Teacher Declares It’s “Awesome” Rush Limbaugh Is “Dying” And Hopes For “Painful Death.” Here’s What Happened Next.

(Tea Party PAC) – You know, for people who claim that Republicans are cold-hearted, cruel, and hellbent on oppressing all of their intersectional betters, the left sure seems to be filled with hate.

A Milwaukee teacher, Travis Sarandos, has been placed on leave after delighting in the news that the radio legend Rush Limbaugh was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer.

Sarandos teaches English–for now–at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts and apparently seems be no more mature than his students.

He recently declared on Twitter that “Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

Sarandos wrote this in response to a tweet from a leftist activist which had stated because she is an adult, that she hoped Rush “makes a speedy recovery” because “no one should ever have to suffer from cancer.”

Travis Sarandos, however, scoffed at this display of basic human decency and graciousness.

After Sarandos’ tweet was highlighted by radio host Mark Belling, the teacher was placed on leave, pending an investigation.

He promptly went dark on social media, deleting his Twitter account.

But his sentiment was echoed by other equally bitter and hateful leftists.

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Limbaugh as a “virulent racist” who did not deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which Trump bestowed upon him during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.


  1. Yea no one here has any hate in them. Gimme a break. Limbaugh took your minds a long time ago. Limbaugh destroyed America. He thinks his listeners are fools
    You will all be in Hell with him soon sadly. I pray you all reconsider your paths in life. Love everyone, stop hating.

  2. Here is a thought:
    Cameras 🎥 in all class rooms, documenting all “teachings” and interactions!
    Daily, provide postings for public review on a local cable channel! This exposes what the tax payer receives for “mandatory” School tax!
    70 years old, never had children yet forced to finance-subsidize “public education? EXTORTION!
    The education of your surviving zygote is your incumbent responsibility/tax deduction NOT MINE!

  3. This stupid teacher must not be aware of how Karma works. If he wishes a painful death on Rush Limbaugh, he will receive something in return. But it will probably not be his own painful death but a painful death of his own child, grandchild or other loved one which will be more painful than any painful death to him would ever be. “Be careful what you wish for”. And there is no excuse for this teacher to still be employed.

  4. Anyone that would have no humanity or empathy for anyone who is stricken with cancer is twisted and hateful and totally worthless. God is not mocked. These haters better buckle up because what they’re wishing for Rush Limbaugh, and other people that they obviously hate, can and must become their fate. We all reap what we sow and their day of reckoning is at hand and it’s way long overdue. What are these haters going to do when God calls them home and they face their judgment day before God almighty. How are they going to answer to God for all their vile hate mongering. Anyone that would wish someone to be stricken by cancer as they have for Rush Limbaugh belongs in the very throes of hell because they are truly Satan‘s disciples. That teacher shouldn’t just be suspended he should be fired he literally victimized his students with no conscience at all.

  5. My wishes for you creep is a cancer that will kill you very slowly and very painful.You deserve what you wish for others.Democrat Mentally Deranged non human

  6. People wonder why gun violence is up in schools, any why students are some of the killers. Just listen to the Crap the get from the left wing teachers, that man should never again teach kids.
    We should clean out all the hateful left wing ( so called tolerant teachers ) teachers that spread the hate to our kids!!!

  7. This poor excuse for an educator is teaching at my youngest son’s former high school–thank heavens he wasn’t going there when this doofus was hired.
    The Dems always want us to believe that they’re the wonderfully COMPASSIONATE,
    CONCERNED, and CARING ones…..when if you’re not been living under a rock since 2016 (and even before that!), their words and actions toward anyone NOT in tune with their agenda, can involve being cursed at, spit on, and being beaten up for wearing a MAGA hat.
    Anyone like Rush who has been a beacon of conservative sanity for over 30 years and draws legends of listeners is susceptible to be in the looney libs crosshairs….they relish
    any misfortune that they think will hurt/destroy him. And they’ve been waiting a l-o-n-g
    time for him to lose what he’s achieved. Little do they know/realize they are turning more people against their winning the White House in 2020……

  8. Who in the world believes that God is on these peoples’ side? They are so mean and diabolic not even Satan can’t stand them! Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and a man of sincere heart. He may not be perfect but no one on this earth is. Only God is perfect. As a former stage-three cancer patient, no one should boast of wishing someone to go through this painful condition and dying. In my country we say: CAREFUL, WHAT GOES UP CAN ABRUPTLY COME DOWN! I don’t wish anything bad to this “teacher” but very frankly I think he should not be in any classroom poisoning the minds of our kids.

