The Blue Collar Workers Joe Biden Just Threw Under The Bus Seeing Huge Wage Growth Under Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – Recently, when asked if he would opt for “green” energy infrastructure even if it cost perhaps millions of blue-collar workers their job, former Vice President Joe Biden replied, without missing a beat, that he’d absolutely throw these rust-belt Americans under the bus.

As if Biden had anything redeemable about his campaign. If he did, however, this would be a key mistake, considering this is a key demographic that Trump won over from the Democrats in 2016 and has so far failed to get back.

Now, we are learning that working-class Americans have seen a massive wage hike under Trump.

Breitbart reports:

The bottom 25 percent of American wage earners secured the largest wage hikes year-to-year compared to all others for November, newly released data reveals, thanks to President Trump’s tightening of the United States labor market.

Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta shows that for the lowest wage earners, Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” economy has delivered the quickest rate of wage hikes in more than a decade.

In November, the bottom 25 percent of wage earners saw their wages rise 4.5 percent compared to November 2018. These bottom-tier workers, those earning less than all other Americans, have secured a labor market that now resembles the labor market of top-tier workers — a result of less low-skilled foreign competition against Americans through increased interior immigration enforcement.

“A strong labor market makes the bargaining power of lower-paid workers more like the labor market higher-wage workers experience during good times and bad,” Nick Bunker, an economist from told the Wall Street Journal.

Year-to-year, overall wage growth stands at about 3.6 percent. When divided into industries, Americans in construction, mining, finance, hospitality, and manufacturing have all enjoyed some of the highest wage growth in the nation.

Americans in finance, for example, secured a 4.1 percent wage growth year-to-year, while those taking home paychecks from construction and mining, two jobs where Americans are most likely to have to compete with foreign, illegal laborers, have seen a four percent wage growth.

Manufacturing workers have also seen a year-to-year wake increase of four percent.

For the first time in decades, our economy is tipping towards the American worker rather than employer in terms of the labor market.

This is a very good thing, and something that reminds us yet again that a free market can do much more to empower the working man than government regulation ever can.

Now, due to less foreign competition, employees have more opportunities to seek out the highest-paying job. For decades, it was employers who had their pick of workers.

This has all changed under Trump. Looks like the blue-collar vote was certainly not wasted!

Tony Darden, president of the restaurant chain Mooyah Burgers, told WSJ that the tightened labor market has forced wages up for his employees:

“The effective labor pool is smaller than what it has been in the past,” said Tony Darden, Mooyah’s president. “As you look to bring on folks, ultimately higher wages are used to attract them.”

Breitbart adds:

Experts, though, have warned that huge surges in illegal immigration — and increased legal immigration levels — can quickly diminish wage gains for America’s working and middle class.

Despite calls for more foreign workers from corporate interests and the big business lobby, there remain about 11.5 million Americans who are either unemployed, underemployed, or out of the labor market – all of whom want good-paying full-time jobs.


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