Ted Cruz Calls Out Who Paid For The Iranian Missiles Fired On American Base

(Tea Party PAC) – During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed that evening’s attack on a US military base in Iraq on the part of an angered Iranian government.

The attack was in retaliation to a strike President Donald Trump ordered on the Baghdad International Airport following an attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad last week. The strike had eliminated top Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani.

Sen. Cruz maintained that our president was entirely justified in ordering the airstrike.

He also added that the Democrats and the media who are feigning fear of World War III are simply acting out of hysteria and their obsessive anti-everything-Trump-ever-does stance.

He went on to make the very astute note that the missiles who struck the US base were most likely financed by money delivered to Iran from…you guessed it! The United States, most particularly, the Obama administration when he was forking over cash to the largest state sponsor of terror as part of the very suspect Iran deal.

“If you look at Iran policy, I think you’ve seen a dramatic shift,” he explained.

“Under Barack Obama, as you noted, the policy was appeasement. The policy under the disastrous Iran nuclear deal under Obama was to give over $100 billion to Iran. They literally flew $1.7 billion in cash, in unmarked bills on pallettes in the dead of night into Iran,” he said.

“In a very real sense,” he continued, “the missiles that we saw fired on U.S. servicemen and women tonight were paid for by the billions the Obama administration flooded the Ayatollah with. If history teaches anything, it’s don’t give billions of dollars to people who hate you and want to kill you.”

Damn right, Sen. Cruz!

The Obama-era deal was nothing more than taxpayer dollars being sent to the Islamic Republic with free reign to continue with most of their nuclear development.

As the Epoch Times reported in 2018, when Trump withdrew from the disastrous deal:

When Iran was forced to the negotiating table, the United States had the high ground and Congress was pushing for deeper sanctions. Then-President Barack Obama met with the Iranian regime to strike a deal.

Rather than leverage Iran’s failing situation, however, Obama negotiated a deal that would allow Iran to continue to develop most of its nuclear program, with the exception of the weaponized core.


  1. We are Americans. Our power lies in our heritage. We believe in faith, honor, courage, family, GOD and freedom. As believers we are not limited to guns and bullets for “the weapons of our warfare are not Carnal but powerful to the pulling down of the strongholds of the enemy.” We are not limited to lying down and letting these enemies walk over us. It is time to organize and pray wherever we can for God to come and save our nation and our culture. Pray, Americans in your highways and byways, in your homes and churches, in your parks and palaces, hard Nd long. Pray!

  2. Obama gave that money to Iran so that Iran would arm itself to destroy Israel since Obama is a Muslim and wants Israel to be destroyed.

  3. Cruz is right again….I can’t stand that PIG Kenyan treacherous “mooslim”!! He should be made to PAY for all-his-crimes…..Instead we give this POS a fat, monthly pension + all the Benefits!!

    Our *System* needs to be CHANGED!! UNpatriotic traitors never seem to pay-a-price for their in-your-face treachery – towards America!! Where are the “retired snipers”??

  4. Don’t trust Muslims who believe in killing infidals who don’t believe in their god. If they kill us they automatically go to their heaven so you cant reason with them.

  5. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many of the Deep State are very Thick with all of our Enemies! They need to be invested and charged with Treason!

    They have sold out The American People!

  6. Sen. Cruz: Everybody talks about this cash flow from Obama to Iran….when is the congress going to act on this and these investigators quit babbling about “Oh there’s not enough evidence to bring charges against Obama….and the Clinton broad who gave 20 percent of our uranium to Russia….and all the lies under their oath of office from Pelosi, Schumer Schiff, and all these other evildoers” . . what’s the hold up…or coverup that’s going on with these anti-Americans…..and that’s what thjey are because they sure aren’t taking care of our nation…..it’s time for them to leave….isn’t all this garbage the dems have been peddling some kind of high treason against America???? If it was one of us out here, they would have had us under the jail a long time ago….

    • Dan, it doesn’t make any difference how dirty the Kenyan coon was. They will never do anything to the first coon.

  7. Obama hates America and is a Muslim so naturally he would give billions to Iran, Uranium to Russia via Clinton and our enemies to use against us. Only a stupid blinded indoctrinated Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat voter doesn’t know this.

  8. I have to comment that anyone who believes the Democrats have anything of interest except their self interest is simply delusional. If you do not have the U. S. A. as your main interest for being in Washington, you should never be voted, hired or appointed to any position of authority in the U. S. A. The list of those to whom this would apply is longer than the space available here.

  9. It does seem that Ted Cruz is telling lies, now the money Iran got was their own money plus some interest that was returned to them through court ordered agreement. none of it was tax payer money, the USA collected more interest on
    Irans money held in the USA since 1979, so the fact is that if the money had been in some other country they would have gotten about 2 times what they did get from the USA.

    • So in your thoughts, it’s OK that the nigger gave them the money, to finance killing more Americans. You sound like a NiggeRAT.

  10. I wonder how much of that money was funneled back in the democratic coffers r better yet into pockets of the Obama’s or other persons of the swamp.


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