Stephen Colbert’s Recent Comments About America Proves He’s The Worst Late Night Host On Television

(Tea Party PAC) – Most of the hosts of late night television talk shows are liberal left-wing hacks who have basically been making their bread and butter over the last three years by smearing President Trump on a nightly basis. Now, this really wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they were objective and had went after Obama when he was in office, but he was nigh to untouchable to these guys when he was in the Oval Office.

Guess they were afraid of looking like racists.

While all of these guys are repeat offenders when it comes to this phenomenon, none of them are as heinous as Stephen Colbert, host of CBS Late Night. Colbert recently paid a visit to New Zealand where he stated that he’s not proud of his country.

The feeling is mutual, Colbert.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Cycling through the capital of Wellington on a four-wheeled bicycle, Colbert asked two New Zealanders whether they feel proud of their country.

“Oh, yeah, love that,” one of them replies, to which Stephen Colbert responds: “I miss that feeling.”

The footage comes from Colbert’s recent visit to the South-Pacific nation, segments of which he is airing on his political charged talk show.

On arrival in New Zealand, the CBS funnyman was picked up by the country’s left-wing Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. She drove him to her home for a family barbeque. Arden has previously appeared on Colbert’s show and invited him to visit her country.

During a sit-down interview with Arden, Colbert described himself as a “huge admirer” and suggested making her 2020 election campaign slogan: “New Zealand, same prime minister.”

In another segment, the 55-year-old meets with some of the country’s “All Blacks” Rugby team, participating in a training session with former players Piri Weepu and DJ Forbes alongside Sky Sports presenter Laura McGoldrick.

“Can you teach me how to rugby?” he asked. “I want you to know, I played football for my high school for one day. I threw up for most of it.”

Colbert also used the opportunity to falsely suggest that the Republican Party was only supported by white people. “We have a team in the United States called the ‘all-whites’, and it’s the Republican party,” he said at one point.

Some locals have criticized the show made of Colbert’s visit, which cost the country’s taxpayers $67,000. However, the country’s tourism authorities believe the cost should offset because of subsequent advertising revenues.

“The investment versus the return is significant and we were over the moon to get the support of so many Kiwis like the Prime Minister and some other famous faces to help make it pretty special,” said Tourism New Zealand chief Stephen England-Hall.

Colbert seems to be out of touch with the vast majority of American citizens who live in this country. He really needs to get out of the city and visit the rural areas, where people are responsible for themselves and have actual work ethics and simply want the government to leave them alone.

People like Colbert and those who live in large urban centers seem to think the rest of us want the help of the government to help fix all of our problems. No thanks. Unlike major cities who are overrun by helpless liberals who want the government to solve all their issues, most good Americans are responsible for themselves and can work out solutions to major issues on our own.

That’s what makes America the best nation in the world, and why most of us are so proud to call it home.



  1. I stopped watching late night
    So called comedians 2 years
    Ago! If it were not for their
    Barrage of crap and lies about President Trump, they would not have jobs! Please y’all just
    Shut up and get off TV! We are sick of all you all❗️

  2. Colbert is an idiot.. always has been. Has never been funny even before he decided he was some kind of politician. His wit is only suitable for commie dems… wonder how he likes that association!

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  4. How sad when hippocrates such as Colbert feeds off the current presidents office. Just three years ago or so, he had Trump on his show while running for president. He openly stated he loves Trump but after his jaw dropped to the floor like all the other TV owners and Colbert, he went far left and began his vulgar remarks against the president. Colbert’s rating are in the tank just like him. A low life he is who can’t do a show without bringing Democrat actors, singers, etc. The question to you is this…If you like other hate America why are you still here? Because they pay you to be an ass. I along with the majority hate you and can’t wait for you to fail worst than the hurtful remarks you air.

  5. Stephen Colbert is a bad joke, he is a sick individual.
    I love CBS and most of their shows
    The late night show with Colbert is a no go. Who thinks he is funny not me, he is an egotistical jerk. His jokes about the President of the United States are just short of TREASON, I wish this would be grounds for removing all the late shows that bash the POTUS.

