Take A Look At Who Just Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s hard to believe that we’re over six months into this Chinese coronavirus pandemic and it’s still a prevalent news story when someone contracts the illness. You’d think it would become sort of common by now, considering how many people have had this illness, but I digress.

The latest person to fall victim to the grip of COVID-19 is Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. You know, the Democrat who did a whole lot of blackface back in the day, but yet, for some odd reason the left hasn’t trashed his career and demanded he pay reparations and all sorts of insane things they’d demand of Republicans.

Both Northam and his wife tested positive for the virus, which was revealed on Friday.

Here’s what we know via Breitbart:

According to a statement, a member of the governor’s residence staff “who works closely within the couple’s living quarters” fell ill and tested positive for the virus. On Thursday, both the governor and first lady received a PCR nasal swab test, both of which came back positive. While the governor is currently asymptomatic, his wife is “currently experiencing mild symptoms,” according to the press release.

“Consistent with guidelines from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the Governor and First Lady will isolate for the next 10 days and evaluate their symptoms,” the release states. “The Governor is in constant contact with his cabinet and staff and will fulfill his duties from the Executive Mansion.”

Northam released a statement, reminding Virginians the Wuhan virus is “very real and very contagious.”

“The safety and health of our staff and close contacts is of utmost importance to Pam and me, and we are working closely with the Department of Health to ensure that everyone is well taken care of,” he said.

“We are grateful for your thoughts and support, but the best thing you can do for us—and most importantly, for your fellow Virginians—is to take this seriously,” Northam added:

The news comes just hours ahead of President Trump’s Friday evening rally at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Newport News, Virginia. A state public health official has warned the rally “poses a concerning public health risk” and would violate Northam’s coronavirus restrictions, including the ban on gatherings of over 250 people.

So one has to wonder how these two caught the virus if they were rocking the masks that every liberal politician across America is pushing down everyone’s throat. It’s almost like these little devices aren’t nearly as effective as we’ve been told they are.

It’s not a big deal to wear a mask of your own free will or if you are a high risk person. If a privately owned business asks you to wear one, do it or shop somewhere else. Simple.

However, the government mandates for masks are growing more and more ridiculous. People are being arrested and assaulted by law enforcement officers for not complying with these orders, which by the way, aren’t even actual laws.

This virus isn’t going anywhere. It’s stuck with us for the long haul. Might as well get used to it and find alternative ways of dealing with it than keeping things shut down and wearing muzzles.

Featured image credit: Mark Warner – flickr.com/photos/senatormarkwarner/30039567787/

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/25/virginia-gov-northam-tests-positive-for-the-chinese-coronavirus/


  1. We have a idiot for a governor. He doesn’t practice whatnthe shoves down people’s throats. He doesn’t wear a mask and doesn’t social distance. This stuff either doesn’t work and they know it or maybe it only works for those who practice it. Yes we do need to pray for them and ask GOD to forgive how hypocritical they truly are. Ask GOD to forgive them for wanting to murder babies! Pray Virginia can get Democrats wicked evil ways out of Virginia. Bloomberg donated millions for this governor to impose gun control remember Virginia when you vote!

  2. Join me in praying for the governor. It’s what we in the right do for those who oppose our ideals.

    Hope he and his wife can read Psalm 103 and join us.


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