the matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family (MCCF), and when he became president he was going to let her slide because she has been through enough. In other words no justice. And all the hubub over al these Trump investigations always leads back to who? Hillary Rotten Clinton aka the MCCF. Ya think Trump would have seen this coming.

    • Keep in mind that President Trump needed to replace all of Obama’s corrupted judges or else this witch walks. President Trump has replaced many of these corrupted judges and still many to go, be patient the witch will be arrested and thrown in Gitmo or hang for treason and she is not the only that will be charge with treason.


  12. The writing’s on the wall….to bad there looking at the ceiling and the floor!…this parasite deserves to be in jail…off with her head!!!

  13. The Clintons have been Crooks since day one in politics stealing,,,killings and
    everything in between and should have been behind bars a long time ago…
    They do need to be prosecuted….

  14. If all the crimes committed by the Clinton’s were made know to the public there would be lynch mobs all over the country looking for them. The truth will prevail and and justice will hopefully be delt out to the Clinton’s. A fireing squad or hanging would be approiate for all of them. Confiscate all their money and property, stop their security and their federal benifits. Just jailing them is not enough they need to be tried, convicted and exicuted forthwith.

  15. For all of those deemed to be “above the law,” the only justice is “termination with extreme prejudice.” Just sayin’…

    • That is the Point She thinks she is above the Law of the Land. Eventfully the truth will come out it always does. then we will know the full story an the chips will be counted. An the evidence will speak for it’s self!

  16. Truth be known…. Every single email she sent &/or received is in the possession of the FBI. Of course Killary broke the law, probably several laws. We were left with 4 dead Americans in Benghazi and i am confident information was on her unprotected system regarding those details. Maybe one of the very worst of her acts in using her home brew server, transmitting classified info…… The name & location of a CIA Spy was exposed in one of her transmissions – to this day we do not know if this person was able to be extracted safely or left in a body bag!
    I wonder…. an honest error on the part of Killary (ha ha) or another person who was arkancided??

  17. I hope that covering for these elite criminals is coming to an end.
    Or will the powers that be sweep it under the rug yet again?
    If it was me doing these things or you,, jail time for many years would surely
    be the outcome.

    • The powers that be and those who would exposed fully for their part in the cover-up, they are hoping they can stall long enough for the majority of people to FORGET, get bored or move in to other crisis, real or man made!

  18. The clintons both are on deaths door we know they won’t be charged but you can’t escape death and both you sorry POS will be gone for good very soon…GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  19. Is it not a classic that politicians and the so-called Federal law enforcement liars, thieves, and crooks get a free ride and never have to obey the law and yet they can enforce them on REAL AMERICANS. Then they give themselves a great retirement fund as they go out the door laughing their head off at the TAXPAYERS. The new FBI should confiscate all funds that cannot be validated as income by tax returns and charges brought against them for tax fraud.


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