The Clock Is Ticking. Gen. Flynn Thinks It Might Be Time For Trump To Consider This Plan.

(Tea Party PAC) – The 2020 presidential election has been an absolute debacle. The left was not about to let President Trump sail into another victory, especially a landslide. They deployed all manner of fraud and corruption to steal the election right from the American people.

Everything from the mail-in voting scheme to the electronic voting machines themselves were tainted with fraud and President Trump and his legal team are working round the clock to uncover it all but they are engaged in an uphill battle they might not win in the end.

Seeing that the election was clearly rigged is one thing. Proving it in a court of law is an entirely different thing. Getting before an unbiased court of law that hasn’t been infected by Deep State activist judges, is yet another thing.

While President Trump and his team do everything they can to fight for the American people, a movement is brewing that calls for temporary limited martial law and an election do-over conducted by and overseen by the military.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has signed on and endorsed this possible strategy that is being circulated via a petition.

The petition, which was published Tuesday by the Ohio-based non-profit group We The People Convention, asserts that there is “no peaceful way left to preserve our Union” now that Joe Biden and the Democrats have underhandedly stolen the election.

It urges President Trump to use his “extraordinary authority” to avert a second civil war by declaring limited martial law and temporarily suspending the US Constitution.

A letter accompanying the petition states that, “Limited Martial Law is clearly a better option than Civil War!” Something I think we all can agree on.

President Trump granted a presidential pardon to the exonerated Michael Flynn last Wednesday and now General Flynn is going to bat for the President and the American people.

Tuesday evening, Flynn shared the petition link on Twitter and urged followers to sign it. In the tweet he declared, “Freedom never kneels except for God.”

Also in the letter accompanying the petition is a list of ways in which President Trump must be prepared to act as President Abraham Lincoln did at the onset of the Civil War in the early 1860’s.

These include actions that Lincoln took such as ordering “hundreds of Northern newspapers” to be shut down for speaking against him and their owners and editors arrested.

It also includes the arrest of a Congressman from Ohio who spoke out against him, signing the arrest warrant for then-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled that Lincoln had illegally suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus, and ordering the arrest of thousands of Maryland citizens for “the crime of ‘suspected Southern sympathies.”

The letter acknowledges that many will object to these kinds of actions but that they are necessary if we are to “prevent the loss of our Constitutional right to vote and preserve our Republic.”

It does specifically state, however, that, should President Trump actually enact it, the sole purpose of temporary martial law must be to have the military oversee a national re-vote that “reflects the true will of the people.”

The clock is ticking on President Trump’s fight to protect the integrity of our elections and save our Republic. Extreme action might be the only thing left for him to do.

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  1. Would you turkeys hawking your wares on here please stop your introsuion in this site. With all that is going on in the USA today, we have to contend with your stupid advertisements. You are not suppose to post advertisements on here…..

    • Me as well Mary. I feel it is time for this to happen. Along with it mass arrest for all obstructionist and those Democrats that meddled in this election. It should not be any different for Democrats to be arrested than any foreign meddling. Kill two birds with one stone.

    • I believe you are wrong. Maybe it is you who should be in prison, especially if you had anything to do with the fraud election. Let’s not pretend that an injustice was done to General Flynn as well as The President of the United States.


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