The Highly Suspicious Steps Iran Took Before Investigators Arrived At Ukrainian Airliner Crash Site

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, CBS News reported that Iranian “scavengers” had “scrubbed” the site where a Ukranian passenger plane had come down just after taking off from Tehran before outside investigators could examine the evidence.

“Virtually all debris” was reportedly removed from the scene before outsiders were allowed entry.

This is highly suspicious.

US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, also called out the Iranian regime for their deliberate destruction of evidence, citing German-language reports about bulldozers on the scene.

CBS reported that large portions of the fuselage from the downed jet had been removed from the site. It’s certainly hard to understand how this could have been the work of “scavengers,” just running onto the crash site of a plane downed by surface-to-air missiles and haul away the fuselage.

Iranian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baeidinejad, denied reports of bulldozers at the crash site on Friday, despite such an incident having been captured in a photograph and video recordings.

What’s more, the Iranian media is posting photos of objects removed from the crash site, neatly arranged on display.

At a news conference Friday, Iranian officials displayed what they said was one of the “black box” flight recorders that had been on board and that it would take “one or two months” to recover its data, and that a full investigation of the incident could take “one or two years” to complete.

The regime had originally declared they would not share the black boxes with US officials or Boeing, the American manufacturer of the aircraft, but later seemed to walk this back, indicating they may be willing to share the boxes, or at least the data they’re able to extract, with foreign investigators.

“Generally speaking, Iran has the potential and know-how to decode the black box. Everybody knows that,” Iranian Civil Aviation Authority chief Ali Abedzadeh told CNN on Thursday.

“The black box of this very Ukrainian Boeing 737 is damaged. Ukrainian Aviation experts arrived here in Tehran today. We had a session with them. From tomorrow they will start decoding the data,” Abedzadeh said. He did not further explain what “very Ukrainian” meant or explain how the flight recorder could have been altered.

Breitbart notes:

Intelligence agencies around the world announced on Thursday that the plane was very likely destroyed by an Iranian surface-to-air missile, specifically a Russian-built SA-15. U.S. officials implied satellite intelligence helped them reach this determination quickly. Some video footage leaked out of Iran appears to show an object rising rapidly from the ground and impacting the plane, causing it to burst into flames. The regime in Tehran continues to insist the plane crashed due to a mysterious mechanical failure.

Featured image credit: Heshmat Alavi


  1. These *Towel-Head* maniacs are almost as bad as the *DemonRats* in DC!! It really is hared to imagine – what is coming next!!

  2. Unfortunately the people from this part of the world, whether their Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Coptic or whatever are raised in such a way that they are all “Habitual Liars” especially the Muslims.

  3. What a bunch of f****** pussies!!! They know what they did. Why won’t they admit it??? They don’t have a problem claiming every other atrocious act they commit!!! Just like these murderers who cover their faces up. They can run, but they can’t hide.

    • Greg….. The only “good” *Towel-Head* “mooslim” is a dead one!! Then they can all have their 72 “virgins”…..LMAO!!

  4. Can anyone imagine these people having nuclear capability? They are no more than zealots controlling every aspect of people’s lives. They need to be removed from the face of the Earth.

  5. I lived and worked in the Former Soviet Union from 2000-2011 as a security advisor. I have seen many sites where high intensity explosives were used. High intensity explosives leave a unique signature on all material. THIS IS WHY THEY WANTED TO GET IT CLEANED UP. THE BLAST COVERED SUCH A LARGE AREA FROM FIRST CONTACT UNTIL THE CRASH SITE THAT THEY WERE UNABLE TO GET ALL OF IT. I watched the videos of the contact or first explosion with the aircraft. It was a SAM or a bomb. Various countries have tracking devises positioned on the region and verified something originating from the ground and contacting the aircraft. This would eliminate a bomb planted on the aircraft but confirms the SAM. The only SAMs used were Iranian. The Iranian people know that their “leaders” would sacrifice thousands of their own for the cause. This time, thank God, it has backfired on them. With the world’s help this could be an important turning point for the Iranian people.

  6. This is a duplicitous government that cannot tell the truth about anything. Iran shot the airliner out of the sky intentionally. Perhaps it was frustration with the U.S. because they just had their hat handed to them or just plain rottenness. This is a rogue nation that places very little value on human life.


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