Ted Cruz Destroys Leftists Who Don’t Think Trump Has The Right To Call In Hunter Biden Or Whistleblower In Impeachment Hearing

(Tea Party PAC) – When it comes to the Constitution, you don’t want to mess around with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who memorized most of the document when he was a young man and is one of the foremost scholars in constitutional law in the country.

In fact, anyone who dares to challenge the meaning of the Constitution is in for a rude awakening when Cruz steps up to the plate. The Texan recently took leftists to task for thinking that President Trump doesn’t have the right to call in Hunter Biden or the “whistleblower” in order to defend himself in the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Senator Ted Cruz joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

Senator Cruz discussed the likely process in the upcoming impeachment trial in the US Senate.

Ted Cruz argued that President Trump should be allowed to call any witness he wants to in order to defend himself.

Senator Ted Cruz: If the president wants to call Hunter Biden, if the president wants to call the whistleblower due process mandates that we allow the president to defend himself, to make his case. So I think we should do so.

Senator Cruz then went on to argue the current charges will be tossed out immediately because they do not come close to being “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

Cruz has also stated that he doesn’t believe the two articles of impeachment passed against President Trump meet the requirement set forth by the Constitution.

Here’s more from Real Clear Politics:

Sen. Ted Cruz explained why he thinks the two articles of impeachment against President Trump are “laughable” during an interview with FNC’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

MARIA BARTIROMO: Welcome back. And now it goes to the Senate, in a historic week in Washington, where the House of Representatives brought two articles of impeachment and impeached President Trump. Now, the articles go to the Senate. But how soon might that happen? Joining me right now with reaction is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, on the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees. And Senator, it is always a pleasure to see you.

SEN. TED CRUZ: It’s great to be with you, Maria. Thanks.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Thank you so much for joining us. So, Nancy Pelosi said, after the impeachment, that maybe she’ll sit on the articles of impeachment before sending it over to you and your colleagues in the Senate. Can she do that?

TED CRUZ: You know, you can’t make this up. Listen, I think this is a sign of weakness. This is a sign she understands just how weak these articles are. And these articles of impeachment that they actually voted on were really an admission of failure. The House Democrats haven’t alleged any high crimes and misdemeanors, much less proven any. And so now, Pelosi is in a situation that she knows when it goes to the Senate, it’s going to be a fair trial. We’re going to give both sides the opportunity to present their case. We’re going to protect due process. But she also knows the result of a fair trial is these impeachment claims are going to be thrown out, because they haven’t met the constitutional standard.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Do you want to see witnesses in a Senate trial?

TED CRUZ: I would. But let me tell you how I think it’s likely to play out. The trial will start in early January. It’ll start with the chief justice of the United States swearing in all 100 senators. It will then shift to the House managers presenting to their case. That will probably take several days. They’ll stand up. They’ll walk through evidence. They’ll make arguments. Then it will shift to the White House, to the defense team for the president making their case. And the president is going to have a full and fair opportunity to defend himself. It then will shift to questions. Now, here’s where it’s a little weird. I think some people, having seen what happened in the House, they’re expecting in the Senate to see a bunch of senators asking questions.

Well, the Senate impeachment rules prohibit any senator from speaking in open session, in other words, when the TV cameras are on.

So, you’re not going to see Elizabeth Warren and me going 15 rounds on the Senate floor — because that’s not allowed. We’re both going to be sitting quietly at our desks. Now, we can submit questions, but the questions have to be in writing. And so, we can write out the question. We hand them down. And the chief justice asks the questions from the senators. I think, at that point, we’re likely to recess and have a discussion. I think one of two things will happen. One, it is possible that a majority of the Senate will be prepared. “Let’s move forward, let’s vote. They haven’t met their threshold. They haven’t come close. Let’s reject these claims.” I think that’s an outcome that could happen.


TED CRUZ: Secondly, there could well be a procedural fight. “Do we need more evidence? Do we need more witnesses?” in which case, that question is decided by 51 senators. Every legal question — the chief justice can rule in the first instance, but the chief justice can be overruled by 51 senators. I think John Roberts is very likely to follow the Rehnquist precedent and just defer the procedural questions to the Senate, which means if 51 Republicans agree — we can resolve any legal issue. And to me, that means, if the president wants to call Hunter Biden, if the president wants to call the whistleblower, due process mandates that we allow the president to defend himself, to make his case. And so, I think we should do so, but that’s a decision, in the first place, for the president and the White House legal team.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Based on what you know today, do you expect any Republicans to vote to impeach in the Senate?

TED CRUZ: You know, I don’t. It is certainly possible. And then — there are a couple that could vote that way. But I think anyone voting on the facts, anyone voting on the law, this is a very easy vote. What they have alleged is not a high crime or misdemeanor. You know, as weak — there’s two articles. The first article is just this amorphous “abuse of power” — which, by the way, is maladministration. It’s literally the term that was rejected in the Constitutional Convention. That’s what they’re alleging.

That plainly doesn’t meet the constitutional threshold. The second article, though, is orders of magnitude weaker. So, the second article is obstruction of Congress. And interestingly enough, people are used to obstruction of justice.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Yeah. I’ve never heard of obstruction of Congress, but I’ve heard of obstruction of power or —

TED CRUZ: Well, and obstruction —

MARIA BARTIROMO: Obstruction of justice.

TED CRUZ: Obstruction of justice is a crime. It’s a felony. It’s a serious felony.

MARIA BARTIROMO: But they named it “obstruction of Congress.”

TED CRUZ: Because they couldn’t prove obstruction of justice. By the way, Bill Clinton —


TED CRUZ: — was impeached on obstruction of justice. Richard Nixon was going to be impeached on obstruction of justice. They couldn’t prove obstruction of justice. The basis for their so-called obstruction of Congress claim is that the president and aides in the executive asserted privileges. That’s it. That — for example, when they wanted John Bolton to testify, John Bolton, national security advisor of the president — his lawyer went to a federal district court and said, “The House has asked me to testify. The White House is asserting executive privilege. Your honor, what do I do? Judge, I’ve got two conflicting demands here. I’ll do what you tell me to, your honor.” You know what the House Democrats did? They said, “Never mind.”

They just backed away. They didn’t subpoena Bolton. They didn’t litigate it.


TED CRUZ: Remember, the Nixon case was litigated all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? The U.S. Supreme Court, at the end of the day, ordered the White House to hand over the White House tape. And I think, two days later, Richard Nixon resigned. That’s how you actually fight these matters.


TED CRUZ: The House Democrats didn’t do that. Instead, their assertion is simply claiming a privilege is an impeachable offense. If that were true, all 45 presidents — going back to George Washington, every one of them would have committed impeachable offenses. That’s just laughable.

MARIA BARTIROMO: This is a new precedent; it sure is.

This whole thing has been nothing more than a witch hunt by radical progressives who are ticked off that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and thus stalled their plans to transform America into a socialist country.

In fact, they have so obsessed over getting rid of Trump that they’ve neglected to do anything for the upcoming 2020 election, in which they’ll no doubt be facing off against the current president and will end up with another mark in the loss column.





  1. Liberalism is a disease that metastasizes itself by feeding on the constant over and over same lies presented to the masses. Tell the same lie constantly to the uninformed results in that person(s) believing it to be truth. Democrats and their loyal perpetrators, all of the major known media outlets, the Hollywood elitists (especially the lunatic Robert de Niro), the “Squad socialist/communist girls”, the beauties on the TV show “The View”, and most of all the “should have been put-out-to-pasture” decades ago likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nadler, Durbin, Adam Schift, and our extremely liberal minded college professors indoctrinating the country’s young minds believing that Marxism is a “good thing” for governing the “Republic” of the USA. Non-Constitutionalists are rampant in this country,,,,,,WHY!!!!!! Like his style or not, at least and for the GOOD of this nation, Trump is doing his best to correct decades of problems that have been instilled and over-looked by BOTH parties. Hopefully he can continue his mission of “correcting the blown-off-course” of our wonderful nation for 5 more years as he faces the many obstacles thrown daily in his face by the “radical rabid lefties” all around him.

  2. This is just a ploy by the socialist/communists that have taken over what WAS the democratic party. Nancy is fearful she’ll lose her power! The tribe of muslim/communist TRASH in the new socialist party have scared all the swamp dwellers into thinking they’ll lose there big jobs and fancy perks! America and It’s “snowflake kiddies” and bleeding heart lib’s better wake up, cast the educational elites aside and get on with REAL LIFE!

  3. So molly, you seem to be under the illusion that our economy under Trump sucks. Eight yrs. of Obama’s economic brilliance gave us at best 1.8% growth and he Evan stated it would never get any better. President Trump proved that to be a lie. As far as the Russians, who can forget Obama’s open mic statement “after the election I will be much more flexible “ to Putin. Trumps has placed severe restrictions on Russia And is aiding the Ukraine in their fight against Russian domination. And let’s not forget 40 million spent on the Meuller investigation for 3 yrs. that turned up zilch. Me thinks you are suffering a severe case of TDS.

  4. I think Molly’smagic 56 is a Russian subverter. Obama was the biggest Traitor this country has ever seen and he is still trying everything possible to topple this country and turn the United States into a Socialists country. These liberal socialist will never stop attacking until they destroy this country. The Democrats mantra is simple: they and the Soros controlled Media will tell the American public lies over and over until the weak minded believe them. Trump has turned the economy around and stalled the Liberal Socialist plans for the government to control everything we do and everything we think just like they do in China and Russia. Our schools are successfully indoctrinating our children to be “entitled Snowflakes” that think the government should provide everyone everything they want or need. Who do they think will pay for that. Everybody in America will then be in poverty and subjected to complete Government control. Wake up America, put a stop to this Extreme Liberalism now. Vote these socialist out at every level of government now or our children will never know (or live) the meaning of Freedom.

  5. Now whee in anycourt in this USA cn you cll in someone who is not part of the charges against the person on trial, this is called confusion tactics and never allowed, when you presen the witnesses youa re going to call you have to say how and what they are going to testify to. Now not one charge in the impeachment says one word about Biden, and the law says the whistle blower in not an accuser the people who did the investigation are the accusers and everyone knows that because ther are many lawyers who would advise them of that.
    Cruz just ants a chance to try to disgrace Trump and make it so no more whitle blowers report possible crimes.

    • Your final sentence “Cruz just ants a chance to try to disgrace Trump and make it so no more whitle blowers report possible crimes.” is a contradiction. Disgracing President Trump is the whole purpose of the so-called whistle blowers report. Since Senator Cruz has won 5 of the 9 cases he has argued in the Supreme Court, I would trust his interpretations of the trial more than yours. By the way, by your theory about confusion tactics there would be zero witnesses at any trial since the accused is not able to be forced to testify against himself. The accused is the only person ‘part of the charges’. Ever hear of ‘alibi witness’ or ‘testimony to motive’?

  6. Juliet, the author of the Law is Moses.

    In the New Testament, the term “The Law and the Prophets” mean two major divisions of the Old Testament. The Law, or Law of Moses, consists of the first five books of the Old Testament, known as the Torah in Hebrew and the Pentateuch in Greek. The Prophets consists of several books grouped into different arrangements according to Jewish or Christian tradition.

    • I’m not really sure why you felt it necessary to “correct” her claim that God was the author of the law.
      Especially since it appears you believe in the legitimacy of the scriptures. All of the Bible is authored by God, including the law. Moses was merely the scribe God used to pass those books to us. Your correction was in error.

  7. Yes-s-s-s!
    The Democrats are doing it to themselves. The best way to describe it is that they are sore losers, and also bullies. My grandchildren don’t throw tantrums and pout as much as the Democrats.

