“Syrian Expert” Brett McGurk Scolds Trump For Syria Policy…But Here’s What He Did When He Worked For Obama

(Tea Party PAC) – Brett McGurk has joined the many warhawks and establishment hacks lecturing President Donald Trump on his decision to remove US troops from the mess that is the Syrian war.

McGurk joined MSNBC’s resident conspiracy theorist, Rachel Maddow, to bash President Trump.

Don’t know who McGurk is? He was a long-time Obama adviser on Iraq whose own policy moves not only failed historically, but the Middle East and Europe are still reeling from the decisions he made.

Obama appointed him as ISIS ambassador after the Islamic State took control of most of Syria and much of Iraq.

What did it take for ISIS to be defeated in the region?

That’s right, President Trump.

Trump has slammed McGurk in the past for his horrible policy.

This is the same guy who was involved in Obama’s horrible decision to send the Iranian Khamenei regime a pallet of unmarked bills in the dead of night in exchange for US prisoners.

Obama also gave the regime billions to sign his awful nuclear deal, which again, could only be reversed by Trump.

It was one of the worst deals in the history of our country!

The Iranian regime was so proud of the deal, they posted a video of the pallets of cash!

Do you think the liberal media honestly reported on this? Ha!

No way.


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