Supreme Court Ruling Destroys Pelosi’s Latest Impeachment Stunt

(Tea Party PAC) – The Supreme Court has already clarified that the Constitution doesn’t require the “additional procedural requirements” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently demanding that the Senate meet before they begin their impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi (D-CA) has stated that she plans on withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate unless they agree to her demands.

However, in the 1993 ruling of Nixon v. United States, the Court ruled that “additional procedural requirements” on the Senate are “inconsistent with the three express limitations” that the Constitution has placed on the Senate for trying impeachments in the associated Clause.

Put plainly, the Constitution requires no such thing from Congress.

Infowars continues:

Despite the case’s name, the 1993 ruling doesn’t have anything to do with the impeachment of Richard Nixon but revolved around the impeachment of US District Court Chief Judge Walter Nixon, who refused to resign after being convicted of perjury charges.

Nixon had suggested that because a Senate committee – and not the full Senate – had received the evidence, which was then reported to the full Senate, the impeachment was unconstitutional.

In response, the Supreme Court said the Constitution gave broad discretion to the Senate in how it handled impeachments, pointing out that the Constitution imposed no such requirements on the Senate.

The court even refrained from reviewing Nixon’s impeachment due to this discretion afforded to the Senate, another branch of government, as part of the separation of powers.

…The existence of the three very specific requirements that the Clause’s second and third sentences do impose – that the Senate’s Members must be under oath or affirmation, that a two-thirds vote is required to convict, and that the Chief Justice presides when the President is tried – the precise nature of which suggests that the Framers did not intend to impose additional limitations on the form of the Senate proceedings.

The Clause’s first sentence must instead be read as a grant of authority to the Senate to determine whether an individual should be acquitted or convicted, and the commonsense and dictionary meanings of the word “sole” indicate that this authority is reposed in the Senate alone.

…Requiring impeachment only by the full Senate is unnatural, and would impose on the Senate additional procedural requirements that would be inconsistent with the three express limitations that the Clause sets out.

Thus it can also be argued that Pelosi is in no position to dictate terms with the Senate before sending over articles of impeachment because the Constitution imposes no such requirement outside of the three limitations the Constitution does enforce on the Senate.

It can also be argued that the Senate is free to take up the impeachment once the House vote is officially recorded. That’s all.

This argument is also supported by the statement in the Constitution that the “Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments,” suggesting that Pelosi doesn’t need to have any say in the matter.

The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.



  1. if pelosi would only go back to the land of fruits and nuts with homeless and drugs all over the streets all of AMERICA would be much better off

  2. Screw you piglosi….You LOSE – big time!! Just go-back to your “stinking” KALEEFORNICA – for good….With your “filthy and dirty” homeless drug addicts and “whino’s” + the millions-of-illegal peasants, who are now costing the state millions of Tax Payer $$ in welfare lifestyles!! You Libtard Left-Wing DemonRats are trying to drag America down…..NOT going to happen, you brazen and spiteful buffoon!!

  3. Why doesn’t Chief Justice Roberts (as presiding judge), run this like many other criminal trials and say to Pelosi ” You must have your approval of articles I and II, with no preconditions, on my desk by noon, January 6, 2019, or I will dismiss the case entirely”.

  4. Pelosi wants to add more articles for Impeachment because she knows that she is old as hell and soon will be gone. What difference will it make to her?

  5. Enough of all the crap. Drop this crap and get on with the countries business.trump kept his word on what he said he would do and now that he’s exposing the swamp members they want to get rid of him.i still think there should be term limits in congress to prevent this type of life long im all powerful sh## from happening.they have become about themselves and to hell with the people’s

  6. More BS from the right. when the head of the senate blatantly tells you. He’s
    NOT impartial ( as the constitution demands ) why would any sensible person
    submit all evidence to a senate that won’t allow additional proof, which is developing
    all the time due to Trumps refusal to release evidence or allow government
    employees to testify. These positions have not stood in ANY court to date.
    Once overruled ALL of the incriminating proof will be released, and witnesses
    FORCED to testify. My question is simple. WHAT ARE YOU TEABAGGERS AFRAID OF?

