Terror: Bloody Jihad Attack Rocks Europe As Coronavirus Rages

(Tea Party PAC) – The coronavirus has not stopped jihadi attacks in Europe.

A Sudanese migrant shouting “Allahu Akbar!” went on a stabbing spree in France over the weekend, killing two and wounding “at least” seven others.

Unsurprisingly, the suspected perpetrator is said to be a 30-something asylum seeker.

The attack began outside a bakery in Romans-sur-Isère, which is in the south-east of the country.

Outlets including the MailOnline broke the story, citing local media.

Later, the BBC would report, without mentioning that the man hailed from Sudan and had cried out “Allahu Akbar!” before launching his attack, that he had attacked the shopkeeper and customers at a tobacconist before moving on to a nearby butcher’s shop.

These first reports indicate that a butcher and tobacconist customer were among those who have already died.

France’s interior minister, Christophe Castaner, offered his condolences to the victims, five of which remain in critical condition.

He also confirmed that the suspect is under arrests and that investigators continue to confirm his motives. His roommate is also said to be under arrest.

It sounds like he made his motives pretty clear.

Are we seriously going to be coy about the intentions of a man hailing from a Muslim-majority nation going on a stabbing spree and shouting “Allahu Akbar!”


  1. since western countries aren’t capable of learning the solution to illegal immigration
    cut off their $$ and close our borders.
    duh …

  2. We have enough terrorists incarcerated. We need to execute the same number commensurate with their death toll each time this happens. We must deal with the enemy and match him/her Measure for Measure. Isaac Newton said every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This is the true nature of things. When they are honorable we will be.

  3. And let’s just lift the sanctions on Iran huh AOC. Proof that Muslims will never be a part of the western civilization and it’s about time every country realizes it. How many more has to die. They use political correctness and the politicians and their puppets fall for it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the blow up a whole state. But I’m sure the democrats would still stick up and say they’re good people. We learned nothing from 911. They learned they can do what they want and not be prosecuted. They’re taking over the world and being allowed to do so.


  5. If I received a message from the Interior Minister I would write “return to sender” on it and drop it back in the mail. What an insult – who needs his condolences? They need him to do his damn job.

  6. As my friend from India says, there are no good Muslims. Christians believe every word in our bible is true. If Muslims believe the same of the Koran, then they believe to kill all the infadels. That is anyone that is not a Muslim. Wake up everyone and do not let political correctness be another weapon for them.

  7. What’s the issue, here? God is protecting Christian Europe, isn’t he? Or maybe this is one of his ways of weeding out those who are true believers from those who are not, or those following the wrong branch of faith? Surely he won’t permit his true worshippers to come to harm? Or maybe, in his mercy, he’s calling his most beloved to heaven with him early, to escape the coming apocalypse? Maybe he’s using the Muslim “terrorists” to do his bidding by calling his most beloved home ahead of time? Or perhaps allah is simply the stronger deity? Oh, it’s all so very clear, so we can know what to do. Or, it’s just another one of god’s mysterious, inscrutable ways that man cannot comprehend or influence. Either way, god’s in charge so it’s all good, right? See, mystery solved! Just carry on and don’t worry about it! You’re welcome!

    • LaDeeDa try reading Revelation’s in the bible and you will understand what is going on. You obviously don’t believe in God from your comments and I really feel sorry for you! We were given free will by God and sad to say you as well as others have chosen to lean toward evil and satan! On judgement day you will learn the truth since you are blind to it now! I will pray for you.

  8. ALL ragheads must DIE! We can start with Ilhan Omar (if that’s her real name) and Rashida Tlaib, then work our way UP from there! A recent meme depicts Omar as stating that (and I quote) “WE ARE NOT HERE TO BE PART OF AMERICA. WE ARE HERE TO TAKE OVER AMERICA!”
    Another meme features Rashida Tlaib grinning while pointing to a poster of Linda Sarsour (that Palestinian b*tch) she’s holding in her other hand (the poster, not the b*tch). While I’m at it, I might as well add Linda Sarsour to the (shit)list. We’ve had about enough of her tripe as well!

  9. This is outrageous, they must cut his chocolate allowance for a month. These Muslim terrorists need to see we are really serious about stopping these unfortunate accidental knife stabbings.

    • Roger that. I love sarcasm, it highlights the insulting way that the elite think we are stupid.

    • Lookout as we can plainly see here that since the UK people are not allowed to have guns then the muslims will turn to knives or anything else that will get the job done. This is what will happen here if the democrat’s are ever able to take our guns. We will be left defenseless and unable to protect ourselves. And this is their plan, this way they will then have all the power, money and control over our lives and we won’t be able to do anything about it!

  10. We the bastards ,stupid brainless innocent citizens must be allowed to sue the damn governments who allows terrorists here to kill us ??????????

  11. Well, they invited them, and didnt learn the lesson from Nice, and keep taking their boats full of muslems in. What do you expect to happen? I am not surprised.

  12. This radical behavior in the midst of a world pandemic needs to be handled with brutal honesty and like wise punishment . This dodging the term radical Islam and trying to cover the reasons for these attacks is as appalling as the attack itself . In this time in history both the pandemic which by the way is from ( China) like the last 3 deadly world pandemics and from there disregard for air born humans to human transmission and both need to be dealt with harshly . Suspend all commerce with China for 6 months from US and allies and for radical Islam treat them
    As they treat other religions put pigs blood on them in public view and sentence them to prisoner death after this ritual they seem to desiccate all religions it’s seems only fare they get a taste of there own medicine .

    • Prison, my hind end!! Hang them publicly, then bury them with pig entrails. There was an officer in the Philippines during WWII that did that (actually he lined them up and shot them); and it stopped Muslim attacks for decades.

  13. Biden and Sanders to piece of shit bags who hide in There basement ;when the war is over come out to claim victory and then say I’m your savior , like they did for 50 years

  14. Now everything should be judged on the facts, not on personal opinion of those who spend most of their time pushing hate for a religious group, just because they live in a life of misinformation and hate pushed on by other Muslim haters.

    • Yeah, right, Robert. Those poor refuges don’t have any sources of information like computers and television news outlets. Oh, that’s right; Europe mostly gets their news from CNN. I take back my disdain for your comment .


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