Thanks, Mr. President: Number Of Americans Who Believe Lives Will Improve Due To Strong Economy In 2020 Is Staggering

(Tea Party PAC) – People on the left would have you believe that the vast majority of American citizens in this country hate President Donald Trump and want to see the man booted from office, hence why they took action to have him impeached. They want to kick him out because he beat the socks off Hillary and has been demonstrating that their economic policies are garbage.

Can’t have folks seeing the truth, can we?

Problem is, Trump’s policies have already shown folks the light. The truth is indeed out there, Agent Mulder, and it’s bad news for the Democrats.

The economy has improved so greatly over the last few years, thanks to Trump, that Americans are more optimistic than ever that their lives are going to improve in 2020.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

A new poll finds that 80 percent of Americans believe their lives will get better in the coming year, and it’s all about the economy and Trump.

The Democrats and their friends in the media may not understand it, but average working people do.

USA Today reports:

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll this month asked Americans if they thought things would get better or worse in their own lives in 2020. By an overwhelming 80% to 11%, they predicted their lives would be better. That optimism stretched across demographic lines, although men had a more positive outlook than women (83% vs. 76%) and Southerners a more positive outlook than Midwesterners (84% vs. 74%).

In follow-up interviews, those surveyed often mentioned the strong economy when asked what’s ahead for them.

“My life’s going pretty well,” said Alex Foss, 28, a construction inspector from Lakeland, Florida. “I’m under 30, and I’m making more money each year.” He sees fellow millennials in his neighborhood buying homes and starting families.

By about a 3-to-1 ratio (63% vs. 22%), those surveyed also predicted things would get better next year for their communities…

Asked about the country’s prospects, respondents tended to mention President Donald Trump.

Amy Locklear, 45, a retired teacher and Army veteran from Maxton, North Carolina, said she’s optimistic as long as Trump stays in office. “He gets things done,” she said. “I just want someone who does what they’ve promised.”

This is definitely a big improvement.

The Washington Times reports:

High marks for the Trump economy:

President Trump’s economy is a resounding success — so far.

Economic growth has averaged 2.6 percent — the Bush and Obama presidencies together posted less than 2 percent. Historically low unemployment is promoting greater racial and gender equality.

Wages are advancing at about a 3.7 percent annual pace after falling to 2.5 percent during the final years of the Obama presidency. Gains are increasingly flowing to lower income Americans and minorities, as blue collar industries like construction and maintenance face shortages of workers. The president’s apprenticeship program is opening new high-paying opportunities across the economy for non-college bound youth.

In November, women rose to fully half of all non-farm employees. In 2018, women opened businesses at nearly twice the pace as during the prior six years, and college women are shifting in greater numbers to once male-dominated higher-paying college majors. Those should do a great deal to substantially reduce the gender pay gap.

If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the wails and cries of liberals throwing tantrums over the fact they will be forced to sit through another four years of Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Heck, if these improvements continue, they might be in for another Republican president after him too.

We can all hope and pray, right?

Anyway, this poll is great news for Trump. It means what he’s doing is having a positive impact on people’s lives and there’s no greater way to persuade people to back you than producing results for them. This is a lesson Democrats need to learn if they want to be politically competitive.



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