The Latest Casualty Of Intense Hatred Of Police Will Have TV Fans Up In Arms

(Tea Party PAC) – The mainstream media, along with progressive politicians and activists, have been hard at work over the last several weeks to stoke the fires of racial division in our nation by painting up all police officers to be vicious murderers who hate black men. Thus, in light of this narrative being pushed non-stop, violent protests have exploded across the country and the virtue signaling from celebrities and the “movers and shakers” in Hollywood has never, ever been higher.

In fact, the Paramount Network has decided to try and get some brownie points with the social justice warrior crowd by cancelling a television series that has been a classic part of our culture for generations now. The reality series known as “Cops,” which has been on air for a stunning 33 seasons, has been permanently cancelled.

Here’s more on this from Discrn:

“‘Cops’ is not on the Paramount Network and we don’t have any current or future plans for it to return,” a spokeswoman for the network said Tuesday.

Rashad Robinson, executive director of activist group Color of Change, said:

“This is the right move and I want to give Paramount credit for being one of the firs. We want to see more.

These cop reality shows that glorify police but will never show the deep level of police violence are not reality, they are P.R. arms for law enforcement. Law enforcement doesn’t need P.R. They need accountability in this country.”

The show’s 33rd season was expected to premiere on Paramount on June 15.

Who can ever forget the classic introduction of each episode of “Cops?” That song at the beginning became legendary in pop culture. Now all of that is ruined, simply because of a bunch of SJW morons. What a sad time for our society. Everything seems to be wired backwards now.

Check out how the NY Times reported the cancellation of this show:

The civil rights group Color of Change began a campaign in 2013 urging Fox not to renew the unscripted law-enforcement show and called on advertisers to withdraw support. Since “Cops” made its debut in 1989, the group said, the network, the show’s producers and the advertisers “have built a profit model around distorted and dehumanizing portrayals of black Americans and the criminal justice system.”

The organization argued that although “Cops” was marketed as unbiased, the show “offers a highly filtered version of crime and the criminal justice system — a ‘reality’ where the police are always competent, crime-solving heroes and where the bad boys always get caught.”

The cancellation from Fox’s prime-time lineup was a small victory for Color of Change in March 2013, until Spike TV picked up the show that May. It has run on the cable network ever since.

“This is the right move and I want to give Paramount credit for being one of the first,” said Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change. “We want to see more.”

Do you get the underlying message being sent here? If you dare to put on a program that has a message or narrative that flies in the face of political correctness or the message that radical left-wing folk want to shove down your throat, you should be silenced.

This is the America that liberals have created. It’s not the same one that our Founding Fathers envisioned so many years ago. Dangerous times ahead, folks. Dangerous times indeed.

Featured image credit: Fox Broadcasting/Photofest



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  2. this is ridiculous! . . . The vast majority of the “men in blue” are great, upstanding CITIZENS who put their LIVES on the line EVERY single day doing a difficult job! . . . We need to go to the “dirty Harry” way and stop these criminals WHERE they STAND. Put enough of these CRIMINALS in BODYBAGS will let the smart ones figure it out – No more crime. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. It is time that true Americans stand up, and take our country back from all the crass, self-important, hypocritical, jackass liberals in our country. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT A SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST COUNTRY, AND WE CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO BE A GLOBALIST NATION!!! We know what the liberals are doing, and we are sick and damn tired of it.

  4. Bob, we are all a part of this world we are now living in. Each one of us has made positive contributions to it AND each one of us has made negative contributions. We are all found guilty in that category. You are so entitled to your opinion but so are the rest of us. Please respect others opinions. We will try to respect yours also. It’s ok for you not to like “ Cops “ but have respect for those of us who do. Think about it!!! Think positive thoughts and ideas. It will help us all.

  5. Why do we have to bow down to these thugs? That’s not the American way! These thugs need to learn respect (not gang mentality)! The USA flag needs to fly proudly!

  6. Bob: The Marxist shill duff speak again. Close your mouth and stop posting for your own good. Every time you open it people can see how foolish you are; and that is a self inflicted wound.

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