Sultan Of Brunei Asks For Tolerance To Stone Gays. American Left Silent.

(Tea Party PAC) – Where is the LGBT left when you need them?

Whenever the right even hints at anything that protects the right to simply believe homosexuality is a sin, even if it in no way negatively impacts the rights of homosexuals, they’re all over you, screaming bigotry and human rights violations.

But when Muslims want to literally stone homosexuals, they turn a blind eye.

And the rest of the time they’re enthusiastically defending the very religion that calls for this punishment for homosexuals.

The left is terrified of Muslims, and for good reason. Strict adherents to the tenets of Islam have a long history of murdering anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s kind of their thing.

But you see, the left has no fear of targeting white Christian Westerners, because they know that they’re unlikely to get blown up for calling Mike Pence a bigot every other day.

So when it comes to Brunei, a nation that literally stones homosexuals, you won’t hear the left complaining much.

No, they’d much rather complain about how they live under fascism because the vice president supports religious liberty.

The Sultan of Brunei has written a letter to the European Union defending his decision to impose Sharia law in his country.

Using language right out of a Democrats’ 2020 campaign, Hassanal Bolkiah’s letter urges “tolerance, respect and understanding” for his decision to flog homosexuals, disobedient women, and those who don’t adhere to the strict tenants of Sharia.

“As bizarre as such a letter may sound, Bolkiah is merely echoing the principles of Western ‘tolerance.’ Westerners have come to tolerate the intolerable for the sake of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism.’ After all, not to tolerate Islamic doctrine is considered to be ‘Islamophobic’ in the West. Bolkiah is merely asking that EU globalists extend their ‘tolerance’ to accept the Sharia stoning of gays in Brunei as he makes efforts for his country to be more Islamic,” writes Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.

“As is, many Western leaders and citizenry have turned a blind eye (for the sake of tolerance) to barbaric practices, jihad murders/persecution, and the supremacist doctrines sanctioned in Islam, and have supported open borders, which have allowed in many adherents of these practices. Stoning gays, chopping off heads and limbs, torturing and raping infidel women, etc. — all of these and more have been committed by jihadists, some of whom are now running free in Western countries, thanks to the ‘tolerance’ of globalists,” he adds.

From Breitbart:

In a bizarre move, the Sultan of Brunei has written to the European Union to defend his recent decision to impose strict sharia law punishments in his country.

The Sultan has recently imposed harsh new laws in the Kingdom of Brunei, including death by stoning for anyone convicted of homosexuality, as well as amputations, lashes, and execution for other crimes such as theft and adultery.

In his letter, the Sultan urges the EU to reconsider their view of his new laws, stressing that they will require extraordinary evidence in order to be imposed, and so convictions will be rare, according to The Guardian.

The Sultan attempted to justify his brutal new laws by saying, “The penal sentences of hadd – stoning to death and amputation – imposed for offences of theft, robbery, adultery and sodomy, have extremely high evidentiary threshold, requiring no less than two or four men of high moral standing and piety as witnesses, to the exclusion of every form of circumstantial evidence.”

As regards whipping as a punishment, the letter went on to say, “The offender must be clothed, whipping must be with moderate force without lifting his hand over his head, shall not result in the laceration of the skin nor the breaking of bones, and shall not be inflicted on the face, head, stomach, chest or private parts,”

The unusual decision to send the letter, which urges “tolerance, respect and understanding”, comes as MEPs voted last week to condemn the Kingdom’s new sharia laws and punishments. MEPs have also called for asset freezes for key Brunei officials as well as boycotts of Brunei exports such as luxury hotels around the world.