  9. Teach is a typical looney liberal who is obviously poorly bred and raised under mean circumstances who has no respect for anyone or anything, no compassion, no religion, a person filled with hate and venom because she is recognized by society as low class and inferior in every respect.

  10. That is cold, and uncalled for. You may not like Rush Limbaugh, but he is a human being, dying of cancer. It is cold hearted to wish anyone a painful death. If this teacher made these remarks in school, to students, he should be suspended . I wouldnt fire him, or even a racist, as Jesus said ye shall forgive 70 times 7 times.

  11. This behavior by Travis seems to be consistent with the younger generation….(and of course the caveat, there are a lot of young people who have been raised properly and do not act like this). In these people like Travis, there seems to be a lack of civility, compassion, empathy, normal human caring, etc., which is learned from their parents, teachers, and religion. This lack of civility is dangerous for us, not only as a society, but as the human race. One might say that these people are no more than animals and yet, in my observations of animals in the wild, there is compassion, grieving, and other characteristics that we always attributed only to humans.

  12. AOC needs a glass belly button-
    This is so she can see when she has her head up her ass. As the president says, what a beauty!!
    Get well soon Rush🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Teachers with such an attitude should be banned from teaching open minded students that just might emulate such a vicious person. What goes around comes around.
    And Ocasio/Cortez is a commie who forgets that we lost so many innocent lives due to fighting Communism.

  14. There is now a method of stem cell work that has proven to heal cancer with
    the body’s own powers of healing. It is happening now and I wish he could
    order that for him.

  15. Khrushchev said “We will destroy you by your own system and you will drop im into our net like an over ripened fruit.” They “Russia” then proceeded with infiltration of ous schools “Angela Davis” and our Government with people like OAC, SANDERS, HELLERY, OBUMMER and so on to corrupt our youth and destroy AMERICA in a not so distant time. President Trump is right. We will NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP. What a giant bunch of IDIOT’S that teacher and others. Like Maxine Waters. What vile and foul language spews out of her mouth. People like OAC, the rest of the squad, Waters and Pelosi will stand Accountable sooner or later but it will happen.

  16. Sarandos should be terminated and Cortez should be impeached. What kind of people are teaching our children and representing our country. Shameful.
    Col. Mike

  17. People get it twisted most of the time, follow Jesus Christ example on how to treat even those who would use you. I know it’s not in everyone’s DNA to be forgiving and hv compassion on people they dislike or disagree with,but this teacher obviously has a family and love ones, just saying be careful what you wish on others because she’s not exempt.. John 3:16 KJV


  19. The left no longer surprises me in their hypocracy. If it was the Ayatollah, of Iran, they would be sending get well soon cards and sending billions of cash on pallets. These people are pathetic.
    God bless you Rush,and may his hand touch and heal you.

  20. In regards to this particular so-called teacher, Travis Sarandos, he has no right to be teaching ANYONE, if he carries such heartless & or hateful feelings within himself wishing or hoping to see anyone’s death ! You are despicable & a lowlife for saying such things about anyone ! You need to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY !

  21. This is what Democrats have come to and Cortez is helping to poison our country. EVERYONE needs to vote red in the upcoming election to help the president and hopefully help stop the madness.

  22. The left no longer surprises me in their hypocracy. If it was the Ayatollah, of Iran, they would be sending get well soon cards and sending billions of cash on pallets. The people are pathetic.
    God bless you Rush,and may he touch and heal you.

    • Exactly about time to get rid of these liberal teachers in our school systems they are just dumbing down our kids worse than they already are.

  23. He should be fired not put on leave probably with pay. What I thinks should be shared with his students and he should have done his homework before speaking. He was not racist at all in his latest years and everyone does or sayings something they wish they hadn’t as teenagers or young adults.

  24. What’s ironic is the left can condone aborting babies moments before birth but wish death on another human being like Limbaugh or, rail against Trump for ordering the killing of an Iranian general that has killed many Americans.
    These leftists are sick people!

