Tantrums Erupt Across London As Leftists Set Political Tone For President Trump’s Visit

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump begins his three-day visit to the UK and British Leftist politicians and personalities are in full meltdown mode. The accepting, all-inclusive party of love never disappoints when an opportunity to rise above hatred presents itself. The disdain for Trump is palpable.

London Mayor and Labour Party member, Sadiq Khan, took to Twitter to pronounce Trump a “global threat” and share a typical overly dramatic, bleeding heart liberal video message for the President himself. The video, done in partnership with Elle, is of course riddled with lies and hypocrisy.

The Mayor pushes the expected leftist talking points about Trump’s character that is ironically only projected onto the President by the left versus being an actual matter of truth. The Mayor goes on to suggest that Trump preys on the “vulnerable” and the “marginalized,” like maybe unborn babies? Nope. He later goes on to say that Trump is “rolling back” the progress made in women’s reproductive rights by having an anti-abortion stance. Clearly Mayor Kahn does not consider unborn babies to be vulnerable or marginalized.

The hypocrisy is blinding.

In true form, Trump struck back calling Kahn a “stone cold loser” and “dumb and incompetent.” Always one for calling it as he sees it, Trump lets the Mayor have a taste of his own medicine.

Leftists have just no idea how entertaining their hysterics are to the rest of the sane world. The antics continued at Vauxall Bridge where activists threw “anti-Trump” banners over the sides of the bridge encouraging people to “resist.”

Imagine a world in which the left took their own advice to resist. If only they tried to resist their urges to hate anyone with an opposing view, what a world it would be!

It’s also really entertaining when you consider what they are calling on people to resist. “Sexism,” “racism,” “hate,” “cruelty,” and “Trump.” Let’s call them out in liberal talking points and actions:

Sexism, because in order for women to be truly equal to men, men and the patriarchy must be destroyed.

Racism, because unless we classify everyone by their ethnicity, and only their ethnicity, we will never be able to treat each other fairly.

Hate, because in order to have civil discourse and tolerance we have to hate all who oppose us.

Cruelty, in order to win we have to use cruel, unkind, profane, and vulgar words to fight our political opponents and violence when necessary. Oh and also, killing unborn babies is compassionate.

Lastly, Trump, because conservatism is the embodiment of values, morals, and standards and those things are SO antiquated.


Every argument the left presents as a means to vilify Trump is like holding up a mirror to their own words, actions, and ideologies. If they followed their suggestion to “resist” those things they would need to resist themselves.

Naturally, fellow Labour party politicians David Lammy and Diane Abbott defended Khan, he is after all one of their own. Lammy called the President “extreme right” and Abbott issued a call-to-action for more protestors to join the “Labour bloc.”

The left does nothing more than mock and ridicule the United States President all in the name of tolerance. Their meltdowns are laughable and their arguments are irrational.

Their attacks are not just against the President but against all in America who voted for Trump. What they say about Trump, they are saying about us. This is how they feel towards anyone who holds an opposing viewpoint. It is pointless to engage in political conversation with people this irrational and volatile.

Here is more lunacy from the left as a result of Trump’s UK visit: