Ted Cruz Slams Deep State FBI: “This Wasn’t Jason Bourne, This Was Beavis And Butthead”

(Tea Party PAC) – On Wednesday, a very fired-up Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed the Deep State for spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, declaring that the errors made were “are grotesque abuses of power.”

Cruz is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which was holding a hearing featuring testimony from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who released his 434-page report on FISA abuses during the 2016 election.

The report details how the secret court came to approve the FBI’s requests to spy on the Trump campaign, which Cruz called “a stunning indictment of the FBI and the Department of Justice, of a pattern of abusive power.”

Cruz declared that he’s “angry,” and that the numerous errors in obtaining the green light to conduct the surveillance in the report “should be deeply chilling” to all Americans.

As Cruz put it, the report lays out “17 major errors and misstatements that were made by the FBI or DOJ” in securing warrants.

“A number of them are deeply deeply troubling, these are not typos. These are not small inadvertent errors. These are grotesque abuses of power,” he said.

In his questioning of DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Cruz walked through some of the many errors and misstatements.

He zeroed in on one specific instance, in which an email had been deliberately altered to drastically change its content.

“The men and women sitting at home need to know what’s happening: A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email. That is in turn used as the basis for a sworn to the court that the court relies on in issuing authority to wiretap Trump campaign officials. Am I stating that accurately.”

“That’s correct,” Horowitz said. “That is what occurred.”

“And by the way, what he inserted was not just slightly wrong, it was 180 degree opposite of what the evidence said!” Cruz stated.

He then pointed out that the Steele Dossier, which was full of allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Trump campaign officials, all to be later discredited, was funded by the Democrats.

He rightly noted that the dossier was the “most effective oppo research dump in history” because “the Department of Justice and the FBI were perfectly happy to be hatchet men for this oppo research dump.”

After detailing all the major errors, Cruz finished on a very dramatic note.

“What was going on here, this wasn’t Jason Bourne, this was Beavis and Butthead,” Cruz said, to laughter in the chamber.


  1. I WANT TO CHANGE COURSE FOR A MOMENT. I repeatedly heard yesterday about this letter of july 25th… Well the democrats want to use this letter to justify their impeachment.
    BUT i never heard not one of the demcroats or republican, echo, why the President held the money… THE REASON, AND YES the President to ask questions… here is what i wanted to hear??? I waited over and over to hear “just one” of the republicans, make a comment, that this was a new President, and TRUMP, HAD the authority to “withhole” the funds, until he was sure that the new guy had enough time in office to be sure, (before waisting the taxpayers moneys), before giving it to another traitor in office. ALSO THE DEMOCRATS USED THAT FUNDING WAS GIVEN FOR THE YEARS OF 2017, 2018 AND NOT 2019. I have already answered my question, BUT the democrats tryed their best to spread false belief, it was to find trash on the bidens and get try to get voters to believe them. I HOPE EVERYONE OF THEM can not and will not “ever” sleep well with their decisions, CAUSE GOD, see’s all, and when they meet their JUDGEMENT DAY, THEY will be confronted again, WHY???

  2. We all know what really happened….The point is – when are the investigations going to begin into the FBI and DOJ?? That is the $64,000 question!!

  3. Unfortunately we have lost sight of the real crimes! Joe Biden and his family sold influence, used Quid Pro Quo, securing major construction contracts in the Middle East for his brother, securing investment money and a board seat for his son! Then bragging on his ability to force countries to fire their own investigators! So when can’t a President enforce the laws? Joe was his worst enemy, he bragged about it!
    Is this why Hillary has to run, to avoid prosecution of her foundation and her server. By the way didn’t she and her gang actually do what President Trump has been accused of why she held office?

    • and the taxpayers want to know how our monies are used. and WE THE PEOPLE want to know why obama and obiden are getting away with this. they wanted the “deep state” OBAMA) NOT SOROS, both the instigators that are creating this publicity to confuse, and delay, but WE want answers, AND DIDN’T (Hillary) do the same and the deep state wants us to “sweep it under the rug”, but WE THE PEOPLE want them to be held for there crimes that our money was used by them, but, no we don’t think the AG will do that, and he will get to the problem and charge them appropriately…..

  4. Hard to believe these people are that stupid. This is an abomination, not an attempt to impeach a man without fault. Whether or not ANYONE likes or dislikes President Trump is irrelevant. That he is doing what is right (and legal), is what counts. Our true
    hope is that the people that started this foolish mess are held accountable for ALL they have attempted to do in this matter.

  5. He’s correct! . . . These perpetrators of this crime (as well as the others like this IMPEACHMENT SCAM) need to be LOCKED or in HANDCUFFS for SEDITION and TREASON, in prison awaiting trial. They need to be removed from Public Office/job ASAP. Thank you Ted Cruz! – One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  6. Mr Cruz we firmly believe in you. You are a tireless watchdog. We do find it hard to believe these idiots are not in prison or in front of a firing squad we do realize that they are either Brain dead or so far left they are controlled by whoever pays the most. Please stay your path

  7. What in the hell Koolaid are you drinking? And what kind of “trial” only includes prosecution testimony? You are the Buthead type he speaks of.

  8. Now Cruz is no different than any other defence lawyer, when you do not havbe a defence for your client, then you throw BS in the game to try to confuse the jury, which in this case it is the American people because the Senate has already decided before any evidence was or will be presented.
    Now everything has been done in accordance with the Constitution of this USA, now in the House the House can make the rules about how they want to handle it, and once it gets to the trial in the Senate the Senate will say how they wsant to handle the impeachment.
    Now when Trump is the only Presidential Candidsate in recent history to have so many Russian Intelliogence agents involved in his campaign, then why would the FBI not be interested in everything going on.

    • Robert, Have you been watching or reading anything about this BS impeachment? they’ve shown absolutely nothing, have made a sham of the whole process, and then you state what you did? You’re not too bright, are you?


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