    • No one on this earth has the “judgemental right” to wish such “horrific evil” on anyone! Especially a “sick” school teacher! Our up and coming students are already on overload without the hatred portrayed by this teacher! Fire him along with the his other comrad that said the “Holocaust” didn’t really happen or not true! Oh, perhaps fired without pay or benefits, thus would help our students from being further tainted!

  25. This teacher is another sick, sad, pathetic liberal democrat. I hope you lose your teaching certificate and can never teach our children again.

  26. Anyone who hopes for anyone to have a painful death or to suffer, because they disagree with them should be cast out of their media position and ignored. How would they like it if everyone else said the same thing about them? I will bet that they would be whining about it. TRUE MATURE ADULTS don’t wish others painful death or harm like that! ONLY SNOTTY IMMATURE LITTLE BRATS DO! GROW UP!

  27. This comment on Limbaugh is evidence of the bigger problem we have in America. Our education system or, more particularly, many educators. This is the kind of poison being spewed on our youth in the classrooms and, the reason for our divided nation.
    Thank God I received a proper education in my.day. I remember I had some great teachers. They must all be turning over in their graves from what now transpires in schools across our great nation!

    • You know it carry our own school teachers back in the day they are turning in there are graves. What a crock of crap these teachers are today.

  28. When you don’t value life whether it is your or someone else, you are the Sick one who does not have enough self-respect for yourself, should stop and think about what you said, but once you pull the trigger it’s too late, he knows he could die, you are already DEAD.

  29. Rush I hope you have a speedy recovery and with the grace of God you will
    God Bless you and America. I hope the democrats never regain power again
    As for AOC will ose in the next election and we want have to listen to her

  30. The left does nothing but hate those who disagree with them on anything. The really ironic thing is one of their favorite buzzwords is “bigot”. They love to use that term to describe conservatives. I guess they don’t know what that word means; they have just been brainwashed to use it. Let me educate you pea-brained libbies what a bigot really is. A bigot is a person who “:is intolerant of someone else who holds an opposing viewpoint”. This perfectly describes the majority of liberals, not conservatives. You libs are DISGUSTING! I hope Rush has a full recovery and keeps revealing the corruption and criminality of the Demonrat party. God bless Rush! Hey, maybe that teacher filled with hate will come down with cancer and experience the boomerang effect. Be careful what you wish for, idiot!!!

  31. the viciousness of this alleged teacher (If she/he) IS a TEACHER is beyond pale. What a fine piece of jewelry you are dude. What if people said the same to you about your son, daughter, mother, father? how would you feel? But don’t worry, it will come to you sooner or later. yuk, incredible how meanspirited there are people in our country benefitting from the greatest country on earth (I fled a communist country, so I know what Im talking about>) and benefitting from the achievements of the greatest president this nation has had up to now.

  32. Unaccountable dumbocrats keep getting away with this rhetoric because the MSM is on their side. When you know you will not be held accountable it really emboldens you to show your ignorance. Wishing harm and pain on somebody is their standard MO. Even if the good people call them out on their DEPLORABLE rhetoric it does no good because the MSM will give them a pass on it. The MSM only emboldens the dumbocrats more by ignoring their short comings. Just imagine how different a country we would have if the MSM really did their job and reported on the news as it happens, not how they want it to happen

  33. The hell of it is that these morons try to pass themselves off as “tolerant”. It’s obvious that they don’t use the same dictionary as the rest of us. May God repay them in kind for their “compassion”.

  34. God will do what God wants to do when God wants to do it.
    Watch what you say you want because what you sow is what you reap.
    May God totally heal Mr, Rush so God is glorified.
    No one BEATS God.
    Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
    And that includes everyone.

  35. Don’t forget the mind is like a parchute if don’t open it is useless. The liberals I’ll never open. That is why the rhe liberals are useless

  36. She should be fired and lose pay 😠. Stop being weak on people like this, she better be careful what she says things like that come to haunt them.

  37. The New Democrats are the hate filled communists that they really are. Joe McCarthy was correct in his investigations in the 50’s. They have infiltrated our government, schools, Hollywood and are using the uneducated as their pawns to take control of our country. People are embracing socialism as if it were a cure all for all of our problems when it will only turn us into a third world hell hole.
    The left has no idea what a trial is, the prosecutors ( the House of Representatives ) call their witnesses and present their case to the jury ( Senate ) for a finding of guilt or innocent. Hearsay is not admissible in court something else they lack in understanding. It is only a very few Hollywood stars that understand the lies of the Deep State and voice their opinions and the American public stands with them and thanks them for their courage.