    I would really like to see Chief Justice Roberts tell the Senate that due to the fact that the Constitution requires a high crime or misdemeanor for any article of impeachment, that he has no choice but to throw out the entire process. He should tell the House that they are wasting time and the taxpayers’ money, and to “Get to the business of legislating!”

  8. I call your BS. Americans are stupid, they listen to a reality TV personality with his network fox, who ignores our allies, loves our enemies and tried to get dirt on his political enemy via bribery. Evil plot, no you are being scammed by the biggest con man in the US. The man on the street who said trump is not our president is hoping to dump this conman, traitor and total waste, that we in NY know. People went bankrupt because of him, while he was bankrupt x6? Genius or jerk. Which are you.

    • The House of Representatives disagrees with you. They did not claim bribery in the articles of impeachment. Besides which, the bribery crime referenced in the constitution is the taking of, not the offering of. Ignores our allies – how? Funny way to show love by imposing the toughest sanctions ever done by the United States. Changing the ROE so the caliphate was crushed in 10 months and not the 10 years the previous administration claimed it would take. He had four companies (out of 500) that went bankrupt, big deal. Detroit went bankrupt thanks to the Democrats so tell us, which is worst a company or four versus what was a major manufacturing city?

    • Mollymagic I think your magic wand is malfunctioning!! Try being objective not subjective. If you haven’t figured out that the political status-quo has been sticking it to you for years you have a definite malfunction!

  9. One can only hope that the Democrats become an endangered (if not totally EXTINCT) species after the 2020 elections (preferably BEFORE the elections)!

  10. Senator Cruz,
    Your explanation to Maria
    Bartiromo and to the American people about this, witch hunt, impeachment was so eloquent! I’m proud that you are from the State of Texas and represent the truth for Americans nationwide and my beloved state, Texas, as well!
    God bless you and God Bless The United States of America !

    • Unfortunately for you, that is trump, ivanka, jared, pompeiio, etc. These are traitors to democracy. Today the embassy in Iraq was attacked. Sound like Iran 1979? Because your fuehrer attacked the iraq/iranian soldiers(where we still have soldiers). He gave up the entire middle east to iran/ russia, who is now practicing military exercising with the russians and chinese. America is going under with trump, the communists are winning and you have your head in the sand. Listen to trump, he lies hourly, by minute and wont tell you the truth,EVER. We are losing the war with enemies, and our allies dont trust us a minute. Progress???? we are low all due to your fuehrer. You do know what happened to the last one?

    • God has nothing to do with this. Trump is destroying democracy and you are waiting for God? well when you speak russian, continue to follow putin, you may wake up and realize god is in your mind and not coming to visit. If he is, a lot late since trump has already fraternized with enemies, alienated our allies and destroyed our democracy. Hope you have no kids, because they will know they hell you placed on them.

  11. Hello! Want to know what I think? I think Pelosi is sitting on the articles, because they KNOW this whole thing is a sham, BUT, I really think they are doing this, holding the articles, because they think THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE STUPID, and will have this IN THEIR MINDS right before the election. That’s their evil plot. I mean, I saw a “man on the street” type thing the other day, and some of the people being questioned ACTUALLY THINK OUR PRESIDENT IS NO LONGER OUR PRESIDENT!! So, it may work on SOME people, but they are mistaken if they think that all of us are MORONS!!

    • Start learning russian. You are a fool, following a corrupt fool. Good luck with that. He screwed NY, NJ, destroyed companies since not paid, and now he is in controll of our economy. Shame on us, inviting a corrupt family into the WH

  12. The almighty God is the author of the Law and it will be done according to His laws which are fair, exacting and with purpose. So far, nothing the Democrats have presented proves that President Trump has broken any laws. He has just used his rights as a citizen to defend himself and he is innocent until proven guilty. The democrats will realize that God holds man accountable for the position that he assumes over the nation and therefore, the democrats will be judged accordingly and what they wanted to do to President Trump will be done to them. God hates injustice and false accusations.


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