  6. Since Colbert is not “proud of his country” he should flee back to New Zealand and renounce his American citizenship. BTW, I cannot understand why any American ever watches his not funny program.

  7. We all know Colbert is moron who is never to be taken seriously. God, do we miss Dave. If there was no Trump, does anyone else realize this idiot would have no show and nothing to talk about. He is sort of like the Emperor hoping everyone will like his new clothes but indeed– he is naked. Without question, the worst of the current late night hosts.

  8. Poindexter is just another part of the CREATE THE HATE network ,he had no reason to hate but chooses too ,sad for his brainwashed kids
    Secondly he is not “FUNNY” the only reason him a and dirt bags like Joy beawhore can say vile things is because they have bodyguards.
    If Republicans are so bad why did they volunteer to clean up the mess the morons made in baltimore

  9. Colbert took the “I hate America” torch from Letterman and continues to run with it. Why would anybody watch this person that does nothing but run down the President “we the people” voted into office…. so he sits on his throne and nightly tells the majority of Americans he thinks we are stupid…

    • I watched maybe 10 minutes of his show & it was not amusing or funny in fact if he hates USA that is giving him a very good salary why doesn’t he just leave & not come back?

  10. Stephen Colbert is a disgrace to USA. He is another Jane Fonda during Vietnam Nam. He should realize MONEY AND his show which is NOTHING to be proud of are not the traits of happiness in this life or God’s commandments! I Turn his trashy program OFF each night. Put LETTERMAN back on .

    • Letterman had gotten as bad as Colbert. He quit being entertaining and should have left long before he did. His ego grew to the point he thought he should control everything political in America. Colbert just continued what Letterman started. Both are nothing but a giant narcissistic ego.

  11. If Mr Colbert is so disillusioned with the country he calls home then maybe he would be better served making his home elsewhere. He is a major contributor to the liberal narrative; everyone has wronged me so I deserve everything for nothing. If that doesn’t work then cry racism. Tell me Mr Colbert, if you weren’t making your millions attacking the Office of the President, where would you get your material. It’s ironic but I truly believe that somewhere in your demented sense of reality that you DO want President Trump to win re-election because if he doesn’t then you will probably be out of a job. That, my friends, is a total WIN-WIN

  12. Colbert doesn’t seem the type that wants to see where his dinner comes from.Unless it comes from Japan,Australia or New Zealand.Does anyone think that he would actually shake hands with an American pig farmer,refuse worker or anyone that actually keeps this Country going.We could and can keep things moving without most politicians and baurocrats.Definetly don’t need Stephen Colbert.

  13. Impressionable liberals seem to be the only ones willing to listen to Stephen I can’t bear to see him disparage a sitting president every single day

  14. Wow. Mr. Colbert just insulted all the people of color who believe in, manage, or are members of and have faith in the Republican Party.

  15. The All-Blacks are the best rugby team in the world. Rugby supersedes politics. Unless you’ve played, DON’T get confused within your fragile mindset hyper-political world. Stay away from bashing America you wanker. Remember, we defeated you in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION and as Americans, you need to shut your pie hole and either go back to England, a Monarch set huge in elitist white colonialism, or hang yourself.

  16. If Colbert hates America so much, then why doesn’t he move to New Zealand. Better yet why not move to Russia, or N. Korea, or China. Maybe he will get more laughs. Colbert is being the ugly American they warned us about not being in school.

  17. Oh for the days of Carson and Leno.

    Letterman, O’brien, Fallon, Colbert, Kimmel, none are funny. Just bitter men who hate the country that made them millionaires and hate themselves for being white.

    Happily, I have never watched any of them.

  18. This is what is known as a dictatorship. She wanted as she called it “all guns that kill people” and magically they did. Just as she said, “one day it’s legal, next day it’s not”. Buy back? No! Gun confiscation. Government dictating what they want. Do you understand?