  38. Does this ignite a light above your head? These people are what is in our schools nowadays. They are “brainwashing “ our youth of today. Remember when Nikita Krushev (so?) said they would capture America without firing a shot? Well, thanks to the Devil’s influence, they low life DemonRats are trying their best to make it happen. Think of that when you go to the polls to cast your vote, next time. VOTE but for the sake of ALL Americans, VOTE REPUBLICAN. God gave US Trump and gave him great wisdom as possibly our last chance to save this country and our freedoms. Let US NOT Waste It.

  39. As a retired elementary, I am angered and saddened that someone who is allowed around impressionable children shows so much hatred and poor-judgment. He needs to find another line of work — because he has decided to become a Leftist propagandist rather than a teacher.

  40. Fire the hate filled moron with NO pay. Calling the school to tell them my sentiments. The DEMONrats sure are destroying all the good the USA stands for. God bless and speedy recovery for Rush.

  41. It’s interesting how those who SAY they are “Liberal” hardly ever stand up to the test oc why that means.
    When I grew up a Liberal was someone with an open mind. willing to listen to other ideas, and IF they thought your facts and “argument” were valid might even be willing to change their minds. And if they didn’t then everyone would leave with the idea of live and let live, willing to agree to disagree and nothing personal.
    And part of this problem is that HATE will destroy you from within.just look at the faces of those “democrats” who are constantly negative and fighting Trump. You see in their faces the rewards of all of these actions. Plus it is easy to hate – it is tough to do the
    right thing and try and make the world better.

    • there is no reason someone should hate another for what they believe in, or in Rush’s case, what he might comment on…..he doesnt hate anyone, he just voices his conservative beliefs…..i have yet not heard Rush, Trump, or any other conservative actually say they hate someone or something. the hate always seems to stem from the democrats.

  42. Sarandos needs to suffer a stroke that makes it impossible for him to wipe his own ass. Maybe his loved ones would leave him rotting in the dirt.

  43. As evidenced by the hateful liberals, “the lowest form of knowledge is an opinion”! Remember, ” all the facts in the world are meaningless to an idiot” aka liberal!

  44. The next time around I’ll have 86 candles on my B cake and during all the years I’ve made a point of voting for who I considered best to fill the position or address the situation, no matter which position or which party, D or R. Having said that, those who know me, many times seem surprized when I question their’s or other’s comments about a certain situation or person. Many, and I mean a lot, of the Democratic voices are mean-spirited, vengeful and somtimes down right nasty without any qualification.

  45. It’s amazing how low people will go to be evil. I was taught even if you didnt like the person who had a disease you merely said nothing or said I’m sorry to hear that. Where has civility and human kindness gone.

  46. That teacher should not be allowed to teach our children! All Americans have an opinion but when they are teaching our children they should be held to the highest standards!

  47. It’s so disgusting and sad to know a teacher can be so harsh and cold heart the I ask: what he is teaching our children? How to be cold and revanchist when something don’t go the same way you go?!… that kind of teacher we don’t need in our schools, to dangerous

  48. If I hear anyone that delights in the pending death of ANYONE i will just ask
    one simple question “What the hell is wrong with you”.

  49. This is why I don’t think ANY teacher has the right to preach their hateful political views to our children! They should have to state pure “FACTS” only & let the individual student make their OWN conclusion upon the facts presented.. I am totally against the radical left teachings to our young students. When will they EVER learn? Glad this teacher has been caught & suspended!

  50. There are some real a–holes out there, and to think, he’s a teacher affecting no telling how many people. He is bruised, mentally. Karma will prevail.

  51. Karma is a wonderful thing. To
    A. O. C. and that other waste of humanity, Travis Sarandos, the Milwaukee Teacher. What you wish on Rush, should happen to you 1000 times worse. Remember what I Beloved POTUS Donald J Trump said. ” America will never be a Socialist Country.”
    Long Live POTUS Donald J Trump, the greatest and most Superlative president this we ever had.
    There is a special place in Hell for people like A. O. C. and Sarandos.


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