The ‘Blue Flu’ Is Spreading Across The Country As Cops Call Off Work; Here’s Where It’s At Now

(Tea Party PAC) – When you hear the phrase “blue flu” you probably have PTSD flashbacks of going back into quarantine and under lockdown again, but fortunately, that’s now what this phenomenon is at all. It’s not a virus. It’s an expression of the frustration that police officers have been experiencing for many years now, coming to a head in the wake of recent months of being assaulted, told they aren’t needed, and charges of murder being cast upon those just trying to do their job and keep the streets safe.

Much of this comes in the wake of Democrats calling for police departments to be defunded and some abolished after the death of George Floyd by law enforcement officers inspired massive riots and violence all over the US.

Cops in Atlanta and New York called off in record numbers Wednesday evening in response to the officer who shot and killed criminal Rayshard Brooks was charged with murder. And now the “blue flu” as it’s being termed, has made it’s way to Los Angeles.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. announced charges on Wednesday afternoon in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend at a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta.

Brooks was killed by police after resisting arrest, wrestling with the police, punching one officer in the face, stealing the officer’s taser and then firing on the officers.

Eleven charges were announced including felony murder by the officer involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

On Wednesday night there numerous police officers in Atlanta, Georgia called off work after murder charges were filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend.

And tonight over 40 officers from the LAPD called out of work. This is after 43 called out on Monday.

The LAPD is reportedly having trouble paying officers after the violent Black Lives Matter riots and lootings.

Can anyone really blame these officers for calling off work? Radical leftists inside and outside both the government and the media have been begging for a society without law enforcement. Why not give them exactly what they want? Let them see for themselves how awful things get and how much they rely on the work done by law enforcement officers to keep the peace.

Cops have found themselves the victims of violence due to the racial narrative pumped out there by the left-wing media. How many officers have been murdered in their patrol cars for no good reason, simply because some radical loony hates cops? It’s deplorable.

We can acknowledge that certain departments have problems. Those things need to be addressed and discussions need to be had to provide better training to officers out on the frontlines. Burning things down to the ground and assaulting people isn’t going to produce positive change.

How many more cops have to walk out and leave the streets unprotected before people get what’s happening?



  1. Body cams,dash cams,wendys cameras in Atlanta showed exactly what happened.And know one gave a damn. Still time to riot,rob,and beat. Its all bullshit. A reason to act like unruly animals. Just like every other time. A guy doesnt drop his gun after he robs someone. raises it on a cop,cop drops him. Oh,time to riot. I guess the cop was just supposed to be shot and let the crime happen. There is all kinds of this. Not saying there isnt dirty cops. But, when you say.we are not all criminals. Then turn around rob,burn down businesses,kill people,beat people. What have you proven. You proved the stereotypes right. But,now you have awoken a beast. With no law to help. That beast is growing and soon will make its debut.

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  3. I support Leo’s in this. During my career I was threatened daily but so was my family – that’s where I drew the line. CALL OUT LET THESE CITIES BURN.

  4. It is all over the internet that ex military, active military, state and local police and heavily armed conservative forces are about to join arms in fighting a civil war. This was going to happen sooner or later…hard working small business owners are very angry and have had enough and ready to fight!!

  5. I agree with the Blue as they are being used by those who are suppose to be governing this country. BLM is nothing but an arm to the democrat party and this BS needs to stop now. If people really cared about ANY LIVES, it would not have taken 100 years to solve the problem of Black Communities, or ghettoes in general.

    Maybe, just maybe some Democrat voters who have been misguided for this 100 years will see the light, but believe me I will not hold my breath thinking that will ever happen.

    People make mistakes, some people are just plain mad or bad, but never in my 87 years have I seen so many dumb people do such stupid things and make so many stupid remarks. They all seem brain washed, or brainless I can’t tell which.

  6. Police need to do a better job of accosting citizens in the streets. One accidental death, let alone multiple deaths due to over aggressive confrontations, is one too many. Let’s just say that massive sick call-ins by police should add impetus to cities and towns revamping aims, office selection, training and on-scene monitoring nationwide. Perhaps it might be advisable to have a permanent attorney monitoring police body and vehicle cams during citizen stops to advise on probable cause, reasonable or proportionate force and arrest procedures. Isn’t that being done in the military at least with close-in ground support of planes considering ‘friendly fire’ jeopardy, attacking non-combatants, and observing rules of engagement? Why should the police do less with lives in jeopardy in the streets at home as well as troops abroad in combat? Might also cut down on citizen lawsuits against police and cities which would be far more expensive than a permanent lawyer monitor.

  7. I know how the Police officer feels about it, not support from the government, not support from the Mayor not support from the community the only support they have is from the President of USA, I’m former Police Officer from Peru the solution are in the new form of training not in the abolition of the entire Police Department

  8. The cops of these cities should make that blue flu last a lot longer.the police in America need to be able to do there job.if more training and education is needed so be it. let these rich sob politicians pay for it with some of the heavy salary and benefits they get with tax payer 💰

  9. Have you seen the body cam of the incident with Rayshard Brooks? That officer did exactly what the trained him to do. If Rayshard was a white guy it would have ended exactly the same way. What this bunch wants is to loot, pillage and destroy without fear of reprisals. They want to punish Americans for voting for President Donald Trump. This only makes us all that much more determined to restore law and order. Like it or not sooner or later when America sees that they don’t have police to restore order we will have to take justice in our own hands. That would be unfortunate for rioters. Most of us have military training. Do you want America back? Do you want to send George Soros to a Siberian prison? Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate. MAGA 2020. Send Nancy to Guantanamo!

  10. To all American Police: Do what you have to do to protect yourselves as you protect those who need you. If you have to allow America see what it is like without Police protection they SO BE IT! We still stand with the second Amendment and will defend ourselves as necessary. We who served in the military will stand with law enforcement officers as well.

  11. George Floyd wasn’t murdered . . . He was High on DRUGS and the coroner’s report STATES it that way. He was IMPOSSIBLE to detain in this really dangerous position that he put these Police Officers through, and the PEOPLE need to STAND BY their “boys in blue”. George Floyd could be victimizing you in a LETHAL way WITHOUT these officers, and YOU could be “grave yard” dead! He was NOT a victim, NOR a martyr. One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. I love it, lets give them what they want, I’ll give them a week or two, until total chaos erupts and there is no one to turn to for help, and also note that this is ONLY happening in BLUE states,

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  14. Do you blame them? Every day when they put on that uniform they don’t know if their throats are going to be slit from behind (happened in Jacksonville) and or shot in the chest on a traffic stop (also in Jacksonville) or shot in the back of the head while handcuffing someone (in Las Vegas).

    There are good and bad people in ALL walks of life, and of people of ALL color. However, ignorance spans all of the human race.

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    • Good, now get a job. This is not the place you should be leaving a response like yours. It just goes to show how dumb you really are.


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