  19. Until Colbert numbers were tanking. He then found Trump as his Whipping post and his numbers came back somewhat. But people who watch him, Like my Democrat Wife, Have even started turning him off, or never watching him at all! She says “Funny is Funny, but he is no longer funny, just Mad and hurtful”. The only people he has on his Very tiresome show, are people that fall into his very, “Narrow minded” humor.
    Is there anyway that we could talk the New Zealanders’ in Keeping him there? Maybe they would Love to have him Head a TV GOSSIP show, and see how fast they tire of his NOT humorous Bashing of their Government. He is a Disgrace to the TV Night Time Talk show history. Maybe he could be part of the “View Group”, he would fit right in!!

  20. NZ is a lovely place to visit, I don’t think much of their socialist ways and their current government. Unfortunately, the people RUNNING countries are NOT the PEOPLE you would like to know. As when Obama ran the U.S. (into the ground), WE are still Americans. He did NOT represent ME with his socialist ideals and all the scams he and his administration foisted on us… Kiwis are really a great lot of people, Maori and Pakeha alike. I know, I am a Yank, and I married one!

  21. I stopped watching The Late Night Show when Dave Letterman left. I waited until the new sets where completed and the show started up. The show was pretty funny.
    As the show progressed it got too political. I believe there is nothing more American than political cartoons and satire. Some how Steven Colbert stopped being funny.
    He did some funny bits, over all I lost interest in the show. It seams to be geared for a younger crowed.

  22. This guy is not funny. And he should leave this country in fact I wish he would. Never watch sick so called funny late night hosts

  23. Colbert, your country is NOT proud of you…except maybe your pervert Hollywood cronies….all you lleft socialist think because you made money by illegal means you don’t have to worry about the lefts tactics..your families will eventually pay the price if the left has any say in this country…..Just HOW stupid can all of you be……you see how dems eat their own and you all are just pawns in their scheme…..Really???

  24. Absolutely agree how shameful these so-called late night comics are so disrespectful to our wonderful homeland and the president. Colbert makes me want to throw-up!

  25. Hey Colbert, you’re not funny, nor patriotic. I quit watching the Late Show when you made the disgusting remark about the President of the United States performing a sex act on Putin. You think that’s funny? Even though CBS (don’t care for this channel at all) bleeped out the nasty word. It was a disgusting display from a man who clearly dislikes America…. signed, former viewer.

  26. Colbert is Just an Idiot Hiding under the disguise of a comedian, although he’s amazingly never funny! Speaking against the US in a foreign country use to be called treason.
    Guess that’s different for idiot liberals!

    • I have never seen or heard this much hatred for a president as I have in the last 3 years. It’s disgusting and despicable of so-called “ comedians” to use their show as a time to push their liberal, socialist agenda and show how hateful they really are. Besides, I have better things to do than watch some idiot like Colbert make a complete fool of himself. People with an ounce of wisdom would never watch someone with mush for a brain.

  27. There are a lot of Kiwis out there that do not hold the leftists’ political philosophy. I hope that the wheel of life turns quickly to return us to a more understanding and civil atmosphere. May God bless us all.

  28. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I have several friends there who all deplore the socialist Prime Minister. The demographics of the country are that it is a predominant white Anglo-Saxon population and so has few race complications apart from the small Maori inhabitants and those coming from the Pacific Islands. It has a population of about 5 million with 70% living in the north island.
    It can, in no way, be compared with the US but if the unpleasant Mr. Colbert would like to move there I will be happy to pay for his ticket. Unfortunately under current NZ laws he would not be allowed to purchase property unless he was a resident and no doubt, in true socialist fashion, he could accuse the country and its Prime Minister of discrimination against immigrants or some equally nonsensical dogmatic mantra so beloved if the left wing loons.
    Just go away Mr Colbert and leave this country you so plainly detest, despite it having made you a very wealthy individual.


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