The Democrats Do Not Want You To Know Why Thousands Of Minorites Marched In DC Yesterday

(Tea Party PAC) – I firmly believe that this period in history will be remembered as the point at which minorities decided they were done with the Democrat Party’s lies and empty promises.

For too long, the left has been exploiting the needs and struggles of minority voters with nothing to show for it other than lots of virtue signaling and crime-ridden, impoverished neighborhoods with failing schools.

And this year, instead of offer up a platform that can compete with the Trump economy and historic low unemployment for minorities, they’re calling to defund the police and ignoring the spiking crime rate in minority neighborhoods around the country.

They do not deserve the votes of honest, hard-working Americans who have the same goals, aspirations, and right to pursue the American dream as everyone else in this nation.

So the Democrats are likely cringing over the massive turnout to a pro-Trump rally attended by thousands of minority voters–many of whom are former Democrats–who have thrown their full support behind the president.

The march was a Back the Blue/Blexit organized event led by the likes of Candace Owens and former police officer Brandon Tatum, and marchers told Washington’s politicians loudly and clearly that they want police in their neighborhoods, and they back Trump’s law and order agenda.

Narrative fail!

The left does not own minorities!

This is the land of freedom and equality, where we judge individuals by their character and ideas, and not the color of their skin.

For too long, the left has refused to see anything but skin color–and has exploited these racist identity politics for their own personal benefit.

Do they think so little of minorities that they expect to continue to get away with their exploitation and lies?


And November 3rd will likely be a day of reckoning on the Democrat Voter Plantation.


  1. Vote Trump. Turn back to God. Return all black families to a two parent home as it used to be and change the public school system to what it was meant. Success will follow for all Americans, regardless of color, race or creed.

  2. I approve and absolutely love that we can all be Americans together, to work together toward the American dream. I am so proud of these marchers for having the courage to think for themselves and making their own conclusions. Thank you for letting us see this article.

  3. This is long over due it is time to vote out these democrats, and if we allow them to remain in office we will be subject to their way of doing things and their way only. Our freedoms as we know it will be gone forever.

  4. Hooray! Welcome to the sane side of the street. Dem’s have failed our minority’s for decades only Trump gives them hope and respect.

  5. Joey – a significant number have walked away – will it be nearly enough – we won’t know until November 3rd, or maybe much later if the dems manage to throw the election into doubt – which they have ‘promised’ to do. The key is massive legal voter turnout and NOT for democRAT candidates – at any level.

  6. It’s about TIME! . . . it looks like the minority population has “seen the light” and BETTER days are coming – they deserve it, and ALL the BLESSINGS that come with it. And, it’s NOT from the Democrat Party. One Happy Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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