Stop The Press: Did A CNN Anchor Just Say Something Favorable About A Point Made By Republicans In Impeachment Trial

(Tea Party PAC) – When it comes to the impeachment trial against President Trump right now, you can almost guarantee that the vast majority of liberal news networks — all of them minus Fox — are doing their best to paint Republicans and the president as awful human beings who need to be punished by removing Trump from office. You know, to save the Republic or something like that.

Well, in light of that fact, what we’re about to tell you about CNN anchor John King might send you to shock. King apparently believes that Republicans have a “legitimate point” about the whistleblower.

The end is nigh.

Here’s more from Fox News:

“You’re asking the Congress, the Senate now, to remove the President of the United States,” King said. “It’s a legitimate point for the president’s team and the Republicans to say: ‘Shouldn’t we go to the very origin of this?'”

His comments came after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., tried asking a question that mentioned the name of a person reported to be the whistleblower. Chief Justice John Roberts shut down the question, which Paul described as “atypical.”

Fox News has not confirmed the name of the whistleblower.

King said he wouldn’t help Paul “air his grievances” over the issue, but proposed certain questions for Democrats.

CNN’s John King: “Republicans make a good point. The Whistleblower started all this. Why has the Whistleblower never been questioned? Shouldn’t the House Democrats have found a secure way to do that? It’s a legitimate point of debate.”

“Republicans make a good point — the whistleblower started all of this. Why hasn’t the whistleblower been questioned?” he said. “Shouldn’t the House Democrats have found a secure way to do that? It’s a legitimate point of debate as we go through this.”

“Is outing the whistleblower in a public setting the way to make your point? I think we could have a conversation about that … the Democrats’ argument is that just about everything the whistleblower alleged has been proven through other sources, so we don’t need to do this.”

The chief justice, who plays the rare role of fielding questions during the impeachment trial, had communicated through his staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office that he did not want to read the whistleblower’s name, according to a Republican unauthorized to discuss the private conversation and granted anonymity.

The Democratic Party has tried desperately to protect the whistleblower, not because they want to keep said individual safe, but because they fear folks digging into their closet and dragging out all of the skeletons. And as hard as liberals are fighting, there must be some serious bones in there.

The left has made it clear they don’t really care about America, choosing instead to seek revenge against Trump instead of working to make the country a better place, earning the votes of the American people.

Their biggest hope for victory is that enough people in the nation hate Trump as much as they do, and that doesn’t look likely.



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