    • Trump- and the White house have released literally MILLIONS of documents requested yet the Left keeps alleging (falsely) that Trump refuses to release evidence. They thought for sure he’d NEVER release the transcript for the Ukranian call which is why they botched that whole debacle…there are 3 separate branches of government and Pelosi and the House do NOT rule all three -regardless of how much she thinks she does (or should). Your question is silly because teabaggers didn’t elect Trump – my question is simple as well – when will the Left stop the ‘resistance’ and finally accept the results of the 2016 election? You know that thing that Hillary had the audacity to claim Trump would not do and now SHE is doing what she accused him of – though projection is of course a mainstay of the Lefts SOP….js

    • Hey *J *…… WHAT ARE YOU TEABAGGERS AFRAID OF?……Certainly not you or ALL the other Left-Wing Libtard “Nutcases”!! You are UNpatriotic “swine”!!

  7. Yahoo,, According to the (CONSTITUTION ARTICAL 1SECTION 3)the senate shall have sole power to try all impeachments (REGARDLES OF FORMAL TRANSMISSION OF DOCUMENTS THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWS THE SENATETO HOLD TRIAL AS SOON AS AN IMPEACHMENT TAKES PLACE IN THE HOUSE) in other words the senate impeachment shall take place as soon as the impeachment has been approved by the house, and Nasty Nancy Pelosi has take the vote and it was recorded and passed, now the (SENATE CAN DELIBERATE ON THE IMPEACHMENT WITHOUT ANY INTERFERANCE FROM THE HOUSE, EXCEPT FOR ANY ACTION OF THE PRESIDING CHEAF JUSTICE.

  8. Pelosi thinks she is the President of the United States. By the Grace of God, I pray that she will never ever be President no matter how she and Schiff attempt to impeach both President Trump and Mike Pence. According to those in the know, contrary to what we have been led to believe, she will not assume the Presidency even if her dirty, disgusting, treacherous trick had any chance of winning.

  9. After reading and listening to all the rules–The Senate does not have to give into the House–The US Senate can conveinted the Senate and make the decision as to the iMPEACEMENT–WITHOUT THE HOUSE’S COMMENT. TIME THE U.S. SENATE TAKE ACTION. The U S Senate OVER RULES THE HOUSE—Time the speaker and the members of the Democratic party find out they can not force the Senate to do what they want.

  10. Who does she think she is? she has no control over the senate and with her circus in the House she has NO right to demand anything from the Senate. Funny how she is above the laws and makes up rules against the constitution but wants everyone else to follow the rules she breaks. She can hold the articles until hell freezes over and the president will still be in office and come 2020 she and her evil side kicks will be out of office. She needs to read the constitution which is a foreign document to this stupid old lady and the democrats. They are to stupid to understand the constitution that is why they hate it.

  11. Lil “QUEEN NANCY” living in her ALTERNATE UNIVERSE does not have a realistic idea of her ture place in the world. She is simply another MORON TRUMP HATING HOG that would kill her momma to get her way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman is sick, pathetic, stupid and a sycophant of the nth degree……….Why the NUTS in California keep voting HOGLOUSI INTO OFFFICE is a mystery.

  12. McConnell should just convene the Senate and declare that since the House has not transmitted the articles of Impeachment in a timely manner to the Senate, the Senate declares the impeachment in the House null and void. The president of the United States has not been impeached, case dismissed!!

  13. Now when the House investigated Trump for impeachment, they posted the rules for any and everyone to see. Now McConnell refuses to do that saying he will make the rules as soon as they receive the charges. Not a good situation for anyone, including the Republicans in the Senate. This is not a normal Court and the Senate can make all the rules just like the House made all the rules for the investigation, but why is McConnell not making those rules, is he afraid of something that might backfire from everyone knowing where the stand when they walk into the court.

    • There was no rules in the house. The republicans were NOT allowed to call any witnesses, produce any evidence showing the liars the democrats are.All republican witnesses and evidence had to be approved by Shitty Schiff and that would never happen and it didn’t, because as usual the democrats are liars and deceitiful POS. That is against the constitution.

    • The Dems are telling the Senate to bring forward witnesses to prove the president guilty. The House Dems have already voted the president guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. So if it was sufficient “proof” in the house, what else do they need? Simple answer: Proof

      If there is a Senate hearing, the first trial should be on the methods/lack of used for the House impeachment hearings.

  14. Does anyone else see that Nancy is just screwing the pooch with this one. Have her evaluated for diminished mental capacity.

  15. Why has it taken so long for precedent and the law to finally be applied? Why is the White House refusing to educate the Public on the Constitution and the law everyday? Watched a female senior staff member who is an attorney make one of the best and cogent arguments last evening on Fox news at 10 p.m. EST. Bring her out for a daily briefing and rebut these ignorant DEM arguments.

    • you are correct ALLEN Pelosi has NO SAY in how the Senate handles this, She does not seem to understand the three equal branches of government with NO one branch having authority over the other.


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